First blog post

Since this is my very first blog post on my new page, I’m not gonna be changing the default title. 🙂

As of this moment, I am still trying to figure out what exactly I’m gonna write. Hmmh… I guess a little introduction would do.

First of all, my name’s Rika. This page is called “Rikanobela” because this will be like a “Nobela” of my life. I see myself writing about Harry Potter, RainbowLoom, movies, TV series, songs, games, gadgets, make up, arts and crafts, new stuff learned, travels, and happy experiences. However, I do hope I can also share my frustrations and disappointments.

Most of the time, I keep my thoughts to myself mainly because how I say it in my mind becomes different from how I say it out loud. I do not have the gift of tact, so I almost always don’t know how to properly convert my thoughts into words.

When I’m on a public vehicle, or even on our car Not-Not (a VW Beetle), my noodles are busy with various things. Then I often think about writing them down or perhaps write a poem or a prose about it, or even try to write a song; but when my pen and paper are ready, I am left with an empty head. Where have all my ideas gone?!

My other blog is super random that it seems so unorganized, so I sincerely hope that this will be better. Better, in a way that I’ll be more real, without holding back what I really wanna say. Better, in a way that the contents will be more interesting.

I simply want to share my stories. And you, who are reading this now, are welcome to comment with a piece of advice, or a similar experience, or a beautiful quote you so want to impart with others. Feel free.

That’s it for now. I still have to work in a few hours. G’s already snoring beside me. I’d better hit the hay now, or else I’d be counting sheep.

Good night!


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