1/2 of my 2016

The first half of my 2016 has been a time of firsts. I had always been practical, but TOO practical to the extent that pulling some hard-earned money from my pocket was such a difficulty.

This year, I decided to really do things. From trying out new restaurants, going to interesting places, watching shows/concerts, having more time with my family, going out on adventures, and so many more on my RixList🙂

I’ve realized the importance of having something to look forward to. Like dying for the weekend to come, ‘coz I’m going to get my fat bum away from getting burnt out.

Here’s my 2016 so far…


Let’s start off with our 6th anniversary, which we celebrated a day later at a Harry Potter themed cafe on Maginhawa Street, QC, called The Nook Cafe. The first time I saw it on Facebook I said to myself,


It was almost impossible for me, because usually, I’d say I’d go somewhere, then I’d end up giving it up. ‘Go away, negatrons! I have to make it happen.’

0109 thenook0109 thenook hogwarts

0109 thenook patronus
Expecto Patronum!
0109 thenook vow
Performing the Unbreakable Vow
0115 bodey blowcandles
Blow the candles! I’m 31!
0115 bodey
I’m sure you’ve noticed the steamer my cake was sitting on. Hehehe…. Anyways, that wand was also Guil’s creation. 🙂 

0116 bodey southwinds0116 bodey miming0116 bodey miming southwinds

Then we ended the month with our first visit to Flawless at SM City Sta. Rosa.

0130 flawless
That’s Mitch taking the photo, I was in the middle, and Mafe at the far end. 

hmmh… let’s just say, it’s true when they say tiis-ganda. But my skin was absolutely transformed! So we’re definitely going back there. That is, if we have andabels again.

Okay, next…


Oh! Nothing much… Just accompanied the kids to KidZania Manila during their school trip.



Well, I’ve searched and searched… And tried to pull something from my memory… I guess nothing special happened this month.

Moving on…


Okay, I got something. And I have loads! I guess April was the busiest month so far.

First, on the 3rd of April, Guil and his group The Mighty Bhutens participated, once again, in the Art in the Park, which “offers visitors a range of paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and new media”.

0403 artinthepark armi
Me with Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down. I’ve been DYING to see her. Thank God she was there!
0403 artinthepark bing
Me with Novia “Bing” Zapata of Art Solace Manila.
0403 artinthepark
with Gaby dela Merced, a car racer and an artist. Also see: Vinyl on Vinyl
0403 artinthepark howie
Of course, with Mr. Howie Severino, who regularly goes to Art in the Park and drops by The Mighty Bhutens’ tent
0403 artinthepark bhutens
Of course, Guil, Kabu, and Oli, collectively known as The MIghty Bhutens, who specialize in tile mosaic

Eleven days later, we went to SaGuijo to witness the album relaunch of my favorite band, Cheats. Initially, I supported them because of Saab Magalona, my most favorite blogger. But after hearing their music, I can definitely say that I love CHEATS not just because of Saab, but because they really make good music! So I had to have their album, and I had to see them perform live.

0414 cheats

0414 cheats saab
Finally met her, and she hugging me was unexpected. She also remembered ME! R-I-X-B-A-J-N-S!
0414 cheats album

0414 cheats album signed

0414 cheats bea
This event also gained us a new friend – a fellow Potterhead and a Cheats fan – Bea! ❤

On the 23rd, we had the biggest adventure of our lives (so far!) Well, just the girls! Guil has had a LOT of experiences already.

Anyway, we went to Laiya Adventure Park and faced our fears! xD

0423 laiya
We walked not knowing there was a shuttle that took visitors to the park. We were picked up when we were already halfway through.
0423 laiyaswing
First, we got on the Giant Swing. It was scary and fun, I have no words. Well, if you like The Viking or Anchors Away, you’ll definitely love this.
0423 laiyawall
Then we went wall climbing. The height was frightening at first, but as I went on climbing, it started to challenge me whether I’d give up or I’d get to the top to ring the bell. I’m proud to say I chose the latter.
0423 laiyarappelling
Rappelling after Wall Climbing was a bad, bad, bad choice. Our grip was alread weak, so it was a real struggle to hold the rope firmly.
0423 laiyalunch
0423 laiyazipline
This was the BEST. Do you know the feeling you get when you eat the best hamburger you’ve ever tasted? Heaven! Yeah… Something like that.
0423 laiyaaerial
Aerial Walk. Yes, sorry, I cheated.
0423 laiya guil miminh
Then we enjoyed the clear water of the Infinity Pool. That’s the best pool I’ve swum in.
0423 laiya miming
Soooo relaxing…. I could sleep in the pool all day.
0423 laiya freefall.jpg
Only Mafe was able to do Free Fall before we left. I swear I’d try that, too, when we go back there.


May 15th, our family went to Lucban Quezon. We stayed in a relative’s house for the whole weekend. We walked around the town to see the beautiful and colorful houses decorated with a variety of grains and crops.

0515 pahiyas
Pahiyas Festival 2016!

The next day, we went swimming at Malinao Springs and Resort. We all enjoyed the cool, clean water; but the kids had more fun since it was their first time.

0516 lucban ilog
Kids first experience in swimming in the river. This was in Malinao Springs and Resort.

Of course, because we were in Lucban Quezon, it was only right to go to Kamay ni Hesus and climb about 300 steps to reach the top.

After the descent, we bought some souvenirs at the shops. I bought a small version of the Kamay ni Hesus statue and some rosary bracelets for my mom and for Guil’s parents.

0516 lucban kamay
Kamay ni Hesus. Yay! Everyone reached the top!

On the 21st, I attended my high school’s Grand Alumni Homecoming, and it had been an enjoyable experience to see familiar faces. We went swimming after the progr… ooops… no. Actually, we left the program shortly after picture taking. 😀 Then we left for the resort. I really wasn’t planning on joining them, but, oh well. I ended up staying anyways.

0521 grandalumni
Batch 2001-2002


June 4th and 5th. The Mighty Bhutens was invited to take part in BMS Presents: Art & Appetite. Mitch, Mafe, and I went there on the 2nd day. I was lucky enough to win a Belle de Jour planner and a shirt from Goodyear.

0605 pisa artapp
The Leaning Tower of Pisa! At BMS Presents: Art & Appetite
0605 with ToniB artapp
I love her! Toni B rocks! ❤

We wrapped the month off when we went on a biglaang swimming at Queen Aurora’s Garden and Resort.

0626 queen au landscape

0626 queen au
Let’s vault in!


Since this is just the first week of July, I’d like to include the recent event. I went to Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes Book Signing event at the Grand Atrium in Shangri-La Plaza. This will surely be the first of many!

Still sad I missed Victoria Aveyard’s though. But, oh well…

0703 booksigning
With Amy Zhang!!!

And that’s 1/2 of my 2016!

What about you? How’s your year so far?

All the best,

~ Rix

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