Is it the Nargles or the Dementors?

I don’t know why today feels like a crappy Monday. I woke up with a mood that was as cloudy as the sky. Even though I’ve had my morning coffee, I still feel lifeless.

Is it the Nargles? Are there Dementors around?

In my head, Saab’s voice is singing,

“I wish I had no work today… I wish I had no work today…”
(Drunk by Cheats)

I’m getting torn between my lethargy and my responsibility.

So why

am I




I really don’t know!

Even though I try to reflect on why I am in this situation, I get nothing.

So I’ll just settle with the Nargles. I’ll need a pair of Spectrespecs.

Oh well… Do you sometimes feel like crap, too? I mean, like, for NO reason AT ALL?

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