RIXMUKAP: Harry Potter Makeup Series

This is what happens when a Potterhead also loves makeup!


I already did this last year, but I wanted to re-do it this time before Fantastic Beasts started rolling in cinemas.

Last year, it looked like this:


I was more careful with the looks and the details this time.

Also, I have more eyeshadows now than before. ^^ And, mind you, they’re not pricey at all! Oooh, speaking of eyeshadows, I am so excited about Storybook Cosmetics‘ upcoming Witchcraft and Wizardry Palette! They have already released their wand makeup brushes and they’re the BOMB!

I posted videos of me doing this Harry Potter makeup series on YouTube, few days before the showing of Fantastic Beasts. If you’re interested, then go ahead and scroll down. Click the images below to watch the videos . 🙂


So, what do you think? Did I pass? 😀

Thanks for dropping by! I’ll be updating this page more frequently now.

Smile and spread happiness!

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