RIXFIRSTS: Althea Korea x Elizavecca x Tony Moly

For almost a week, I was in distress every time I used my Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer. Good thing I did not totally give up and, finally, I was able to figure out how to use it properly.

However, before I was able to put two and two together, it hadn’t been a good week for me. I literally was on the verge of crying. My heart was broken to pieces. I was so frustrated why that celebrated primer wouldn’t work on me! Because of this, I decided to look for a different primer that performed well. That’s when I came across a blog where I learned about Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer. The blogger had good words for it, so I got interested in the product.

Because of this I decided to go to Althea Korea’s webpage, and saw that it only cost PhP 280! I wanted to buy two, afraid that it might go up eventually. 😀 The problem, though, was the PhP 250 shipping fee! I thought, if I were to buy the two primers, plus the shipping fee, then that would mean I had to spend almost PhP 800! Just a few bucks away from their “buy-PhP 1,000-get-free-shipping” promo. That’s when I thought of checking out the gel liner I was dying to have – Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner. Surprise! Surprise! It was only sold for, more or less, Php 200! So much cheaper than other online shops! (Not sure though how much it is sold in Tony Moly kiosks/shops.) So I added it to my cart, but I still needed at least Php 149 to complete the PhP 1,000 bill. I chose the Tony Tint Delight from Tony Moly, in the shade Orange Cha Cha.

I waited for Althea Korea’s confirmation. As soon as they confirmed my order, they provided me with the shipping details, along with a tracking number. The handing over of my order was pretty fast. Then after around 10 days, my parcel came via LBC!

delivered by LBC


too bad LBC covered Althea’s cute logo
And here they are! My babies inside this cute ice candy-like bubble wrap

I’m so happy with the products, but of course, it’s still too soon to actually say something. That’s why, I’ll post a separate review on each of the products, where I’ll give my opinions with 100% honesty without trying to convince myself that I had spent my money right. 😀

If you wanna watch my video discussing these products, please click the image below:

althea mini.JPG

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