RIXREVIEWS: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black

These were gifts from Guil’s sister, Mara (Thank you, Mara!), when she came home from abroad before Christmas.

This cushion actually has three variants: Black, White, and Pink. The Pink one is suitable for all four seasons, and it is perfect for dry and combination skin. It has a really dewy finish but very light coverage.

The White one is suitable for Winter and Spring and is also perfect for dry and combination skin type. In addition, it has a dewy finish, but not as dewy as Pink.

Now, this one that I have is Black (obviously!) and this is just perfect for me because it’s for oily and combination skin! It’s also perfect for Summer and Autumn, which is good because I live in the Philippines where it’s almost always sunny! It is also hydrating but has a matte finish!

This compact has a substantial amount of product that even if you press very lightly, the puff can pick up enough product to cover half of your face. It is blendable and buildable and has medium coverage. Mine is in the shade No. 23, Medium Beige. This is the darkest of all 3 shades.

I love using BB cushions when I’m in a hurry because it lessens the amount of time I spend in putting makeup. Just press and pat, pat, pat!

The best part? It has SPF 50+ PA+++! Great protection from the sun!

Here I am using my April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black in No. 23:

Have you tried any Korean cushions before? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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7 thoughts on “RIXREVIEWS: April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Black

    1. Well, you’re actually right. They usually have pink undertone, when my skin’s got yellow undertone. That’s why I neutralize it with my powder and bronzer.


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