RIXFIRSTS: iWhite Korea Pore Purifying Balm and The Original Nose Pack

Such a shame because I haven’t really given my skin proper attention, resulting to blemishes and bad skin texture.
The first and last time I had a facial treatment was one year ago at Flawless in SM City Sta. Rosa. After that, I inconsistently did my regimen in the morning and in the evening. 

My pores turned into craters (okay that’s overreacting, but yeah, okay). I was also quite sure I had collected a handful of whiteheads and blackheads on my nose, including my chin! Pimples! And more pimples!

My sister and I were talking about noses and pores, and then the next day, she gave me  these iWhite Korea products.

That was my first time to try them (second time trying a nose pack but it was a complete failure!) I honestly did not know if I packed my nose with enough anount.

First, I applied the Pore Purifying Balm on my nose and the areas around it. I let it sit for a minute. Then I massaged it for another minute. After that, I wiped if off my tissue.

That’s when I packed my nose with the Original Nose Pack. I only used my finger, which I think was not a good idea at all. I guess using a small spatula or a stick would’ve been better.

The instructions said to wait for 15 mins or until it’s dry. It was only 13 mins and it was already dry, so I carefully pulled it off.

Notice the areas where I put the product on and where I didn’t.

It was pretty awesome!

I know I didn’t do well in the application, but boy was I glad the result was still okay.

Please comment below how to properly use nose packs! Enlighten me! πŸ˜„


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