RIXFIRSTS: Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo


CLAIMS: Revitalizes dull and lifeless hair without the need for water. Clean, fresh-smelling style that’s full of body and bounce in an instant.

Few days ago, it dawned on me how terribly bad my hair condition is, due to dyeing, light bleaching, frequent washing with shampoo, and the hot weather in my country.

Then I decided to just use shampoo every other day. Still, I get crazy hair fall! 😥
I worry that my hair won’t grow back and if I keep losing them, I might have bald patches all over my head! I don’t want that to happen.

So, I decided to give my hair time and space. I don’t wash my hair every single day anymore. I wash my hair every two days; just so it could produce enough natural oil and nourish itself naturally.

But of course, this could make my head smell awful and who wants a smelly head?



Thanks to Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo! We can keep our hair unwashed for a couple of days, without making it too flat and oily and smelly. Or, at times you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to even wash your hair, this could be the perfect solution! (No one will know unless you tell them!)

Hair Fairy smells so good and, tbh, I tried it just a few minutes ago, and the effect was amazing! My hair DOES look better. And it damn smells good! It has this floral or fruity scent, I can’t lay a finger on it. 😥 But all I can say is, it smells super good!

This is my first time to try it and I think this will be a staple item from now on.

The best part? It’s a local brand! (#supportlocalproducts)

If you’re here in the Philippines and you would like to get your hands on these products, go ahead and check out Instagram: @beautyarsenals on Instagram and on Shopee: Beauty Arsenals! They also have a Facebook: Beauty Arsenals account!


Should you buy it? Sure! It’s affordable (only P200 each bottle) and it works well, too!

Final Verdict:


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Spread happiness!


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