UNBOXING: Saladbox PH (3 for P1,000 Promo)

Back in October, I was curious about subscription boxes, so I started looking for one that’s got good products at an affordable price. My sister Mik found out that Saladbox had a promo, where you could get 3 boxes for P1,000. ‘Not bad,’ I thought. At least, I wouldn’t be splurging on something that could surprise me.

So I placed my order, settled my payment via PayPal, and followed their instructions which were posted upon checkout. I sent them e-mail to confirm my payment, as well as the required information. That was October 28th. I did not receive any reply for a couple of days.

When I realized they had not checked my message yet, I sent them another e-mail to let them know there was a pending order. That was November 8th. The next day, they replied to me and even asked me if I had sent the necessary details. I forwarded to them the e-mail I had sent earlier and they finally sent me a confirmation. That was November 9th!

They replied to me with this message:

“So sorry for late revert. Apparently I can’t see your previous email.” (Gerwin, Operations Executive)

On November 18th, I asked them when my order would be shipped. I received a reply that said:

“Hi, we will ship boxes on the last week of this month :”)
Just to clarify, may I know your full name, mobile number, and address?
Thanks!” (Gerwin, Operations Executive)

On that same day, I sent them a reply with the info they needed.

On November 24th, they sent me an e-mail with the subject: SALADBOX UPDATE: Holiday 2016. It was an “update and a little sneak peek on this season’s Saladbox”. There was a picture of the holiday box and a SAMPLE SNEAK PEEK LIPSTICK. “Everyone gets a FULL-SIZE lipstick!!”

In the e-mail, the schedule given was as follows:

November 26 – Sample Select of VIP subscribers (One-Year subscribers)
November 27 – Sample Select of regular subscribers
November 28 – Boxes dispatchment
November 29 – Start of deliveries
November 29 to December 2nd week – Delivery*

*Please note that delivery time may take longer than usual due to high nationwide package volume (holiday season), but rest assured that you will receive your box/es within this period, in time for the holidays. 🙂

On November 27, they sent me another e-mail with the subject: SAMPLE SELECT: Holiday 2016. In the e-mail, there was a picture of three Ever Bilena lipsticks in the shades Intense, Romantic Red, and Hollywood Red. I was asked to select the lipstick shade I prefer, and I picked Hollywood Red. However, contrary to their previous e-mail NOT everyone could get it.

On November 29th, I got another e-mail from them with the subject: IMPORTANT: Choose Between the Welcome Box or a Third Box Delivery. I chose the former.

Apparently, no box arrived in November, so I supposed I would get it in December. So I sent them another e-mail on December 13th, asking them to cancel my subscription insted.  Two days later, a certain Ria Angeles from Saladbox replied to me addressing the issue.

On IG, a certain @jaymarq, who turned out to be an admin of Saladbox Man, assisted me with my questions and complaints and  part of his message said:

“…on behalf of those handling the women’s box, sorry for the inconvenience (and frustration) this has caused you. I’ll tell them to add something on your next box.”

Okay, that sounds good but I seriously won’t expect for anything anymore.

AAAAAaanyway, enough of this frustrating back story. Let’s go ahead and see the contents of my Saladbox:


As you can see in the photo, I got three boxes which I suppose are: the Welcome box, the Holiday box, and a FREE Men’s box.

The Welcome Box, the one on the left, consisted of sample products which included:

  • Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Red
  • Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour in Sweet Plum and Honey Spice
  • Alien Aqua Chic Thierry Mugler Eau de Toilette
  • Aloe Derma Hair and Scalp Tonic
  • Twin sachets of a Tresemme Shampoo and a Condition
  • Mary Kay ‘The Look’ Catalog for Mar-Apr 2016
  • South Sartorial Elite Gift Card

Now, the Holiday Box had four full-sized products. They are the:

  • Tresemme Split Repair Serum
  • Black Water Women Flora Pearl Beauty Body Spray
  • Careline Macaron Lip Balm in Lemon
  • EB Advance Cheek Color in Peony
  • 1 Saladbox Man Discount Card valid until December 31, 2016

Finally, the free Men’s Box:

  • Ponds Men Energy Charge Whitening Foam
  • Master Oil Control Max Deep Cleanser
  • Dove Men Care Fortifying Shampoo
  • Close Up Deep Action Toothpaste
  • 1 Saladbox Man Discount Card valid until December 31, 2016

I am so sorry to say that after the last box arrives, I will never place an order at Saladbox – EVER. I can truly appreciate and find use with these products, but I was not pleased with the way they handle orders. They can’t keep up with their promises even.

If they’re not too ready with a huge volume of orders, they had better post a limit to how many slots they can accept. Most especially with a very affordable promo! Expect a huge number of orders coming!

In addition, I hope Saladbox gives an equal attention to all subscriptions, whether it’s a cheap promo or a VIP subscription. We are all consumers and those products were paid for. How could they earn more VIP subscriptions, if they couldn’t even handle these small and cheaper boxes?

So, yeah. I just hope that something good comes in my final box and I also hope that the January box will arrive this January.

My final verdict:


By the way, here’s my unboxing video on my YouTube channel. Kindly click the image!


Do you have any Saladbox subscription or any subscription box?

Have you had any bad experiences, too? Share it with me!

Hope you follow me on YouTube: MyRikaness

And on Instagram: @cosmerix

Spread happiness!


5 thoughts on “UNBOXING: Saladbox PH (3 for P1,000 Promo)

  1. oh no! so sorry to hear that you didnt have a good experience with your subscription box. I’m having similar issues with a box that i’ve subscribed to, though im not sure if it is the delivery time (the christmas mad rush), or Australia post or a combination of the two.

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