RIXFIRSTS: Silisponge from Kalm Cosmetics

Silisponge is a clear makeup sponge made of silicone. Hence, the name!

It claims to cut our use of foundation since it does not absorb the product, unlike other beauty sponges or makeup brushes. It is also said to be much easier to wash. In addition, it is believed to make the foundation look flawless.

Up close, it looks like this:

It actually looks like a huge jelly candy! It’s soft and smooth.

Yesterday I tried it out and, well, it isn’t gonna be a product that I will rave about. Sure, I used less foundation. Sure, the application was smooth. BUT, I felt like it didn’t blend my foundation well enough. I had to use my oval brush just to make sure my foundation blended properly.

It felt really soft on my skin, but it couldn’t reach some areas of my face. My face is textured, I have bumps and holes and pimple marks.

First, I pumped a small amount of foundation, (perhaps half a pump?) on my Silisponge. I put small dots all over my face using the unique sponge, then blended the product in circular motion. Then patted the Silisponge gently on my face.

But I felt like it was not enough, so I took my oval brush and blended more.

I know there are many others who love their Silisponge and they say they can use it without needing a brush or an egg blender. As for me, just for the sake of not wasting something I spent my money on, I’ll continue using it for the initial application of my foundation. Then, finish off with my favorite oval brush.

Here’s my final look from yesterday:

No filter. So you can see the bumps and holes on my face. 🙂

Should you buy this? It isn’t that pricey so I guess it’s worth a try. But I don’t think it could be a replacement for brushes or sponges.

Final thoughts:



I’m afraid I can’t be one of those raving about this product. Seems like it’s just too hyped up?



What do you think of the Silisponge? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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13 thoughts on “RIXFIRSTS: Silisponge from Kalm Cosmetics

    1. Actually, I’ve been using it. And to be honest, I’m starting to like it. I think it really isn’t good at first use, but once you get the hang of it, it gets better and better! 😘


  1. I was really interested in this product but I had already read some bas reviews about it. I don’t think I’ll but it. By the way, nice article and well written.


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