RIKANOBELA: #7thOnThe8th at Cup Fiction

Last year, on our 6th anniversary, Guil and I went to The Nook Cafe on my request – all because I am a huge Potterhead.
0109 thenook
The Nook Cafe. Located at 164-A Maginhawa St., UP Village, QC.
0109 thenook vow
And we did the Unbreakable Vow to finally seal the deal. If one breaks it, we die.
This year, I wanted to celebrate it [again] somewhere special. Some place we haven’t been. I chose Cup Fiction. First, it’s because I love Saab Magalona-Bacarro. She’s one of the owners, along with Jim (her husband), and two friends. Second, I’ve seen the place on IG and I knew it was going to be worth the long trip.
We live in Laguna so going to Manila would take a lot of time, money, and effort (and transfers – trike to van to jeepney to bus to taxi).
First, Guil and I met at Alabang Town Center. I was also going to meet Jem, a friend (slash) colleague to give her my Christmas present. While waiting, we looked around for some running shoes and he bought hand wraps at Olympic World.
Then we had a quick bite at Burger King and an ice cream sandwich from Louie-Luis. It was sooo good! It only costs P60! Got no photo, such a shame, but it was included in my vlog! (Please see below.)
Finally met Jem, last saw her back in September 2016. After meeting her, we took a jeepney to Starmall where we hailed a bus going to a place whose name I forgot already sorry! Then took a taxi to White Plains.
Found it! Before anything else, notice the name and the logo. The “U” is shaped like a cup of coffee, and the “N” is shaped like books. Kasi nga, it’s a cafe library! 😉 Luvit!
Cup Fiction has a very welcoming atmosphere. Their staff is approachable and really polite.
Aside from the bookshelf, the random chairs caught my eye. I love the fact that they’re not uniform, I mean, everything’s quite random.
Who didn’t read Archie comics? Luv it!
Seriously good music, guys! Buy the album!
This is the highlight of this shelf! I looove typewriters and I’m dying to have one at home, too.
Like the books! There are books about history, art, music, comic books, etc. (Of course, there’s a Harry Potter book, too!) There are speakers and a set of Eraserheads action figures which I never knew existed!
The Batman tissue holder in the comfort room drops the bomb! (See photos below.)
If people knew Saab well, they could tell that this cafe IS she. I mean, there’s no pizza, yes, but, it’s like her personality reflected in the place. So happy to hear the same kind of music we listen to, playing softly in the background.
It felt like being in your own room, with lots of your random stuff, kulang na lang damit na nagkalat sa floor!
Now, let’s talk about our favorite part – the FOOD, of course! First, we ordered something to drink. Guil ordered Capuccino (P140), and I got their Hot Chocolate Chip (P110).
Guil’s Capuccino
By the way, they use Muscovado sugar!
Mine’s Hot Chocolate Chip
Then for our main meal, I had The Kerouac (P395), which is an American breakfast skillet consisting of a special [juicy] sausage, homemade corned beef, bacon steak, marble potatoes, and two eggs (I chose sunny side up).
Guil had The Agawan Plate (also P385), which is a Filipino breakfast skillet. It consists of caramelized tocino, Pinoy pork adobo, homemade longganisa (na super yummy, I swear!), two eggs (also sunny side up), and a cup of garlic brown rice.
We also ordered their BFG Cookie but asked to serve it after our meal. Unfortunately, they had run out of the BFG Cookie when we asked for it. We were told that the person who served us earlier failed to relay it to them, and they didn’t know we had ordered a cookie.
Okay lang, we just had two Capuccinos na lang before we left. We took a few more photos together, then left for home na.
But of course, if there’s one area in any place we have to be happy about, that would be the comfort rooms! Their CR is super clean. No fancy, shiny, colorful tiles, which is really nice because they broke the norm na dapat shiny ang CR. Idagdag pa yung Batman tissue holder which I think is Jim’s?? hehehe!
More photos…
I had a wonderful time with Guil. Every day is special. We’ve been together for years now; it wasn’t perfect but I’m just so glad that my love is being reciprocated, as well as all my efforts. He believes in me. He lets me do the things I want. He feels happy when I’m happy. I’m happy that he has never given me any reason to lose my trust. Thank you, Always. (Insert Professor Snape’s voice.)
ANYWAYYYY, if you want to go there, here’s their info:
Located at: 141 White Plains, Katipunan Ave., QC
Their FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cupfictionph
Their INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @cupfictionph
Watch my vlog:

Hope you follow me on YouTube: MyRikaness

And on Instagram: @MyRikaness
Spread happiness!

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