RIXREVIEWS: Sooper Beaute

Hello, again! It’s been a while! It’s like having slept for years and getting kissed by a prince. Here I am again with yet another review of a local brand called: Sooper Beaute by M. Palma’s Skin Care Products.

I was initially confused with the pronunciation. When I read it whether in my head or aloud, I was like “Super Bowtey? Super Beauty? Super Byut? Super Bowt?” But a friend told me it’s really “Super Beauty”. So, “Super Beauty” it is.

(UPDATE: I DM-ed them on IG and they confirmed, just now, that it’s really “Super Byut”.)


These are the: Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation, Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream, and So Matte Lipstick. I actually won these ladies from Mariel’s giveaway; it was my FIRST WIN! (Yay!) 

Mariel’s a young MUA and a YouTube Content Creator. Click this photo to visit her channel. Don’t forget to Subscribe!


Now, now. Let’s talk about these beautiful local ladies. The first one is the Express Beauty Blur Cream Primer Foundation.


It’s a tinted primer, which you can use alone or under your favorite foundation, BB cream, or powder. I think it has about 10g of product. It has a powdery scent, which will remind you of your lola or nanay, but it’s not irritating naman. It has a smooth texture that easily spreads out on the skin.

Although there is a light tint to it, it doesn’t really have much coverage. However, I’m surprised at how it kinda blurs out my pores and my pimple marks! My skin feels smooth after this primer sets, making the application of makeup a lot easier. I have also used it alone, and it wasn’t that bad.

One problem I encountered with it was its oil control. Despite the impressive finish of my makeup, my face had an oil party when I used it at a wedding.

me with my niece and my mom at the wedding reception
Look at how shiny my face had become! I blotted every few hours, no retouching of powder.

 I’ll still use it from time to time, but I think my Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer still reigns.

Final thoughts:


Now, let’s move on to the next product. Here’s the Wonder Cream Super Fresh Day Cream with SPF 20.


This has a very light powder scent and a thicker consistency than the Blur Cream Primer Foundation. From the container, the shade looks a bit dark, but when applied, it isn’t that dark. It actually turns into white and leaves a powdery finish. Well, it’s supposed to do that, but I’ve tried and tried and it never ends up fine for me. This is what this product looks like on my skin during the application:



Because the cream turns into powder, the product dries up easily and once it dries, it become more diffucult to manage and spread. The product starts crumbling and you’ll see that it gets patchy and flaky. Since I have tanned skin, the product leaves a white cast, reminding me of my kindergarten days when mom just covered my face with Johnson’s baby powder and blending was NOT necessary. 😀

I would’ve been happy with it, but I’m afraid it didn’t make it to my faves. So…

Final thoughts:


Finally, I also have the So Matte Lipstick in the shade Lyra. I’ve been seeing this shade all over IG. It’s a lovely rosy pinkish nude that’s super matte. It gives you that “your lips but better” look. It’s super matte that the lipstick itself is dry, so there’s a bit of lip tugging. But it isn’t really that bad. It’s pigmented anyway, and has good color pay-off.


Suprisingly long-wearing! Here are the swatches:

Top: 1 swipe; Bottom: multiple swipes; Photo taken at 4:02 PM

And just to show you its longevity, here’s what it looks like now (it’s 11:22 PM):

It has faded, of course, but it has left some color on my skin and it seriously won’t budge! Even when I rub it, it just stays on my skin! 

The only problem I encountered was this:


Right after opening the product, the lipstick fell off the tube. The product performs well, so this problem won’t really bother me much. I just hope it doesn’t happen to the other lippies.

Final thoughts:

It’s a product worth purchasing.

Thanks for reading and I hope this review helps you decide whether you’re getting these or not. Just bear in mind that you may purchase anything you wish to purchase, regardless of how I or anybody else views them. Because what really matters is your own opinion. It’s already a cliché, but it’s true when they say: What doesn’t work for me, may work for you.


Visit Sooper Beaute on IG to check out their products.

By the way, I used these products when I did an Amy Winehouse makeup look:


Watch the video here:

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