RIXFIRSTS: “JAMSU” Technique Using Spray Bottle | The Beauty Bakery Witch Hazel Facial Mist

Goss Method… Backstage foundation… And other beauty hacks found in different blogs and tutorials…

I have tried these, but none of them truly ever worked on me. The oiliness of my face is beyond normal. It can get oily even within an hour of the application of my makeup. You can imagine how frustrating it is to see your makeup caking up and getting patchy when your day isn’t over yet. I can’t even make beso-beso!

Recently, a weird technique has been popping up on Facebook, so I went to YouTube to check it out. So, there’s this foundation technique that’s been really popular nowadays and it is said to originate in Japan.

Many who have tried swore by its effectivity and that it has truly made their makeup last longer.

So I decided to dive into the trend!

This foundation technique is called “JAMSU”. “Jamsu” (잠수) is the Korean term for “diving” or “submerging“. A number of beauty enthusiasts all over the world have tried their hands on this technique, as well!

Basically, you have to submerge your fully-powdered face into cold water for 20-30 seconds and this will make your makeup set better and last longer.

However, I tried the other method, which is the more convenient one – the Spray Bottle Method! I used The Beauty Bakery Witch Hazel Facial Mist.

All you need to do, is to apply your makeup as you normal do. As for me, I moisturized, primed, and put on my foundation. You can also apply concealer and your cream contour and highlight (depending on your preference).

This is were the whole routine changes. Instead of baking only some parts of your face, you put on powder all over your face – Kabuki style. Meaning, it should be more than the amount you normally apply. Make sure that it is even. If you have fair skin, use baby powder; but if you’ve got tanned or darker skin tone, translucent powder will be a better choice.

After applying the powder, submerge your face in a bowl of cold water. If you’ve got normal to dry skin, you need to do it for 15-20 seconds; and 30 seconds for oily skin. The drier the skin, the shorter the time.

As for me, I used my facial mist. I sprayed it all over my face until my face was completely soaked and had started dripping. I dried it with a paper towel. Do NOT rub. Gently pat and let it dry.

You will notice how smooth your face is and the foundation looks flawless. You will also notice the excess powder sitting on top of your face. Gently dust it off with your brush.

Then finish your make up as normal.

Before leaving the house, lemme take a selfie! That’s around 1:30 in the afternoon.

I have tried several techniques but this one is the best I’ve tried! No exaggerations there. I have never been this satisfied! 

After 3 hours! Normally, in 3 hours, my face wouldn’t look as fresh. It only looked like I’ve just applied it. It was a hot and humid day, mind you!
Blotted out at 5 PM, that’s almost 4 hours. Minimal transfer, guys! Trust me, normally my foundation is all over the place! Including my collar!😒
My oil factory in full production at 11 PM. So that’s about 10 hours after application.

Watch my video below and see how it went:

Comment below what you think of this technique and if you’ve tried it, let me know if it worked on you.

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14 thoughts on “RIXFIRSTS: “JAMSU” Technique Using Spray Bottle | The Beauty Bakery Witch Hazel Facial Mist

  1. Wow! I’ve actually never heard of this technique and I’m intrigued indeed! I cannot imagine purposefully dunking my fully made up face in water haha! I may have to experiment with the spray bottle method though, seems more convenient.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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