I was watching Jeffree Star and Lipstick Nick’s video on YouTube yesterday when I thought of trying it out myself. Lipstick Nick was covering up Jeffree’s tattoos to recreate one of the photos in his Beauty Killer Campaign.

However, I do not have a full coverage foundation, so I only used what I have. Because of this,Β I had to work on layers and the thicker it got, the harder it was to blend and to make it look natural. Not bad, though… πŸ‘…

Here’s what went down:

So, this is what my tattoo looks like. I have a separate blog post about this. Please click the image if you want to read it.
To neutralize the colors of my tattoo, I used the pink shade in my Unbranded Concealer palette from Ebay.
To intensify the coverage, I used a red lipstick. This is Avon Tropical Paradise Ultra Color Lipstick in the shade Rich Ruby.
I used a flat brush to apply the color corrector and the lipstick.
I set the concealer and the lipstick (and later on the foundation), with my Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow. You may use any loose powder according to your preference.
This is what it looks like, with the pink color corrector and the red lipstick, and after setting with Β loose powder.
Between my Revlon Nearly Naked and L’Oreal Stay Fresh Foundation, L’Oreal definitely has better coverage. But its medium coverage is not enough to cover the tattoo up, so I had to work on layers.
So, this is the first layer. Make sure to set the foundation with the powder before adding another layer.
And this is the final look. It might have been better if I had an HD foundation. It doesn’t look natural, but not bad, huh?
Before and After

So, what do you think? To watch Jeffree Star’s video, please click ➑hereβ¬…

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    1. Oh, it took me 8 years to finally do it! I was too scared, too. But I really wanted to get one since I’m getting older. There WAS pain, but it was the kind of pain we CAN bear. Like, really. πŸ™‚


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