RIXREVIEWS: BH Cosmetics vs Tony Moly vs Other Brands | Battle of my Fave and Not-So-Fave Eyeliners

A look cannot be complete without an eyeliner. It’s like an almost perfect cupcake without the frosting.

(Photo not mine. Grabbed from Google for reference only.)

Eyeshadows look more fabulous with a beautifully lined eye. The only problem you can have is getting panda eyes! Unless you wanna pull off a Lady Gaga:

(Again grabbed from Google.)

Or if you’re channeling Bey-Bey’s cry face:

(Google photo #3)

Or, maybe it’s because you just love Po in Kung Fu Panda and you wanna look like him.

(Google photo #4)

We all know how difficult it is to apply an eyeliner, especially if you wanna do the cateye. Even the slightest wing needs to be applied with extreme caution.

Insert one of my fave YouTube makeup vloggers, Say Tioco, who always creates that perfect wing!

And when we DO make it, at the end of the day, it’s either rubbed off or smudged.

That’s the very reason why I usually don’t put eyeliner on my waterline. If I do, I just use my Tony Moly Back Gel Liner on the outer half of my waterline. I gently apply it with a pen brush then spread it with a small flat brush. Then add a touch of an eyeshadow.

I have tried a number of liquid eyeliners, and not one of them lived up to their claims. They all said they were waterproof and smudge proof,  but they all LIED! Okay, perhaps they WERE waterproof, but they didn’t survive my oily skin.

Anyways, some of the liquid [and gel] eyeliners that I’ve tried are:

  • Almost every eyeliner from Avon. I don’t know why, but most makeup products from Avon make my eyes feel watery, droopy, and sleepy. Shortly after that, I would start having headaches and then my day was cut short – because I just had to sleep my headache away! Not to mention, the product smears around my eyes. (Don’t have photo of them. Some of them were emptied, while some were given away.)
  • A cheap “Korean” dual ended pen eyeliner from an unpopular brand called “Can Ya”, which I doubt is Korean, because I bought it in a Chinese thrift store. But if you check this page http://www.dhgate.com/product/1-x-canya-new-brand-makeup-beauty-sharp-black/378053421.html, it says it’s Japanese and Korean. As I have mentioned, it’s dual-ended, which means, one end is a pen eyeliner; while the other end is a stamp in the shape of a star. It’s also easy to use, but it doesn’t last long. I didn’t really expect much from it because it was really super affordable.
  • EB Advance Dip Liner. I bought it because: (1) I was going to create a makeup look and I needed an eyeliner; and (2) because it was super cheap it only cost me less than a hundred pesos. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well after the first use. The brush tip became loose and stiff and it wouldn’t glide on smoothly. Because of this, the product couldn’t be distributed evenly, not even properly. Even though it was very affordable, I felt like it was such a waste to still have so much that I couldn’t use. As for the main product itself, it dries pretty quickly and finishes into sort of a film, if I may call it that. You can actually scratch it or peel it off.
  • Shawill Eyeliner HD. This is a local brand, but the product is made in Korea. So, technically, it isn’t really local. However, it is sold at a very affordable price, so it is perfect for people like me, who are on a budget.
    This eyeliner has a very thin brush tip, which is kinda good, because it enables you to correct and perfect some crooked lines in your eyeliner. The downside, though, is that due to its thin brush tip, it isn’t good for lining and shaping your eyes. It will take you a while before you finish one eye! It also finishes into a film, which can be peeled off, too.
  • Maybelline Hyper Matte Liquid Eyeliner. At first I thought, “This is Maybelline, and most Maybelline products work just fine. So perhaps this will be just as good.” The first time I used it, I was impressed. The second time I did, I thought I did something wrong because it wasn’t as manageable. The product had become chunky and it wasn’t as smooth as the first time. I gave the bottle a little shake, I cleaned the brush tip, and dipped it again. But to no avail, it just got chunky still.
    (Can’t find mine. Did I throw it away? I don’t think I did, but I can’t find it!)

    Grabbed this from my Instagram @myrikaness

    Again, it was such a waste of money and I was so heart broken. So, I searched again and found…

  • Tony Moly Back Gel Liner. I saw on some reviews that it was a really good gel liner because it didn’t smudge. They would even rub it and it didn’t budge. Impressive! My first gel liner was from Ebay and it sucked because it never dried up. It was like a tinted petroleum jelly.
    I have never used other eyeliners ever since I got this one from Tony Moly, on Althea Korea. The Back Gel Liner is, indeed, smudge proof, but it isn’t invincible. Somehow, it still can’t withstand the oiliness of my face. It still smears a little, but it isn’t as bad as the others.
    It comes with a brush, which is really soft. However, I personally prefer a thin brush to apply this gel liner.
    tony-molyI was really satisfied with it UNTIL THIS CAME…
  • BH Cosmetics BH Liquid Eyeliner, which I got along with a BH Cosmetics Blending Brush #12, when I purchased their Shaaanxo palette. It was their Daily Deal at that time. I wasn’t, at all, excited, until I got to use it on Friday. That night, (Warning: Graphic Content. LOL) I fell asleep with my makeup on! (Don’t do this at home! xD )
    When I saw myself in the mirror, I was shocked! My mascara had smudged, but my eyeliner was still intact! Actually, it was the ONLY makeup product on my face that was still holding up! I rubbed it and it still didn’t budge! WTF, right?! You can’t imagine how impressed I was! The swatch on the back of my hand was still there, even though I had washed my hands several times throughout the day! But don’t worry, girls, you can just simply use a makeup remover or micellar water to remove it. 😉 In addition, I love using pen eyeliners because it’s easier to control and use.

Over all, BH Liquid Eyeliner is the BEST one I’ve used! (Tony Moly’s the second best!)

My final thoughts:

I looove it and I highly recommend it. For only $5.5o, c’mon!

Hmmh… This makes me want to make a video on Tony Moly Back Gel Liner and BH Liquid Eyeliner! Why not, right? Just to test out which of my two favorites works better.

What about you? What’s the best and most affordable liquid eyeliner that you’ve tried? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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6 thoughts on “RIXREVIEWS: BH Cosmetics vs Tony Moly vs Other Brands | Battle of my Fave and Not-So-Fave Eyeliners

  1. I haven’t tried any of these but my HG eyeliner is without doubt the Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner….I have a few shades of it but they dry and don’t budge at all! The brush is so precise that I can use the black one for the wing when I do my dance comp makeup, then go in with the white one next to it and they don’t mix or run into each other etc and the thin brush gives me total control. I really recommend them!! Great post! xx

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