Last week, Guil and I decided to try the newest item from KFC for lunch. It’s the KFC Sisig Burrito! We both love burritos and sisig, so these two things combined is an UGH-mazing idea!

Photo not mine; grabbed from Google

So, what’s inside this burrito?

Again, photo not mine; grabbed from Google

Just like any burrito, it has rice, meat, sauce, and tortilla (There are no veggies, tho). To make it taste like sisig, they used sisig sauce; and because it’s KFC, they used Hot Shots and chicken skin.

Here’s how it looks. Notice that the wrapper they used was the one for KFC Twister.


You simply have to tear off the middle strip then carefully remove one side of the wrapper to reveal half of the burrito.

Lezzzz dig in!



First impression:


The chicken skin was indeed crispy, but it really wouldn’t be a sisig without the sauce. As you may know, a “legit” sisig is cooked in pig’s brain and a good substitute for it will be mayonnaise. With a perfect mix of all the seasoning and spices, comes a perfect sisig.

It’s a pretty bold move for KFC, I would say. I suppose it had been quite a challenge for them to come up with a sisig recipe that would highlight their main specialty – chicken. Since they used Hot Shots and crispy chicken skin, it wouldn’t have tasted like sisig if without the sauce. So kudos to whoever made the recipe, it was pretty spot on. (Although spot on would still be a BIG word.) It’s quite spicy, though!

Guil felt like we could do with some gravy, so…

Gravy on a sisig burrito? Why the eff not?!

Here’s a closer look of my sisig burrito…


And there goes my Sleek Matte Me in Velvet Slipper.

Hahaha! Almost ate the carton. LOL

Just a little update on the lipstick (nope, this is not a “Lipstick and Mukbang” session! haha!)

Sleek Matte Me survived KFC Sisig Burrito! 😀

The KFC Sisig Burrito costs P95, ala carte, but if you add P45, you’ll have regular Coke and fries. Since it’s KFC, I think the price is pretty reasonable. Though you can get a bigger meal with that price. Especially if you’re with a friend, you can get the KFC Duo Meal, which includes two cups of rice, 2 pcs. chicken, a box of Hot Shots, mashed potato, and 4 pcs. Pillow Puffs, all for a little more than P300.

Guil thinks that it’s not big enough for P95. A bit pricey for a small meal. If you’re really hungry and you have a hundred and fifty pesos, you wouldn’t wanna get this, especially if you have a huge appetite. But, if you’re just curious and would love to know what a chicken sisig burrito tastes like, it’s pretty worth trying.

All I’m saying is, the taste isn’t bad. It’s not the most filling food, and definitely not cheap.

Final thoughts:


I’m fine with it, what do we expect? It’s KFC!

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