“It’s beauty made simple!” – Anne Curtis | RIXREVIEWS: BLK COSMETICS ‘Uncomplicated Beauty’ – LIPS

Several weeks ago, beauty enthusiasts all over the world got pumped up upon Riri’s release of her own beauty line called Fenty Beauty, with the tagline “Beauty for All”. Here in the Philippines, Anne Curtis, an extremely popular female celebrity has recently released her own make-up line. It’s called BLK Cosmetics. It has the tagline “Uncomplicated Beauty”. 

During the launch of her products, Anne mentioned that she has partnered with Jacqe Gutierrez, one of the owners of Happy Skin – another popular local makeup brand. According to Jacqe, Anne has been hands on in the whole process, which I personally think is nice, because it just shows how dedicated and how serious she really is with her brand. It’s apparently not just business for her, and that is important for many consumers, especially for me.

So when I found out that their website was already active on Wednesday the 20th, which was the same day BLK Cosmetics was launched, my sister and I quickly placed an order to get a hold on these ladies! Everything in the collection seems

worth-trying. All lipstick shades are pretty and wearable. (Let me just add how I loved seeing Anne Curtis’s super natural look in photos and videos! You can see her freckles and her pores! I appreciate that she chose not to look too polished! Yay!)

Anne was right. Everything they came out with was basically all we need for a quick do: a powder foundation, a brow pencil, an eyeliner, a cheek palette (contour, blush, and highlighter), and a lipstick. I only picked 1 velvet lipstick, 1 matte liquid lipstick, and 1 pen eyeliner for myself; a cheek palette and a matte lipstick for Christine who has been UBERLY generous to me! (Little things I could do.) My sister got the brow pencil.

Placing an order was smooth. I’m so glad they added Paypal as one of the payment options. They send e-mails for updates. The only thing I wasn’t really happy about was that it took six (6) days for the items to be delivered to me, which sucked, because I planned to film a review on Saturday. Apparently, I wasn’t able to because I just got them on Monday.

Anyhoo… I’ll be reviewing two of their lip products, so let’s begin!

Velvet Lip Cream in the shade Flirty


Price: P299

Product Description:

Say “YES” to velvety goodness. Nourish your kisses with our extra hydrating velvet lip cream, which protects and conditions with Vitamin E and camellia oil. One swipe is all you need for full, creaseless coverage – you get a beautiful solid hue with a smooth satin finish every single time.

Let’s start with the packaging. The tube is housed in an elegant, clear acrylic squared container, with the brand logo on one side. At the bottom of the product, you’ll see the brand name, the product name, and the shade. It feels solid and heavy, giving you that “high-end” feel. It does not feel flimsy at all and the cap snaps securely in place. I personally love the packaging because no one would ever guess it’s an affordable local product just by looking at it.

Upon opening, one thing we often check before actually trying out the product is the scent. It does not have any particular scent at all. Nothing too fancy nor overpowering. So it’s ideal for everybody, most especially for the ones who are too sensitive when it comes to fragrances.

It has about an inch of the product, which looks really neat and smooth. I can imagine how carefully their Q.C. inspected each product before giving an approval stamp. When I swatched it on the back of my hand, it felt super smooth and creamy. It is as what it claims, it glides nicely with the right amount of pigmentation in one swipe!

Flirty is a coral pink shade, which I don’t normally wear, but I think it doesn’t look too bad on me. I can pull off green, blue, black, or purple, but NEVER bright pinks or anything corally, if that makes sense? So I’m glad that it isn’t the kind of coral pink that intimidates even the bold side of me.


Because it is a “Velvet Lip Cream”, it has a satin finish, so expect some gloss. It is NOT transfer-proof or smudge-proof; but over time, I’ve noticed that it leaves a nice soft stain on the lips like it has on the back of my hand.

Final thoughts:

For this price point, this is a CATCH!

Long-Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick


Price: P349

Product Description:

It’s Matte Magic. Treat your lips to the most comfortable matte lippie ever. The color pay-off is beyond intense, the mousse texture dries to a freshly-blotted look with a soft matte finish – never tight or drying, thanks to hydrating Vitamin E and softening rosehip seed oil – and the pigment stays put all day long. The only problem you’ll face: Choosing which color to wear today.

In the sea of round containers, this product’s packaging stands out with its square shape. Like the Velvet Lip Cream, it is housed in a clear acrylic material that enables you to see what the shade is. The cap, to which the wand applicator is attached, is black and printed with the logo in white. It also feels solid and heavy, you won’t think it’s on the affordable side.

What I personally like about this product is the applicator. It’s long and flat, making it different from the other products’ doe-foot ones. I think it was a good idea to use something different, as this sets BLK apart from the other liquid lipsticks, not only with the appearance, but also with the application. I find it easier to apply the product with this type of wand. I was able to sweep along the edge of my lips without any difficulties.

Just like the Velvet Lip Cream, the Long-Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick does not also have any strange scent at all. Texture-wise, it is creamy like most liquid lipsticks. It takes only less than a minute to dry down to matte, which isn’t realy bad, because you have enough time to spread it out all over your lips. The only thing I am not 100% happy about is the pigmentation. Sure, the color pay-off is topnotch, as the actual product looks so close to what I see in the container. However, I find it streaky even after a couple of swipes. Coverage-wise, I’ve used other local brands with a lot more coverage than this.

upon application

They’re true to their claims, though, when it comes to how comfortable and lightweight it feels. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. There’s a tiny bit of tackiness, but definitely not annoying. The color does stay on for hours, but you can see some areas getting patchy and a little crumbly.

just a few minutes later

Re-applying is possible, just remember not to press your lips together unless it has completely set. It does not look perfect, though. It looks and feels thick, heavy, and cakey, so if you want to do some touch-ups, I suggest that you wipe off everything that’s on your mouth first, before applying a fresh one.

product re-applied on the lips, on top of the first application

Final thoughts:

It’s definitely not the best, there ARE better ones, but it really isn’t bad at all. I love the color pay-off and that’s good enough for me. And hey! It’s just P349!

Overall, in my opinion, there really isn’t anything that makes these products any more special than the other local brands when it comes to pigmentation and longevity. But for the packaging?? Kamown! I’m DOWN! I also like the color selection, as well as the color pay-off.

Now you might be asking, why would you even buy if there’s nothing too different with others, except for the classy high-end-ish packaging? Gurl, for such a low price point, you’ll get CRUELTY-FREE products that are infused with natural ingredients!

I see a brighter future ahead of this brand. I look forward to seeing them come out with new products, *cough* eyeshadow palette *cough*!

Final, final thoughts:


In the next post, I’ll be reviewing the two eye products I got. Though the other one isn’t really mine! Haha! I’m just borrowing it for the sake of reviewing it for you who might be curious.

Also, I’ll get a hold of the All-Day Intense Matte Lipstick, and more shades from this brand, next time.

Hope this review helps and let me know in the comment section if you’ll try it and why. If you already have, kindly share your opinions below.

Thanks so much!

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5 thoughts on ““It’s beauty made simple!” – Anne Curtis | RIXREVIEWS: BLK COSMETICS ‘Uncomplicated Beauty’ – LIPS

  1. If it took them 6 days to deliver the product to you, how long do you think it will take for me? 😭😭😭 It will take for-e-va! Tapos wala namang for-e-va! Iyak na lang ako, sis! thank you pa rin sa review, sis. At least parang na-try ko na rin itong product ni Anne-believable dahil sa review mo. 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, sis!❤❤❤ Natawa naman amo sa “walang for-e-va!” 😂 Hayy yan ang nakalimutan kong idagdag. I forgot to add where to get their products. Available naman din sa Zalora and SM. Kaya I guess you can just have someone buy some for you at SM tapos ship out n lng to you hehe! Thanks for taking time to read, sis!❤


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