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More than two weeks ago, Anne Curtis released her own makeup line called “BLK Cosmetics”. According to her, BLK stands for ‘black’, her favorite color. She says black is “timeless, uncomplicated, classy, sophisticated, and simple.”

My sister and I purchased a few items from her line on the day it was launched, and finally, I got to film my review on the products. If you want to read my review on the two lippies, please click >> here <<.

On this post, you’ll be reading about BLK Brow Sculpting Duo and BLK Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. These are the two eye products included in their initial release. Both products only have two shades – natural brown and taupe for the brow duo; black and brown for the eyeliner.

Anyway, let me share with you my thoughts on these ladies.

BLK Brow Sculpting Duo in the shade Taupe

Before anything else, let me just say that I just borrowed it from my sister, Mik (follow her on IG: @19xciv). :p Thanks, Mik!


Price: P249

Product Description:

Ace your arches. Define, fill in, and groom brows in place with this pencil-and-brush duo. The triangle tip has a pointed end to create thin lines and a flat tip for thicker strokes, while the creamy pencil is infused with aloe vera to gently condition your strands. Apply lightly for a natural look or heavily for a full brow. 

There is no notable difference in its packaging compared with the other auto-brow pencils. Just like most auto-brow pencils, it’s housed in a black container, paired with a spoolie on the other end. The design is what makes it stand out. On the pencil end, the cap has a strip of color around it; while on the brush side, there’s a geometric pattern printed around the cover. Also, there are labels with arrows so you’ll never be confused which side is which.

The pencil is a little more than an inch long. The spoolie has short bristles, so it doesn’t feel as soft as the other spoolies with longer bristles. I don’t really mind it though, what’s important for me is that it works.


The product glides on the skin smoothly and the color is distributed evenly. I’m happy that it does not get chunky or clumpy in my brow hairs. The spoolie blends the product nicely I don’t need to use another brush. It still depends on your preference, so you do you. 😉

Mik and I have talked about it and she, too, likes the brow pencil. Our only issue, though, is the fact that it is NOT smudge-proof. Not sure if it’s water proof, but it did stay on all day. Just remember not to touch your brows! 😀

Final thoughts:


BLK Long-Lasting Liquid Eyeliner


Price: P249

Product Description:

The only pen you’ll need. Our smudge-proof, foolproof liquid eyeliner glides like velvet, delivering intense pigment that lasts all day while also soothing your lids’ delicate skin with aloe vera. No need for touch-ups—it can literally take you from your a.m. workout to after-work cocktails. 

The product is housed in a black container, which is normally seen in other pen eyeliners. The only difference I’ve noticed is the bouncy cap. I really like the geometrical design on the tip of the pen.


This pen eyeliner has a felt tip, which is commonly avoided because they tend to dry up easily. But since it’s still new, I love how precise it is as I work on my wings. It dispenses enough product; it’s not blotchy, and no cut lines.

Now, the biggest question is…

Is it LONG-LASTING as it claims to be?

Hmmh… Yes and No.

Yes, it’s long-lasting in a sense that it stays on for hours.

No, because it does not stay on PERFECTLY for hours.

Since I have oily skin, some parts disappear even if I don’t touch or rub them. Imagine if I do! The good thing, though, is that it doesn’t smudge around my eyes. So, no panda or raccoon eyes! Yay!

I’ve been using it frequently these days, I hope it goes a long way.

Final thoughts:

It’s not the best eyeliner, but for a local brand, I’m totes fine with it.

Here are a couple of photos of me wearing the products:


My face looked white here, but IRL it really wasn’t. haha!

So, do you think these BLK eye products are worth your money? If you already own these or at least one of these, are you enjoying them/it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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