RANT: LBC EXPRESS – A Real Party-Pooper

On the day Vice Cosmetics was launched online, I immediately purchased a lip kit and posted my review on it.

Included in the Phenomenal Lip Kit was a ticket, which I decided to giveaway on my Facebook page. I was meaning to go to the concert, but there was a change of plan. Just so the ticket wouldn’t be wasted, I decided to give it to someone who could really, really go.

A week later, I posted the winner of my mini giveaway and it was Ms. Arianna Sales.


On that same day, I had the ticket shipped out via LBC Cabuyao, Laguna branch. The next day, it arrived at Ortigas Delivery Hub at exactly 08:37:32 AM. Since the concert was on the 22nd, we were expecting that the ticket would arrive early.  The ticket was never delivered, so Arianna was not able to attend the concert. Despite all the calls and tweets both Arianna and I made, despite LBC’s promises to deliver the ticket, it was never delivered.

LBC charges their customers a minimum amount of P180 for the shipping, which is, by the way, NOT AT ALL CHEAP. Other couriers like JRS Express, charge much lower – only about a hundred pesos. I chose LBC because it was the closest to us and because of their “next-day delivery” service.

By the way, we shipped out two parcels that day – one going to Pasig and the other going to Mandaluyong.

My friend, who lives in Pasig, received her parcel on the 18th. However, Ms. Arianna, who’s from Mandaluyong, didn’t. Never did.

As expected from any HUGE businesses, when they mess up, all people get is “SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.”

As to where the ticket went, no one knows. Only the person in LBC ORTIGAS HUB knows.

The refund is yet to be confirmed. We were told we’ll be getting the transaction fee of P180 and the declared value, once it is approved.

What irks me, though, is the fact na kami na nga ang nagastusan at naabala, because CLEARLY as in mas malinaw pa sa LUMOS MAXIMA, LBC is at fault here. Kung tutuusin, wala silang karapatang mag-require ng kung anu-ano, kasi sila ‘yung may atraso.



By the way, I was initially impressed that they create ways to connect with them. One of these ways is through their WebTalk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Unfortunately, THIS DID NOT WORK at least for me. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone. Have you tried it? Did it work?

Pampasikat lang yata ‘to, eh. Epal.

I have been so patient to them. Yes, despite all my tweets. Patient pa ‘yung lagay na ‘yon. All I wish for is sila naman yung magpakita na talagang SORRY sila. But who am I? Duh?! Eh LBC sila.

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