I attempted to stay oil-free with these products, and here’s what happened…

If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I have an extremely oily skin. I have attempted several methods of keeping oil at bay and not all of them really worked on me (Jamsu did, tho!). It’s crazy how a lot of people would rave about a method and say it’s THE BEST, but of course, we should NEVER forget that not everything that works for one person works for everybody else.

As you may already know, I’ve just received my Althea package and a couple of products there are meant to address my problem with oil. I tried them yesterday to test their effectiveness, and if you have the same problem as mine, well I hope this helps.

Here’s my latest Althea haul video:

Let’s move on to the routine.

Step 1. Before applying any makeup, I prepped my face with the excess serum from the Y.E.T. Don’t Worry Mask Sheet Police Mask (Oil Control). By the way, I used the mask before going to bed and my skin felt so fresh the next day. It was dewy, but not oily. My skin just looked healthy. I love how watery the essence is so it does not feel sticky at all. It also smells good so having it on my face feels so relaxing.


Step 2. After about 10 minutes when the serum was completely absorbed by my skin, I applied moisturizer. Of course, it’s already a given to moisturize regardless of the skin type. I used my Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizer. I really love using it, not only because beshy Christine gave it to me, but also because it smells and feels good! When I put this on, I feel like my face is in good hands.


Step 3. Use a primer. I usually apply my Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer on top of my sunscreen and let it set for at least 3-5 minutes. It’s my favorite primer and in case you’d love to read my review on this, click here.


Step 4. Use a foundation that has a matte finish and that does not get patchy after some time. So far, I’ve been quite satisfied with my Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. I know that there is NO foundation that could keep my skin oil-free, but at least Fit Me stays nice-looking, not cakey, and does not break up around my mouth and on my nose – SO unlike my L’Oreal Stay Fresh Foundation. I haven’t tried the Pro-Matte one, but I really wanna give it a go. (Ampricey nga lang kasi!!! Kainis.)


Step 5. Set your foundation (and other cream makeup if you use any) with a finely-milled powder. I love using the one from Althea, it’s their Petal Velvet Powder! It sets my makeup almost flawlessly (almost, because my skin isn’t flawless). I normally use this on my under eye areas, my nose, forehead, and chin. I love how it blurs out my pores almost like your favorite blurring filter. I used my Karadium Two-Way Cake Foundation to set the rest of my makeup.


two cake
Photo grabbed from YEF

Step 6. Spray the entire face with a fix mist that can also control oil. I use my Clio Micro Fine Oil Control Fix Mist as soon as I finish doing my makeup. It smells really fresh and natural.

Don’t foget to shake the bottle as it has super fine powder that settles at the bottom. The nozzle dispenses a good amount of product that the mist is spread out evenly and not one directional.


My makeup looked so fresh and flawless, but the question is…


First things first, we must keep in mind that we can NEVER have ZERO oil. It IS impossible. Products can only help us prevent the oil from welling up for a few hours. We can’t expect our face to stay matte for the entire day.

Also, I was in Baguio City when I wore these products, so it wasn’t as hot and humid. I’ll update this post once I’ve tried this routine here in Laguna and see if it’s going to work just the same.

before leaving our room at LeFern
blurred – Just outside 181

With this routine, my face felt fresh for hours. I constantly checked my makeup in every mirror or glass windows I passed by, and I noticed that as parts of my face started to shine, they didn’t look disgustingly greasy. It was more like a beautiful dewiness. My makeup still looked almost flawless.

At VOCAS, on the topmost floor in La Azotea Bldg

I finished my makeup at around 9 in the morning. We walked around the streets of Baguio – from North Drive to Session Road to Assumption Road to Harrison Road to Abanao Square to Maharlika Shopping Center to Bayanihan Building (Ukay-Ukay!) and back to North Drive. We got back at around half past two, so that’s like 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Playing around with some colorful wigs at the Ukay-Ukay

My makeup was still holding up without any cakeyness or patchiness. After a couple of hours more, I started to blot out the oil with tissue. One thing I don’t like about Maybelline Fit Me foundation is that it transfers like crazy! I patted a little powder foundation on my face before spraying on some of my Clio Fix Mist, and I was good to go again.

a little smudging of mascara
This was around 9 in the evening, oily, yes, but not patchy. On my lips was from Skin Potions and it was still holding up even after loads of meal and Malagos Tsokolate.

My makeup stayed on my face until 5:30 the next morning – that was when we finally got back here in Laguna. Of course, it was not as fresh looking as when it was first applied, but the fact that it stayed on for hours, without looking super blotchy is enough for me.

Care to share your makeup routine? Comment below!

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