RAPUNZEL’S SECRET: REVEALED! | Unboxing + Review – Althea’s Rapunzel’s Secret Box

Ever wondered how Rapunzel’s hair grew so healthy and strong? Magic? Hmmh… Partly, yes.


But today, her secret will finally be revealed! Lucky you dropped by!


Actually, when I received an e-mail from the ever so wonderful Ms. Tammy Lim of Althea Korea, I was beside myself – well in a positive way, that is! It seemed as if she knew I had been dealing with hair problems. She has sent me Rapunzel’s Secret Box!

From the bottom of my heart to Ms. Tammy and all of Althea’s pixies and Mermaid!

But in case you have not heard of Althea Korea (where have you been all your life?!), Althea is the number 1 site where you can buy your favorite Korean makeup or skin care items. They have a huge selection of Korean products from over 150 brands!

What’s even more interesting is that they also offer themed beauty boxes twice or thrice in a month, which may contain up to 10 items! Althea Boxes cost so much lower than when you purchase all the items individually. So once they release their boxes, make sure you get yours as fast as you can ’cause they can get sold out even before you finish saying “Althea”. 😉

Okay, I know you’re itching to know what Rapunzel’s secret is, I won’t make you wait any longer. But please note that I have already used all of the products below and my opinions are based on my experience with each item.

CP-1 Scalp Tincture


Product Description: A refreshing tincture that cleans scalp, eliminating oil, sweat, and odor. Plus, the lush, refreshing scent captures a purifying, relaxing, and clean feeling.

First of all, I love the fact that it has a cap that does not only cover the long nozzle, but also prevents it from being pressed by mistake. It dispenses enough product evenly onto the scalp. It has this powdery scent to it that reminds me of a prickly heat powder, but it also smells a bit like mint candy.

According to the instructions, we can spray it onto the scalp 3 to 5 times. The moment the product touched my scalp, I felt a slight stinging sensation which I actually liked, because it perfectly hit my problem spot. My scalp had been itchy, flaky, and irritated at that time, and this product absolutely soothed it. It’s an instant BFF!

Final thoughts:


Dr. Dr. B 5 Shampoo Anti-Hair Loss


Product Description: Decreases hair loss. Thickens hair. Strengthens hair folicles of damaged scalp. Volumizes and moisturizes hair. Reduces dry, flaky scalp. Balances your scalp’s PH level. Soothes scalp.

The product is in a tube container with a screw-type cap. It has a foil tape that seals the mouth of the tube. The product is a brownish translucent gel that turns into a rich foam. It smells strongly of menthol, which I like very much. As I massaged it on my scalp and my hair, I felt a cooling sensation which I enjoyed a lot. My head felt so clean and fresh and my hair felt soft as I rinsed it.

Final thoughts:


Mise en Scène Perfect Repair Hair Mask Pack


Product Description: Hair shop treatment effect. Hot oil hair cap heat effect. Intensive nutrition with 7x oil cocktail for damaged hair.

I loooove this product and I am so amazed with its technology! This mask pack is indeed a home spa treatment! It includes two items – the Perfect Repair Serum and the hair cap that’s soaked in hot oil and – according to the description in the website -three kinds of hair treatment. The Perfect Repair Serum is applied onto towel-dried hair. (Yes, after washing hair with shampoo.) It is a thick orange-peach cream that is easily spread all over the hair. It has a light fresh scent, somewhat powdery and flowery. It has 7x oil cocktail: argan, camelia, marula, olive, jojoba, coconut, and apricot oil.

With its self-heatable hot oil component, the hair mask pack feels incredibly warm. I was initially a bit confused I did not know how to wear it. Then I realized that the criss-crossed edge of the mask was the actual opening. It is wide enough to cover my entire head and hair, which I put up in a bun. It also has a strip of adhesive that is used to adjust the mask according to the size of the head and secure the mask in place.

Kinda like a chef’s toque haha!

The instructions say that I should wear the hair mask for 5 to 15 minutes. But I let it stay on longer, I only removed it after 25 minutes. After that, I rinsed it off with lukewarm water. My hair felt super soft it was easier to comb. It had less tangles, which meant less hair fall. Yay!

Final thoughts:


Koelf Deep Scalp Purifying Swab


Product Description: Removes unpleasant odor. Removes oil and waste. Relieves scalp itching. No sticky feeling.

This swab is amazing! It is a hundred times larger than a regular cotton swab. The moment I pulled it out of its packet, my eyes went 👀 !

They look like Harry and Hagrid side by side… Yeah, like that. 

The scent reminded me of a pain relieving liniment, which is not so bad, since I am really into refreshing mint scents. I sectioned my hair and gently rubbed the swab against my scalp. It felt super cool and fresh! I would have to say that this has become one of my instant favorites among all the items in the box. It definitely relieved the itchy areas and the essence gave moisture to my scalp. I kept on rubbing the swab until I had completely covered my whole head. There was still some essence left in the packet and I had Guil and Mikk try it. They both loved it, too!

Final thoughts:


CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule


Product Description: For hair that’s soft and silky. Concentrated protein care for each and every strand. Salon effects at home. Prevents damage from heat. Prevents dryness of hair. Instantly gives the hair a healthy sheen.

This product is PERFECT for me! My hair is super damaged and dry! This ampoule has keratin, amino acids, silk elastin, and wheat protein, which are all essential to revive my dying hair. It’s a milky white cream with thin consistency that is really easy to apply. It smells like a fruit-scented shampoo. It can be used before or after blow drying hair. As for me, I applied it after. Trust me when I say the effect is INSTANT! The sheen was visible; my hair looked healthier. It also felt extra smooth and soft. Last time it felt that way was back when I was in elementary school! This is another favorite of mine!

Final thoughts:


Suaviss Exclusive Travel Kit


Travel-friendly kit! Conveniently packed with a shampoo, a conditioner, and a foam cleanser. Light and cute limited edition travel kit from Suaviss.

First of all, these “travel-sized” products don’t really seem travel-size atll, at least for me! I think it’s a generous amount that can last at least a little over a week. The three products are housed in a squeezable tube packed in a zip lock pouch. Each product is color-coded, the pore cleanser in the red tube, the hair shampoo in the yellow tube, and the hair conditioner in the blue tube. Also, each tube is sealed with a foil tape which is a plus. We don’t want to get a product that’s been used or opened.

The Perfect One Pore Cleanser is a white thick cream that turns into a rich lather when wet. At first I couldn’t lay a finger on the scent, but as I washed my face with it, the citrusy scent became more apparent. According to the description on the Althea website, it deeply cleanses and nourishes skin with its gentle formula. My face did feel smooth and properly cleansed after.

The Argan Scalp Hair Shampoo has a less thick consistency than that of the foam cleanser. It smells super good, it strongly reminds me of a guyabano, but it also kinda smells like jasmine. Let me know in the comment section what it smells like, in case you’ve tried it. As I was rinsing my hair, my scalp felt thoroughly cleaned. I also noticed I had very little hair fall with this shampoo! So, yay!

The Argan Brilliant Hair Conditioner has a consistency that’s similar to that of the shampoo. It has a minty scent, which of course you can tell by now that I really love. It leaves a cool and refreshing feeling on the scalp, as it makes my hair softer and smoother.

Final thoughts:


Real Skin The Healthy Skin Protein Hair Ampoule


Product Description: Protein component of black beans leave the hair healthy and shiny. Suitable for all hair types including oily hair, too. Washable type fresh hair ampoule. Transforms chemically damaged hair into healthy and shiny hair!

If you’re scared of injections, this one will be something you’ll love. Despite looking like a huge syringe (which I do not fancy), I found the packaging really cute. It has a small cap on the tip that keeps the opening clean. It smells quite nice, not something that’s annoying or irritating.

If you have long hair like I do, you need to use one full pump of the product. If you have shorter hair, you only need half. But because I didn’t want to use it up all at once (sorry!), I only used half of it and will use the other half next time.

The product is a grey-ish cream. It’s quite thick, but not sticky at all. I applied it on my hair after shampooing and let it stay on for about 10 minutes. My hair was transformed from being scraggly to feeling luxuriant! It felt really healthy as if it were given a second life.

Final thoughts:


Aritaum Colorize Hair Bleach


Product Description: Hair bleach to brighten hair color.

I’m so glad this box includes a bleaching product. The first time I had my hair bleached was a total failure. My hair was terribly damaged. But because Aritaum is a trusted brand, I feel safe.

Since I’m a total noob at this bleaching thing, I asked my sister Mik to do it for me. I was glad, though, that this product wasn’t complicated. I simply mixed the powder and the cream. The powder, which has a light blue color, seemed odorless; while the white cream had the scent similar to that of a shampoo. However, when they were mixed together the smell was quite pungent, just like the other dyeing products. The scent wore out eventually, though. Mik applied it with a hair dye brush and wrapped my hair in an aluminum foil.

We let the product stay on my hair for a good thirty minutes, before washing it off with shampoo as mentioned in the instructions. I used the Suaviss Argan Scalp Hair Shampoo.


Oh and did I say it did not burn my hair?!

Final thoughts:


April Skin Turn-Up Color Treatment


Product Description: No hair damage, no commitment, hair color for two weeks. Easy and simple to do at home.

Since the box contains a bleaching product, it also comes with a hair colourant! It’s such an interesting color, too! PEACH PINK! Before diving into the whole hair treatment, I made a research first so that I would know what to expect from this product. I initially thought it would really turn my hair into pink. It turns out, though, that just like any other hair colourants, the outcome depends on the tone of the hair. Since I have naturally dark hair, and the bleached part of my hair only turned orange, my hair now looks like a fox’s fur – just lighter! It’s orange-y with a hint of pink especially when the light strikes it. If your hair is much lighter than mine, then the color might look differently.

Can you see the subtle pink tone? Never mind my face, I was trying to keep a straight face because I was truly rejoicing on the inside!

But, what I ABSOLUTELY love about this is that MY HAIR HAS NEVER FELT SMOOTHER! It bounces with so much life. It’s smooth and soft! It smells good, too! Like cherry bubble gum!

Final thoughts:


BONUS PRODUCT: Suaviss Standard Hair Line (sample kit)


These are all the items in my Althea’s Rapunzel’s Secret Box. I am so glad I got to try these products! Are your favorites here? Which one/s did you find interesting? Are you getting the box? I hope you are, because this box has definitely changed my life!


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5 thoughts on “RAPUNZEL’S SECRET: REVEALED! | Unboxing + Review – Althea’s Rapunzel’s Secret Box

  1. Peach Pink is an interesting colour! Alam mo na naman yata na pink ang pinaka-favourite colour ko, lalo na BABY PINK. Hihiü 💓 Yung scalp cotton swab, amazing!😍 As usual, very detailed ang post mo, love it!💕💕💕 I also watched your Rikpunzel video… Great job, Rika!!!😘😘😘 GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!

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    1. Hahaha! True! #PinkPositive 😉
      Oo grabe fave ko talaga yung swab na yun, super unique pero something we really need. Thanks for taking time to read it and to watch our video! Labyowww 😘❤


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