DETAIL MAKE OVER Ecru Squad Palette & Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

As someone who’s on a budget, but just as enthusiastic about makeup as any other beauty junkie, I get excited when I see affordable cosmetics that WORK! I get excited over affordable dupes or local products that cost three to five times lower than the high end ones. Of course, who wouldn’t want to own those upscale products?! Pero if hindi talaga kaya, bakit ipipilit, ‘di ba?

You have no idea how thrilled I was upon learning that Detail Make Over was going to release new eyeshadow palettes back in September. Fortunately, they had a Buy 1 Take 1 Promo last month, so I was able to avail of the two palettes for the price of 1! Yep! You read it right! Each palette costs P699, but I was able to score both of them! Yay!

I got mine through their Shopee account.

Here are some of the photos of the palettes:









They’re both housed in a cardboard container with a mirror on the inner flap. The design on both packaging is pretty spot on. Each palette has a plastic film taped on both edges of the palette to protect the eyeshadows. The names of the shades are printed on both the film and the palette. The pans are pretty big, which means each one holds a good amount of product.


If I compare it with the Detail Make Over All Matte Eyeshadows, I can say that the new products have better texture. Though all palettes are quite powdery, the older ones have more fall outs. The metallic ones feel quite buttery, though. All of them are smooth to the touch, but careful with the brushes! The mattes tend to have some kick-ups, particularly the shades Paisley (Autumn) and Buff (Ecru).

Color Pay-off and Pigmentation

I’m really satisfied to see that the swatches look close to what is seen on the pan. Each shade is pigmented enough, so you won’t be needing to dip into each pan over and over again. The metallics look more vibrant with wet brush.

Color Selection

I love all the colors on each palette, though I personally think adding a shimmery green and a matte red on Autumn would’ve been nice. I also noticed that there’s 1 shade on Ecru that’s quite identical to 1 shade on Autumn. Can you determine which shades I’m referring to? Take a look at the photo below or watch my video below to see. 😉


Price Point

PHP 699 is a pretty reasonable price for this palette. It’s got 15 shades, an original concept, big pans, and  decent formula. I just had to say “original concept” because there’s another local brand that sells an eyeshadow palette that costs twice as high as the Ecru or the Autumn, but looks like a knock-off of a more popular high-end brand.

Here are the looks that I made with the palettes:



Final thoughts:


My Detail Make Over “squad”:


If you haven’t read my review on their All Matte Eyeshadows, please click here.

Watch my video here:

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