Bring out the sparkles in you! | UNBOXING: ALTHEA’S Gold Sparkling Box

“You’re worth more than gold.” -unknown

The past year was definitely like being on a giant swing. Adventurous. Thrilling. Terrifying. Exciting. Nauseating.

It wasn’t really that bad, actually. There were still a lot of things to be grateful for. One of these amazing things was being given the opportunity to try the products in this cleverly curated box from Althea! (Thanks, Ms. Tammy and to Althea Mermaid and Pixies! 😘)

Few weeks ago, I was given the privilege to pick among their three holiday boxes: the Red Sparkling Box (P1420), the Gold Sparkling Box (P1,330), and the Black Sparkling Box (P1,460). (Obviously, I picked the gold one. Hehe!) Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Gold Sparkling Box is out of stock! You can still purchase the other two boxes, but you need to hurry! ‘Cause they sell like hotcakes!

All these boxes are worth your Galleons, but I find the contents of the Gold Sparkling Box more useful for me. It consists of three full-sized makeup products, three full-sized skin care products, a sample kit, and a discount coupon! I didn’t pick the Red one since I still have cushions and foundations to empty, and I don’t need another one yet. I didn’t choose the Black box since I still have an April Skin cushion; while the two eyeshadow palettes in the Gold box were so deliciously tempting!

But first, what is Althea? (Really? You still don’t know yet?!) 

In case you haven’t heard yet, Althea is the leading online shop with over 150 trusted Korean makeup and skin care brands! The products are sold at a very low price, they give awesome discounts! Shipping costs around P250, but if you purchase a total of at least P999, shipping is free! I really appreciate the fact that our Althea orders arrive at our doorsteps! No need to take a visit at our local post office and pay extra P112!

Since I live in Laguna, it almost always takes 10-11 days to arrive.

What I find the most interesting about Althea is their themed boxes, curated and sold every month. There is a box for nail care (Nail It! Box), for poreblems (Un-pore-gettable Box), for the hair (Rapunzel’s Secret Box), and so many more!

Today, let me show you what’s inside this limited edition Holiday box!


Let me start with the first item that I tried…

Missha Gold Snow Line Skincare Sample Kit


This sample kit consists of four different skin care products from Missha. Each of the products contains gold that is believed to purify, rejuvenate, and deeply moisturize the skin.

This is the Missha Gold Snow Toner.


Product Description: Premium oriental herbal toner with a jelly-like texture rebalances and moisturizes skin. A moisture gel toner formula that penetrates deep into the layers of the skin.

As said in the description, it does have a jelly-like texture that applies smoothly on the skin. It has a mild scent and feels like silk, not like the other toners I’ve used. It claims to: (1) moisturize deeply, (2) protect and rejuvenate, and (3) nourish skin with its oriental herbal ingredients.

Next product is the Missha Gold Snow Emulsion.


Product Description: A nourishing lotion hydrates and plumps the skin

After applying the toner, I waited for at least three minutes before using this emulsion. It’s a white thick cream that reminds me of a certain perfume I used to have back when I was young. It was not an irritating scent, so no worries! It applied smoothly on my skin; it wasn’t clumpy. This product claims to: (1) make skin firm and smooth, (2) protect and rejuvenate skin, (3) nourishes skin with its oriental herbal ingredient.

Again, I waited for another three minutes before applying the next product.

That product is the Missha Gold Snow Rejuvenating Essence.


Product Description: A nourishing enriched essence for firmer skin.

It’s a yellowish white thick cream that also has a mild scent. It felt a little buttery, but not entirely greasy. It is said to: (1) provide radiance and elasticity, (2) protect and rejuvenate skin, (3) nourish skin with oriental herbal ingredients.

Now onto the final step. It’s the Missha Gold Snow Rejuvenating Cream.


Product Description: A luxurious cream to seal moisture for hydrated skin all day long.

It’s a light yellowish cream that has a really smooth texture. Just like all the others, it has a mild scent which won’t bother you even if you have sensitive nose. It claims to: (1) provide deep nourishment, (2) protect and rejuvenate skin, (3) nourish skin with its oriental herbal ingredients.

I personally think that these products are better used at night. They feel a bit tacky and buttery (if that makes sense?). My skin definitely felt moisturized and healthy, most especially after having worn makeup all day.

Another huge point for these products is that they are cruelty-free, which means they have not been tested on animals.

Final thoughts:


Petitfée Gold & EGF Eye Spot Patch


Product Description: Hydrogel patches for the delicate eye area. Contains gold ingredients to revitalize and brighten dullness.

You might be thinking: What is EGF? It stands for Epidermal Growth Factor, which is an age-prevention ingredient that supports cell renewal and wound repair. (Nope, I didn’t know that either. Thanks to Althea and to my info provider – Mr. Google! 🙂 )

This is my very first jelly eye patch. That is also the reason why I picked this box. I really wanted to try hydrogel patches. The application was quite tricky at first, I had to be extra careful as the patches were delicate and slippery. Glad it already came with a spatula, picking it up was a lot easier. I struggled a little when I was putting one on my under eye. It kept on getting on my tear duct and I had to carefully pull it away, trying not to tear it.

There are two kinds of patches inside the tub – a curved one shaped like the letter C for the undereyes and a round one specifically for trouble spots on the skin.

Perfect time to try it. I had a crazy pimple on my chin.

I was supposed to remove the patches after 20 to 30 minutes, but I fell asleep with them on. The next morning the hydrogel patches looked dry and thin, it seemed as if all its moisture had been absorbed by my skin. The red and swollen pimple on my chin had diminished!

Final thoughts:


Onsaemeein Lumiere Gold Daily Cream


Product Description: Contains 24K Gold and propolis extracts for brightening and anti-aging properties. Gold therapy right at home!

This tub holds 50 ml of the product and costs P480! Come to think of it, the box costs only P1,330, yet this product is already P480! See how much you could save? Anyways, you might already be asking, “Is this product any good?”. I’ve been using this for days now and so far I like the effect it gives my skin. I prefer using it only at home since it leaves my skin feeling too moist for my liking.

It has tiny bits of gold (so it’s SASHAAL!), which is said to smoothen and cleanse our skin. It also has propolis extract, also known as bee glue, which removes toxic ingredients from the skin. It also contains shea butter, which moisturizes dry skin and protects it from toxic ingredients.


I love that it came with a spatula! I won’t worry about contaminating it with dirt and bacteria.

Final thoughts:


Chica y Chico One Shot Eye Palettes (Wine Burgundy & Day Drink)


Product Description: The eye palette which consists of three types such as matte, shimmer, glitter. It has 6 colors from base to point. You can do diverse makeup with a palette. The vivid pigmentation, soft texture and consistency.

These are the other reasons why I chose this box. Don’t they look pretty?! The size is surprisingly bigger than I expected. They also feel sturdy and heavy.

Each palette has matte, satin, and glittery shades, which are highly pigmented! The matte ones are blendable. I really love the glitter eyeshadows, they give life to my eyes! Using a damp brush with the glittery shades gives a more vibrant effect, but a dry brush is decent enough. I really love all the colors — perfect for all occasions!

Check out my swatches below:

Wine Burgundy: (Top to Bottom) Gold Clutch, Nude Chiffon, Burgundy Heel, Rose Satin, Cappuccino Velvet, Wine Silk
Day Drink: (Top to Bottom) Bacardi, Malibu, Cognac, Kahlua, Champagne, Vodka Espresso

The palettes cost P580 each, which at first I thought was too pricey for a small product. But when I held them in my hand, I realized it was just priced reasonably. Also, I learned that these palettes are not just used as eyeshadows! They can also be used for contouring or shading (Kahlua and Cappuccino Velvet), and for the brows (Kahlua and Vodka Espresso)! Not only that, the shade Rose Satin from the Burgundy Wine palette can be used as a blusher! Talk about versatility!

They are also perfect for travelling or if you’re always on-the-go.

Final thoughts:


Nakeup Face C-Cup Lip Tox-Tick

I got the shade No. 3 called ‘Stealer’.

Product Description: Talk about luxurious, glittery casings! Be the hit at every party with this gorgeous coral shade. Pigmented silky, velvet formula. Kissproof, lasts up to 27 hours.

I was never a big fan of coral orange lipsticks, but this shade is so beautiful! It actually looked good when I wore it! The packaging is super glamorous with its gold container and glittery cap. The lipstick smoothly glides on my lips — no tugging at all! It was super moisturizing my lips didn’t feel dry.

Here’s what it looks like when swatched:


The best thing about this product is that it’s also a lip plumper, so it has a cooling sensation that lasts for hours! I’ve tried other lip products that have the same minty feeling on the lips, but none of them lasted as long as this one did.

It does not dry down to matte, but it seems to stay on for hours! I don’t really know if it can truly stay on for more than a day as it claims, but when I wore it, it did stay on for a long time even if I already had meals and some drinks (water and iced tea, that is!). It might not have looked as pigmented as it was first applied, but it left a beautiful stain on my lips I didn’t need to retouch.

I wore this lippie at a wedding and here’s my photo with it on:

also wearing Chica y Chico One Shot Eyeshadows 

Final thoughts:


Leaguertox Gold Foil See-through Illumination Mask


Product Description: It is recommended for dry and crumbly skin, deepening wrinkles, and dull skin.

This is a 2-in-1 product that is said to minimize the appearance of facial lines. The first step is the Water Light Spot. It has hyaluronic acid that retains skin moisture and has anti-ageing benefits. It contains four patches that can be used on the areas around the eyes, as well as on the smile lines.


I thought the patches were wet, but they were surprisingly dry like paper. I had to gently peel them off from the plastic sheet as they could tear quite easily. I accidentally tore one when I pulled it out of the packet. I put one pair on my under eyes and the other pair on my smile lines.


The second step is the Gold Foil See-through Illumination Mask that is said to improve blood circulation through thermal reflection sheet. Unlike the normal sheet masks, this mask has hexagonal gold foil that is said to open the pores to effectively deliver its active ingredients.


The sheet itself felt thick, but it seemed thin the moment it touched my skin. I could, indeed, see my skin through it. It was soaked in thick ampoule that has Argirline, an anti-wrinkle ingredient that improves the appearance of facial lines; among many other ingredients that promote skin rejuvenation and firming properties. The scent was also mild I didn’t find it annoying.



My favorite part was removing the mask. I thought I still had to take off the patches, but I was surprised when I saw them gone! Silly me got so amazed when I realized that the patches weren’t just simple strips of paper-like substances. They melted with the ampoule and my skin absorbed all the good stuff they were made of. I noticed that my smile lines looked better, there used to be a crack but it disappeared!

I’ve tried a number of sheet masks and I’ve had my favorites among them, but this… This is the new champion!

Final thoughts:


Were you able to score the Gold Sparkling Box? Which of the items is/are your favorite/s? Let me know in the comment section below which Althea box you’ve tried and which one/s you love.

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    1. Hahaha! Di baaa? Nakakaloka. Nag-excursion sya sa baba ko dahil holiday.
      Hmmh… Kung sa sarap sa pakiramdam, hindi naman ako mahirap i-please. 10 sa akin un kasi super refreshing. And in fairness, lumiit si pimpim. Di na sya namamaga. Pero ung pang-under eye in terms of ease of application, 6 or 7 kasi hindi sapul ung fit. Nung una napunta sa tear ducts ko. Kaya ms maganda tlg nasa bandang nose na sya. Ganern.


  1. Rikaaaaa!!! Kahit ako, hindi ko pa man nakikita loob ng box, eh GOLD ✨✨✨ pipiliin ko… Gusto ko i-try yung gold patches, huhuhu! Match yung pimple natin sa chin! Hehehe! *apiR!!!💛💛💛 Always love reading your reviews kahit mahaba pa…^^

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