As we go about our daily life, our skin gets exposed to dirt and other unpleasant stuff. Gunk, makeup, dust, and bacteria sit on our skin and clog up our pores. This causes our skin to break out.

That’s why thorough cleansing is important. Imagine your kitchen sink drain if it’s filled with lots of gunk, pieces of food, and toothpaste! (Ugh!)

We need something that can draw the bacteria, chemicals, and dirt out of our skin. According to the experts, one of the best ways to do it is to use activated charcoal. Nowadays, there are a handful of products whose main ingredient is activated charcoal — from toothpaste to face masks.

I was fortunate enough to win this Detox Mask  in Ms. Karen Liz’s Christmas giveaway. This was my first time trying a charcoal mask in powder form. I used it on my #MondayMask night after washing and scrubbing my face.


The round flat plastic container contains 100g of the product. You can see the name of the brand and the product on the label, including the instructions. It does not bear much information about the ingredients or what to expect from the product.



When you twist the screw cap, you can already see the product sitting in the container. It does not have protective lid or sifter, so you wanna be careful as you open it to avoid spilling the powder.


The powder is both fine and chunky and it smells like peppermint. I followed the instructions on the label. First, I dipped my finger in water, then I picked up some of the powder, and applied it on my freshly cleansed face. I learned that it’s better applied when the face isn’t completely dry. It got pretty messy because of the fallouts when I was slowly and gently rubbing my finger on my face. It dries up really fast, so I think I did a poor job with the application. 🤭

Screengrabbed from my IG Stories
Screengrabbed from my IG Stories

It felt minty on the skin, which lasted for several minutes. I suggest not to stay near a fan while waiting, because the wind blows away some of the powder and it can get into your eyes or another person’s. 🙂

I washed it off with water after 10 minutes, as indicated on the label. However, according to their message on Instagram, I should wash it off with my favorite cleanser. But since I already did it beforehand, I only used water. Finally, I patted my face dry with a towel.

My skin felt tighter and really smooth, as if a powdery film was left on top of it. My pores seemed thoroughly cleansed.

Too bad I didn’t check Ms. Karen’s review on this first. She posted better instructions plus photos! Now I know what to do next time. ^^

However, the question is, is it really worth it?

Since I followed the instructions on the label, I incorrectly applied the product. To be honest, I did not enjoy the application since it made a huge mess. I hope they give accurate instructions, most especially for noobs at charcoal powder like me.

The price doesn’t hurt for such a good amount of product, because despite my odd way of application, it still worked!

Another plus for me is that it’s made in the Philippines (I am a huge supporter of local brands), and is made with natural ingredients.

I’m glad that this product worked for me and I am definitely going to keep using it until the last bit. But next time, I’ll do it the right way.


Last night, I put a teaspoon and a half of the charcoal powder and a few drops of water. (I used drinking water, by the way. Just to be safe. 😅) I used my foundation brush to combine the two ingredients until the mixture turned into a paste. I used the same brush to apply the mixture on my entire face avoiding my eyes, nostrils, and mouth.

I really love the minty scent, as well as the cool sensation on my skin.


I waited until the mask completely dried and some tiny dots appeared. I’m guessing those spots were the oil from my pores absorbed by the mask.



As the mask was drying, my skin felt tight as if it was being sucked up. It was not very difficult  to rinse, but it also took a while before it was completely washed off.

The big spot above my right brow is my huge papansin na pimple.

My skin felt really smooth, tight, and fresh. I really enjoyed using this mask.


I actually had swollen pimples along my right eyebrow and on my cheeks, due to my period and restless nights (I blame Black, another Korean drama! By the way, I never liked Song Seung Heon before, but boy he looks awesome in this show! 😁)

I wanna see if this detox mask will help get rid of my pimples.

I recommend that you try it, too!

You may contact Nature Skin Secrets through their Instagram: @natureskinsecrets

Final thoughts:


Have you used a charcoal mask before? Comment below which brand it is and what you think about it!

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10 thoughts on “#RIXREVIEWS: NATURE SKIN SECRETS Detox Mask with Black Combo

  1. I’ve been currious about charcoal mask or other face mask with activated charcoal ingredients dear😄 and this review have paved the way of my curiosity. Charcoal mask is a must to try indeed!💚💜😍

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  2. Love the update dear once I can get someday a charcoal I’ll try it this way. It seems so effective❤ And yea I’ve procrastinating whole watching Two Worlds😂 Lee Jong Suk. Lol😂 what a super late watcher am I 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whaah! Di ko pa rin napapanood yun! Try ko nga rn yan.
      Push, sis! Di ko lang nabanggit sa post pero I also tried it on my eldest and hindi naman na-irritate skin nya.


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