Foot Spa at Home!|RIXREVIEWS: Calmia & Purederm Foot Peeling Masks

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The most exhausted part of our body might be the feet. They bear our entire weight, as we go about our day. Sometimes, they’re even squished in really tight shoes. They’re often the least loved.

It is fortunate that nowadays there are plenty of ways to pamper our poor feet. Some might cost Galleons, but I know one that does not cost that much! Or at least, two! 😉

My sister and I decided to try out the trendy foot peeling masks. We had seen promotional videos on these products and we got really curious. Though the peeling stage scared me a bit, I knew that exfoliation was the only way to a smoother pair of feet.

I got my Calmia Foot Peeling Mask from Althea Korea, and Mik bought her Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask at Watson’s in SM. Both of them cost about P200, which was pretty reasonable.

Let me do a quick comparison first:

Ease of use:                      19873723_10213979507950116_1941863030_n                                  |          19894251_10213979522910490_1367865991_n

Purederm wins this category since theirs are ready-to-wear. Because Calmia’s peeling liquid or solutions were packed separately, there’s a high chance of spillage. It’d be nice to have an extra hand, but if you couldn’t, better be careful!

Scent:                                17274507_10212804238609117_980124131_n                                  |        17274507_10212804238609117_980124131_n

They both smell like astringent or alcohol. It isn’t really pungent, but if you have a sensitive nose, you wouldn’t want this product anywhere near your face.

Practicality:                  19832497_10213979523710510_1279692088_n                                   |        17321441_10212804238809122_2062144474_n

Calmia easily wins this . With ties to secure the foot masks, you can still work around the house with ease. Just make sure to put on socks over them to avoid slipping.

Efficiency:                     22052915_10214761794066780_1017400917_n                                    |       22052915_10214761794066780_1017400917_n

Both of them worked well, though the peeling started earlier with Calmia. The results were pretty much the same. Mik’s and my feet felt so much smoother and more rosy pink! My feet used to look yellowish because of the thick skin and callouses.

How to use the foot masks?

Calmia: Pour the foot peeling liquids into the special socks. There won’t be any need to measure the amount of liquid to put since they were already packed separately. Carefully slip your foot into each sock and use the ties to secure it in place.

Purederm:  Carefully take out the foot masks from the packet. Unfold the masks the right side up to avoid spilling the essence. Simply slip your feet into the socks.

Both of them have a cloth-like sheet inside the socks. Make sure your feet are placed properly in sheet.

I highly recommend that you wear socks over these if you need to walk around the house. But it’s still best to just take your time, sit down, grab a book or watch TV, or simply take a nap (just make sure to set your alarm to 90 minutes / 1.5 hours).

After an hour and a half, rinse it with lukewarm water thoroughly. Pat with a towel to dry.

What to expect

At this point, you won’t notice much difference, but on the second or third day, your skin will feel tight and dry, yet smooth. After that, some areas of your feet will start to peel. I initially thought it would be scary, but when mine started shedding, it wasn’t frightening at all. It was just really messy, because the skin was all over the floor! 😥

It felt quite weird since a fresh layer of the skin had been exposed. So I had to wear socks for protection. You may wear soft slippers, and I’d rather that you don’t go out at this stage to better protect your feet. Best to do the whole process when you’re inside the house all week.


Do I recommend these?

Yes! I never paid much attention to my feet,  which was really disappointing (on my part) because now I have a lot to work on. These foot peeling masks are a good start.

My feet now look better and smoother. The tough callouses have been lessened, actually they’re pretty much gone! I’m writing this a month after my sister and I used these masks, and I’m surely going to make this a habit. We both love them!

Final thoughts:


Click here to visit Althea Korea.

Get the Purederm Exfoliating Foot Masks at Watson’s.

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