#RIXREVIEWS: NATURE SKIN SECRETS You Glow Girl Gold Collagen Detox Mask

“My skin is 24 karat gold when the sun hits it.”
– Kevin Gates

Previously,  I posted a product from Nature Skin Secrets and that was their Detox Mask with Black Combo. I honestly loved the result the product gave me, so despite the lack of information on the labels and my messy first time experience, I still recommend this mask. It’s just a matter of knowing how to properly use it.

Fortunately for me, the kind people behind the brand loved my review so they sent me a couple of their other products to try. They even included a cosmetic bowl with a spoon and a brush. (Thanks so much, Ms. Maui and Ms. Cecil! 💕)

DO note, though, that I always give my SUPER DUPER HONEST opinion and I base everything on how I feel during the process and how good the outcome is. So if I say I love it, that means I love it, and if I say I hate it, that means I hate it.

The product is housed in a round flat plastic container that is smaller than that of the charcoal mask. This contains 50g.


This gold mask has finer powder than the charcoal one. It also has tiny shimmery specks of gold.

Creating the mixture for the gold mask was a bit tricky. I scooped some powder using the spoon and put it into the cosmetic bowl. I added water little by little just to make sure I’d get the right consistency.


When it turned pasty, somewhat like Cheese Whiz, I tried applying it on my face. I realized it was too thick and sticky, because it did not apply well. So I added a few more drops of water to thin out the mixture.


Once the mixture got less sticky and thick, I started applying it with the brush.


I knew it was just the right consistency because it spread out nicely and adhered onto my skin. The brush was soft, it didn’t hurt my skin as I coated my face with the product.

I looked like I had scrambled egg on my face! 😁🥚 [Photo taken at 2:43am]
As the mask dried up, my skin started feeling tight. Like with the charcoal mask, it felt like it was sucking up my pores. It may have felt weird, but it was really satisfying.


I waited until it was completely dry before I rinsed it with water.

Photo taken at 2:57am

What I saw in the mirror amazed me. Let this photo speak for itself!

So sorry I forgot to take a “before” photo. I’ll post a short video below so you could see what the application looked like. [Photo taken at 3:02am right after rinsing]
My pores appeared smaller that they normally do! 

I used this product at night, but I think it is better used in the morning, most especially before applying your makeup for a special event or occasion. It brightened up my face and gave it a beautiful glow! My face felt so soft and smooth, too!

After drying my face with a clean towel, I applied another product from Nature Skin Secrets which I am yet to review as well. (Stay glued!)

I am usually a lazy person when it comes to skin care. But when a product is good, I really take my time doing it regardless of the hassle. Remember, it may be tricky and difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it a lot easier. (Trust me, I know! I’m a total noob at this, but look, I’m really enjoying it!)

Also I’m writing this 5 days after using this product and I have not experienced any breakouts or irritations.

One thing I just don’t like about it is the lack of information on the labels. I really appreciate it when companies give enough details about their product, most importantly the instructions. Not everyone has the access to the internet, so they can’t just consult friendly Mr. Google.

No worries, though! After reading my previous post, they said they’d include a card next time, hopefully with a complete set of instructions, list of ingredients, and a brief product description, when sending out their item.

As for the price, you’ll find that, despite the superb quality this product has, it is really budget-friendly! A 50g tub only costs P130! Kindly visit Nature Skin Secrets on Instagram and feel free to DM them! They are super friendly and accommodating.

Final thoughts:


Sabi nga sa Yo Gabba Gabba, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

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