Brighten face in 7 days?! | #RIXREVIEWS: OPULENCE Time to Glow Face Brightening Set

First of all, I’d like to thank Ms. Trish of Opulence for sending over their Time to Glow Face Brightening Set. Rest assured, everything I’m writing here is purely my honest opinion. Everything is going to be based on my personal experience.

Prior to this I had a different routine, which consisted of some other local products, Korean brands, and Opulence White + Renew. I stopped using the other products for a good seven days, and used only the products from Opulence. I wanted to be sure that any changes that would occur were solely because of these products.

What is Opulence Skin?

Opulence Skin offers skin care products that are all made in the Philippines. According to their website, they use “the best local and important active ingredients.

What’s included in the kit?


Price: P748

Opulence Time to Glow is infused with natural fruit acids, soothing moisturizers, and potent whitening actives to help improve skin tone and enhance skin clarity for a more beautiful, glowing skin in just 7 days.  A powerful advanced treatment for home use and with zero downtime.  Expect to see improved texture and diminished fine lines with continued use. 

Their Claims:

  1. Wash + Nourish
    a gentle clarifying facial cleanser that removes dirt and unclog pores.  It leaves your skin feeling light and fresh, but not tight or dry.  Use in the morning and evening.
  2. Hydra + Cleanse
    soothes, refreshes, and preps skin for follow-up care product.  For best results, apply twice daily to face and neck and after washing with mild cleansing gel.
  3. White + Protect
    a light feel intensive lightening cream with maximum sun protection against harsh UV Rays and anti pollution actives to protect skin from free radicals damaging skin.  Apply at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure.
  4. Exfo + Clear
    gentle peel with Bilberry, Sugarcane, Sugar maple, Orange and Lemon fruit mix, Mandelic and Malic acid which safely exfoliate dead skin.
  5. White + Renew
    a skin-renewing moisturizer for a long-lasting glow and continuous hydration.  Apply a generous coat on clean skin onto freshly-cleansed and toned skin, day & night, or as needed, to combat moisture depletion.  To be applied 15 minutes after using “Exfo+Clear”.

This kit consists of both Day and Night routines.


  1. Wash face with Wash + Nourish.
  2. Apply Hydra + Cleanse on a cotton pad and gently wipe your face with it. You can also use your fingertips to apply it, just like what most Koreans do. As for me, I prefer using a piece of cotton, so I could thoroughly strip off the dirt.
  3. Spread a good amount of White + Renew, followed by White + Protect.


  1. Cleanse your face with Wash + Nourish.
  2. Use Hydra + Cleanse to further cleanse the skin and the pores.
  3. Apply Exfo + Clear to gently strip away your dead skin cells and reveal a smoother skin. Simply put two to three pumps of product on your fingertips then spread all over the face. Gently pat afterwards to increase absorption.

I took down notes each day to keep track of what it would be like in 7 days.

I started on the evening of February 13th. That time, my skin was still healing from a breakout, which (I’m guessing) was caused by my period and lack of sleep. I had bumps on my forehead, pimples on my right brow, and blemishes on my cheeks, chin, and around the mouth.

Before washing
After washing

Prior to this, I had been using another local product which actually helped in clearing up my skin. When I started, I set aside my regular regimen and focused solely on this set. I used all the products listed under the Night routine before going to bed.

The next morning, I did my morning routine and went on with my day. At around noon, my cheeks started to itch and I noticed that micropeeling had started mostly on my problem areas – cheeks, around the mouth, forehead, nose, and jaw line.


On the morning of the 15th, Guil and I went out so I wore powder over my Day cream and I was pleased to see that my face did not get greasy! However, my face still felt itchy particularly on my cheeks and my forehead.

I did my night routine as usual, including the Exfo + Clear. It was only the second time I used it because Opulence advised me to use it only two times within 7 days, as I was still introducing the product to my skin. According to them, I could use it every night after my first 7 days. Since this day fell on my mask day, I used a sheet mask right after applying White + Renew.

The next day, the 16th, I completed the morning routine again, but as the day progressed, some pimples appeared on my cheek, nose, forehead, and brows. There was still micropeeling, mainly along my jaw where I had dry patches. I did my night routine, except for Exfo + Clear.

I religiously did my regimen (except on the night of Sunday the 18th when I was so tired from Ms. Rai Contawi’s Beauty Blowout).


On Monday the 19th, a few hours after my morning routine, my face was itchy throughout the day. There was redness on my forehead, my cheeks, and even on my nose! At first I thought it was only because of the Exfo + Clear, but it was already days since I last used it, so I came to the conclusion that it was the day cream, White + Protect. I completed my night routine as usual, still skipping Exfo + Clear.



Finally on Tuesday, I decided not to use White + Protect and my skin did not itch the entire day.

I still use the set up to this day, but this time, with my regular regimen.

4 Hits, 1 Miss – At least for me…


Wash + Nourish is a gel-type facial wash that is not too thick or foamy. It has a very light scent, which I think is quite uniform with all the other products in this set.

I pour just the right amount on the palm of my hand and gently massage it all over my face. I concentrate first on my cheeks, then my nose, my forehead, my chin, then my entire face. As mentioned, it does not foam as much as our regular facial wash. After rinsing the product off my face, it feels smooth and does not leave a super dry, squeaky clean effect.

My face feels thoroughly cleansed and looks brighter as it gets freed from the dirt and oil that it has collected throughout the day.

It’s really gentle because even though I used it on an open acne, I did not feel any pain or irritation.

My thoughts:



Hydra + Cleanse is the most gentle smelling toner I’ve used so far. While the others are bearable, this toner really does not irritate my nose and my eyes. It’s a clear water-like product that is super mild on the skin. It lifts off excess dirt on my skin, and calms my pimples.

It must be used day and night and can be applied with a cotton pad or the fingertips. To make full use of the product, use your fingertips. But if you’re like me who wants to make sure there’s no more gunk left on my face, use a cotton pad.

My thoughts:



White + Protect is such a promising product that brightens the face and keeps it protected from pollutants, as well as from the harmful UV rays as it has SPF 30.

It is as white as White + Renew, but a tad thicker in consistency. It feels like multi-purpose cream, but it spreads out without any difficulty. I tried using it under a loose powder, and my face didn’t feel and look greasy, which totally impressed me.

But inasmuch as I wanted to keep this product, I had to discontinue using it because I noticed that my skin always got irritated every time I put it on. Somehow, as if my skin was confirming it, I never felt any itch nor experienced any redness when I skipped this product.

My thoughts:


I have already posted my review on White + Renew and it was actually the reason why I received this set in the first place. 😉

Click the image below if you want to know what I think about this product.



Exfo + Clear is the mildest exfoliant I’ve used. I also love the fact that it’s in serum form rather than the regular orangey solution that smells pungent. This product actually smells like sugar, and well, it DOES contain sugar in it – sugar cane extract and sugar maple extract. They are a good source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which help remove dead skin cells through exfoliation.

As mentioned above, it is advisable to use it two times within the first week to avoid any irritations. After that, it can be used every night – though I suggest using it at least every other night.

It isn’t like the other exfoliants; it only does micropeeling. Because of this, you won’t fear that it will harm or damage your skin. You won’t also hesitate going out, since the peeling isn’t too visible.

In addition, I am not banned from putting on my makeup! Yay!

My thoughts:


Would I recommend Opulence Time to Glow Face Brightening Set?

Definitely. No doubt. Despite the fact that there is one product that did not work well on me, I still recommend that you try it if you want to improve your skin condition.


Not because it didn’t work on me, already means it won’t work on you. My skin is different from yours, so the effect might not be the same as mine.

Also, I did see some changes after 7 days of using the products. My skin does give off a healthy glow and I can tell that it’s now a tad lighter. Now you may be thinking, “How did you know?”

I noticed that my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in the shade Y365 is now a bit darker than my skin tone! The first time I used it, they perfectly matched!

In addition, the texture of my face has improved a lot, most especially the areas around my mouth and along my jaw. The dry patches have lessened as well, so yay!

I also like that all the essential information is printed on the labels. You’ll see the product description, instructions, expiration date, and all the other necessary details on the packaging. All the products are also housed in a cute transparent pouch with pink lining so it’s easier to carry them around. Not only that, included in the pouch is a card that contains all the info you need to know about the products.

My friend Liza has written about this set, too, you might wanna read her blog post here.

All these are made of mostly natural ingredients. They’re also locally-made. #SUPPORTLOCALPRODUCTS!

You can message Opulence on Instagram if you have any queries. They are super accommodating, they won’t mind answering all your questions. Well, just make sure it’s about their products, okay? 😅

Final thoughts:


Check them out on:
Instagram: @theopulenceskin
Facebook: Opulence Skin – Philippines
their website:

Watch my video below if you want to see what my skin looked like after about 8 days:

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3 thoughts on “Brighten face in 7 days?! | #RIXREVIEWS: OPULENCE Time to Glow Face Brightening Set

  1. Ohhh… Siguro parang Cetaphil yung gel cleanser nila, hindi rin bubbly or foamy sa mukha. Curious me dun sa may sugar na exfoliator because it smells like sugar at may sugar nga…😊😊😊 I remember one of my first reviews before, I needed to stop reviewing the product kasi parang napapaso mukha ko… Hindi ko kinaya…😟😟😟 But I’m glad all in all eh naging okay face mo after using the entire set…💛 I feel like I need to explore more on our amazing local brands as well!💚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, sis! Sayang nga ung Day Cream kasi maganda sana sya. Di ako nag-oil up masyado. Kaso di hiyang sa akin. Pero sa iba nag-work naman.
      Saya gamitin nung Exfo + Clear. Gentle lang tlg sya.


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