Lafang! Unli WINGS! Unli BURGERS! Unli pa MORE! | WingsTuff Cabuyao

“I hate UNLIMITED stuff,” says no one ever.

Here in Cabuyao, diners are starting to pop up. We’ve tried several good ones around our village, which I’ll soon share with you here. (So stay tuned!)

There’s one in Cabuyao that is surely going to test how TUFF your appetite is.


WIngsTuff offers UNLIMITED Wings – their specialty – which are available in 12 savory flavors to choose from!

  • Classic Spicy Buffalo
  • Smokey BBQ
  • Sweet Soy Garlic
  • Honey Mustard
  • Creamy Garlic
  • Super Hot Sambal Oelek
  • Zesty White Garlic
  • Super Sriracha
  • Pinoy Sweet Chili
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Classic Asado

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PHOTO DIARY #2: Colourette X Boss Babes Brunch

Date: May 19, 2018, Sat
Location: Early Bird Breakfast Club, Eastwood Mall, QC

The amazing people behind my favorite local makeup brand created a Facebook community called “Boss Babes”. Among many makeup groups on Facebook, Colourette X Boss Babes has quickly become everyone’s favorite because of its friendly atmosphere. It is where you’ll see members uplifting other members through compliments, advice, recommendations, and words of empowerment. It is where they can share their selfies freely without any fear of getting harshly criticized.

Ms. Nina and Ms. Sab, the Big Boss Babes of the brand, came up with the idea of dedicating a new collection to the Boss Babes called Velvet Mattes. To make it even more exciting, they held a very special meet and greet with 10 of the Colourette Clique members. Just in case you have no idea what Colourette Clique is, it’s a group of social media influencers  who represent the brand. Ms. Nina asked us who we’d love to meet in person. I was so happy that most of the people I chose were included in the final list.

When Ms. Nina finally dropped the bomb, I really made it a point that I had to be there no matter what. In order for us to secure a slot, we had to be one of the first 50 to purchase all three shades (freebies included), which were going to be available on their website at 9 PM of the 15th.

All the Boss Babes were glued to the computers and smartphones, constantly refreshing their browsers to check if they were already up. However, it was not even 9 PM yet when their website kept crashing! So a few minutes after 9, Ms. Nina immediately created a thread in the group where we could secure a slot. I even commented on the wrong post haha! Luckily, Dang mentioned me in the right thread.

So May 19 finally came! Woot Woot!

Most photos are raw; the others were edited in Snapseed. All photos were taken with my Acer Liquid X2.

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PHOTO DIARY #1: Raiza Contawi’s Beauty Blowout 2018

Date: February 18, 2018
Location: ASPACE Philippines, 5/F 110 Legazpi Street, Makati City

Hey, dear readers aka friends!

I’ve been posting a lot of reviews and unboxing, but I haven’t updated you much about the events I’ve been to. Sadly, I still have not gotten myself into editing all my backlogs and putting them all up on my YouTube channel, but I do hope you’ll watch them once they’re up.

Last February, I was one of the 100 participants in Raiza’s Beauty Blowout. There was a registration fee of only P250 and I locked in 2 slots for me and my +1. The event was held at ASPACE Philippines, which was located on Legazpi Street in Makati. The Meet & Greet was set to start at 2:30. We were actually running late, but I was relieved to see that the attendees were just arriving at that time, too.

We stood in queue at the lobby, then went up to the 5th floor of the building. Then we lined up again for the registration. We waited for maybe more or less half an hour before the event started.

There were lots of fun activities and raffles, and each of us was given some loot from her sponsors. Continue reading “PHOTO DIARY #1: Raiza Contawi’s Beauty Blowout 2018”

These Products from SYKE PH Have Saved My Hair!

If I were given a chance to bring back a feature of my young self, that would be my healthy long black hair. You never would have guessed I used to have straight hair ’till I was in fifth grade!

Back then, my tatay used to regularly take me to the same hairdresser’s and had my hair trimmed only by two inches. My hair was long, down to my waist and sometimes even to my bottom. My teachers loved styling my hair because it was silky, smooth, healthy and pretty. I’d go to school with my hair down, I’d go home with my hair in braids.

me at Preparatory

Then in 1994, my nanay had my hair cut shorter than usual; it was shoulder-length. My tatay was so upset and told me that the reason he kept my hair long was that if it were cut short, it would start to curl as my parents themselves had curly hair.

He was right. Just a few months later, it started to wave and fast-forward to now, it’s curly, frizzy, dry, and well, unattractive. Well, hugely because of me not giving it much importance growing up. ☹

I’ve tried a lot of hair products that claim to make hair healthy, but to no avail. Some were really good, but they were quite a price.

Here are the things that must be considered before I write about the products:

  1. I had the ends of my hair lightly bleached in December and January.
  2. I have used different kinds of hair dyes – ones bought online, in drugstores, and in thrift shops.
  3. I have a terrible problem with hairfall. Everytime I take a shower, there are strands of hair all over the floor. When I comb or brush my hair, there’s a clump of hair in the teeth or bristles.
  4. My scalp can get sweaty and oily.

So winning in SKYE PH‘s giveaway was really timely. That time, I was hunting for hair products that could address my problems. I was looking for a shampoo and a conditioner that could clear my scalp without drying my hair.

Now my search is over! Without further achuchuchu, here are the products that I won from SKYE PH… Continue reading “These Products from SYKE PH Have Saved My Hair!”


Who else here loves a good sale? 🙋‍♀️

Thanks to great deals from Lazada and Colourette, I managed to score three of the latest products from Colourette for a much lower price! I’ve been a fan since 2016 and (I know I’ve said it too many times before, but just in case you don’t know) the first Colourstick that really got me was Bethany. I’ve shared about small collection in my older post, which you can read here.

Now they’ve expanded their line from lip products to face products. They’ve also released their eyeshadow palette and though I thought the palette is pretty, I still haven’t gotten my hands on it. Luckily, Ms. Nina, founder and CEO, announced that the Peach Purrfect Palette is making a comeback!  So if you’re one of those who missed it the last time, you can have the chance soon!

Now let’s dive in to the products. Continue reading “#RIXFIRSTS: New Products from COLOURETTE COSMETICS”


Opulence is a local brand that makes good quality skin care products. I’ve used their Time to Glow Brightening Set, and if you want to read about my experience with it, please click  here.

They’ve been UBER-ly generous to send me some of their products which all came in a very cute pink box called the “Love Box by Opulence”.


I posted a quick unboxing video on my IG stories and on Facebook. Continue reading “UNBOXING + FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Love Box by OPULENCE ❤”

Is Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult just a REPACKAGED Focallure Eyeshadow Palette?

Okay. Before you begin, let me just say that these are MY thoughts. I am posting this because I am GRAVELY curious and I want to know if any of you have noticed the same.

If you’re really willing to read this, okay PUSH, ‘TEH!


Despite my desire of getting over-the-top highend brands, as a budgetarian beauty enthusiast mudra, I look for good eyeshadow palettes that are within my budget.

I know dupes are quite controversial, because the original brands didn’t work hard on their concept just to be copied by other smaller brands. But I, myself, am guilty of getting dupes because I also want to experience some makeup items without having to splurge.

Dupes, by the way, are different from knock-offs. The latter is an actual replica of a particular item – from the box to the logo to the shades. They are usually made by unknown companies, that’s why they’re unsafe since you can’t get any information on the manufacturer. In case something bad happens, you won’t know who to go after.

Dupes are usually created by smaller indie companies, whose color story may be similar to a high end product, but bearing different shade names, palette name, and design.

I got really excited when more and more local companies started coming out with their makeup lines. One of these companies is Hello, Gorgeous! I discovered their IG account when I was looking for a rainbow highlighter. I bought their Rainbow Dash Eyeshadow and Highlighter compact, then later purchased their cute Unicorn Brush Wash. Continue reading “Is Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult just a REPACKAGED Focallure Eyeshadow Palette?”


Hello, my dear readers aka friends! If you’re already a mom…


If not, greetings to your mom!

Nature Skin Secrets and I are giving away three amazing products! These are the:


  1. You Glow Girl Gold Collagen Detox Mask
  2. Whitening Snail Moisturizer
  3. Lip & Cheek Tint in Flirty

Watch my video below to know how you can win these and to know more about the products. I also answered some questions from my IG post and will continue answering them all throughout the month of May. Continue reading “MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY with NATURE SKIN SECRETS [[CLOSED]]”

I Tried Using LED Mask for 7 Days and Now I Can’t Live Without It!

Last February, Nature Skin Secrets celebrated their first anniversary!


They gave away 4 LED masks and if you think I won, oh yes I did! Haha!

After they announced the winners, I immediately researched about LED masks, what it does, and how it is used.

So, what is an LED mask?

Also known as the color light therapy, LED facial masks use UV-free LED lights with specific wavelengths that boost collagen production, treat acne, accelerate healing, and kill bacteria. Continue reading “I Tried Using LED Mask for 7 Days and Now I Can’t Live Without It!”