I Tried Using LED Mask for 7 Days and Now I Can’t Live Without It!

Last February, Nature Skin Secrets celebrated their first anniversary!


They gave away 4 LED masks and if you think I won, oh yes I did! Haha!

After they announced the winners, I immediately researched about LED masks, what it does, and how it is used.

So, what is an LED mask?

Also known as the color light therapy, LED facial masks use UV-free LED lights with specific wavelengths that boost collagen production, treat acne, accelerate healing, and kill bacteria.

There are several lights used for specific treatments. There’s the white light to heal scars; blue  to treat and prevent acne; red  to stimulate collagen production, to improve blood circulation, and also treat acne; purple – combination of blue and red; and green to calm irritated skin and treat sagging skin around the eyes.

Where did it all start?

NASA used LED lights to stimulate plant growth. They used LED lighting to provide produce for astronauts while on the ISS.

They later discovered that the LED lights also help in the quick healing of their wounds.

Product Specifications and How to Use It


The mask comes in a box with a USB cable, which will be connected to the port on the left temple near the power button. It also has silicone nose pads so it comfortably sits on the bridge of the nose

You may use your phone battery charger to make it work, I have even tried using it with my laptop and it worked as normal.

Once the mask is properly placed on the face, click the power button on the left temple. You won’t want to open your eyes as the lights are very bright, so keep them closed and relax. You may want to listen to something while you’re in the session, so you won’t get bored.

There is also no need to set the timer, as the lights automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

My Daily Routine

Ms. Maui (THE Maui Taylor) of Nature Skin Secrets also provided us with a sheet mask that we can use before the LED mask. The LED mask can be used for 20 minutes, once a week.

As for me, I use it every day for 10 minutes. It’s okay, since based on my research, it’s also safe when done only in small dosage.

Nowadays, I do a nightly sesh before I hit the hay, but for the first 7 days, I wore my LED mask in the morning.

Whether you want to do your skin care routine last is up to you. But if you want the products to be absorbed more easily by the skin, I suggest you put on everything before the mask for better absorption. Just make sure that none of the products are comedogenic or products that clog pores.

This was my routine for 7 days:

First, I washed my face with my Althea Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser. Then I followed it with the Althea BE Primer Water, and completed the routine with the Althea BE Fixer Cream. After gently patting the products on my face, I properly positioned the LED mask on my face, plugged it in, and clicked the power button.

Since LED lights do not emit as much heat as other bulbs, it didn’t feel too hot on the skin. I may have felt a tiny bit of warmth, but there’s no irritating or burning sensation. Funny though,  on my first day, I was a little anxious about the possible accidents that might happen. But, yeah, that’s just the praning me. 😅

Welder? Or Darth Vader?
Total of 32 LED lights
Just a closer look of the LED
Power button
It comes with a USB cable.
USB port
Lights on
Lights on


At the end of every session, my skin looked red, not the scary red, but the healthy-looking red. It may have meant good blood circulation. My skin was glowing and looking plump! I was impressed. Even some before and after photos showed apparent improvements! My friends were amazed, too.

I made it a point to keep using it for seven consecutive days and because it continued giving me good results, I decided to include it in my night skin care routine.

What I also noticed is that my pimples heal faster when exposed in the LED lights. You’ll notice in the photos below that a pimple came out on my chin, that got smaller and smaller each day – when normally, it would grow bigger with pus.

The bumps and lines on my forehead, which always irked me, have amazingly lessened – probably due to a boost in collagen.

The pores have also shrunk; I notice that they’re less noticeable now. After my first few sessions, I saw some whitehads popping out,. I believe it’s because my skin is clearing up all unwanted stuff settled in the pores.

Days 1 to 7


The photos above were all taken after each session, that’s why you can see markings of the nose pads on the bridge of my nose.

After my first seven days, I used toner in between wash and primer water. In the morning, I use my Nature Skin Secrets Black Toner and in the evening, my Opulence Hydra + Cleanse.

What My Friend Thinks…

Mitz, one of the winners, happened to be my friend. I asked her to share her experience, as well as her routine, so that I may share it with you, too.

Every morning, she uses tea tree soap, anti-acne toner, Nature Republic aloe vera spray, and sunblock when she goes out.

At night, she uses tea tree soap, anti-acne toner, Vitamin C and hyaluronic serum, LED mask, and finishes it off with a moisturizer.

Here she is with the mask on:




She said, her skin is “mas maayos na ngayon” and I’m sure you’ll agree. I asked if she continually uses it and she said, “Oo ginagawa ko pa din. Para mas ma-lighten yung pimple marks. Nakakatulong, eh.

Final thoughts


If Nature Skin Secrets decides to sell LED masks, I highly recommend that you try it!

Contact Nature Skin Secrets on IG: @natureskinsecrets

What do you think of the LED mask? Would you give it a shot? Leave a comment below and I hope you subscribe to be updated about my new posts!

Thanks for reading!

Now watch the video here:

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4 thoughts on “I Tried Using LED Mask for 7 Days and Now I Can’t Live Without It!

  1. May ispeysyal partisipaysyon pa acoe!! Hehehe! Ginagawa ko pa dn sya sis up to now..bisyo na eh! May pimples na sumusulpot pero mas madali magheal at maglighten with the help og the LED mask.
    I’m happy in a simple way na extra ako..char! Nakatulong ako burberry light!😚😚😚

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    1. Gurrrrl super thanks talaga for doing this with me! Sabi sa’yo video na rin, eh. 😄
      Chroo ako rin! Tinuloy-tuloy ko din parte na talaga ng routine haha!
      Super agree dun sa mga pimples na mas madaling mag-heal. Di na nagtatagal at lumalaki.
      Thanks ulit, sis! Next time ulit! ♥


  2. Truth is, the reason why I didn’t join this GA because I was scared to put something “electric” in my face.😨😨😨 Glad that you made a research about it so I learned something from you.❤️ And yes, obvious nga ang improvement sa iyo! Congratulations!😊😊😊

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