Is Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult just a REPACKAGED Focallure Eyeshadow Palette?

Okay. Before you begin, let me just say that these are MY thoughts. I am posting this because I am GRAVELY curious and I want to know if any of you have noticed the same.

If you’re really willing to read this, okay PUSH, ‘TEH!


Despite my desire of getting over-the-top highend brands, as a budgetarian beauty enthusiast mudra, I look for good eyeshadow palettes that are within my budget.

I know dupes are quite controversial, because the original brands didn’t work hard on their concept just to be copied by other smaller brands. But I, myself, am guilty of getting dupes because I also want to experience some makeup items without having to splurge.

Dupes, by the way, are different from knock-offs. The latter is an actual replica of a particular item – from the box to the logo to the shades. They are usually made by unknown companies, that’s why they’re unsafe since you can’t get any information on the manufacturer. In case something bad happens, you won’t know who to go after.

Dupes are usually created by smaller indie companies, whose color story may be similar to a high end product, but bearing different shade names, palette name, and design.

I got really excited when more and more local companies started coming out with their makeup lines. One of these companies is Hello, Gorgeous! I discovered their IG account when I was looking for a rainbow highlighter. I bought their Rainbow Dash Eyeshadow and Highlighter compact, then later purchased their cute Unicorn Brush Wash.


Months later, I saw them on TV and I was genuinely happy to see them finally getting a bigger exposure. However, during the interview, they were described as INNOVATIVE, and they graciously embraced the word. My initial thoughts were: “But theirs weren’t the first cat eyeliners or the brow cushions or the magnetic eyelashes! Were they?” Such big claims were a huge letdown.


Then there’s this palette:

Screengrabbed from their website

My initial thoughts were: “Was that a dupe for Huda Beauty?”

This is Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition:


Then in the comments section on a Facebook post, someone compared Hello Gorgeous and Focallure. I didn’t know Focallure back then, so I Googled it and found out that it was from China, like Ashley Shine. Some foreign YouTubers have already tried them and they got theirs from AliExpress and Ebay.

(By the way, there are websites shopfocallure and focallurecosmetics, which I DON’T REALLY KNOW MUCH ABOUT, but are SAID TO BE shady. The prices are way higher and the services are said to suck. I just read those, okay? So, yes, medyo chismis ang isang ito.)

The palette in question was this:

Price range: P250 – P450
Photo grabbed from AliExpress

The color story and even the shade names are exactly the same! But DO take a closer look of the shades GOLD MINE and ROSE GOLD which are both on the first row on both palettes.

Photo grabbed from Google

But… to make it even more confusing… Here’s the same Hello Gorgeous palette posted on Shopee:

Photo grabbed from Google

And then there’s this product:

Price range: P200 – P300

I was like…


What the heck is going on here?


Whether or not Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult palette is a repackaged Focallure, I think it is still better to create something that would set them apart from others. Something they REALLY creatively and originally thought of and worked on.

Especially for such a price! I’d get myself a Morphe or a JCat or a BH Cosmetics palette. At least I could peacefully say I got my money’s worth.

I support local brands, but I give a much higher respect to those who work hard for originality.

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12 thoughts on “Is Hello Gorgeous Mermaid Cult just a REPACKAGED Focallure Eyeshadow Palette?

  1. I super appreciate your commenting on my post! ♥ I haven’t really seen both items with my own eyes, so all the info you shared is really helpful.
    I just can’t get myself into getting the HG one because of the price. 😥 I feel like P1,350 is too much for a palette that isn’t even original or unique. There are other products that have the same price tag, but are produced through hardwork and creativity. But I am soooo curious about all the Focallure palettes!
    Anyway, thanks so much again for sharing so much about these products. ♥
    Could you share your LiveJournal link here?


  2. Hi, Rika! I’m so glad I found your post, since I’ve been wondering nearly the exact same things. I saw an ad about Hello Gorgeous (via Instagram, I think?) a while back and bookmarked their page, hoping to support a local brand by trying a few of their products someday. Since I was looking for eyeshadow palettes with red and pink shades, I was excited to find that Hello Gorgeous had two. Ordered the “Under the Sea” palette and, for good measure, ordered two cheaper palettes I found via Shopee. I was in a hurry then, and didn’t check beyond making sure the Shopee seller was trustworthy and looking up Focallure. (There aren’t many reviews about it, except that it’s a Chinese brand, yes, and that the palettes are quite pigmented.)

    At present, I now have the palette I ordered from HG, and the Shopee package – with my Focallure finds – arrived yesterday. I was surprised to find that the two Focallure palettes offered the exact same shade selections as the HG palettes, and I worried that the difference might be in the ingredients. I had never ordered makeup via Shopee before, had never heard of Focallure, and had read horror stories about what could happen if the makeup I purchased had rat droppings in them. Since the HG palette arrived first, I had already started using it. I’m about a week in and there haven’t been any breakouts or skin irritations. My mom, who is more particular about the makeup brands she uses, has also tested it out. I’m planning to start with the neutral Focallure palette tomorrow, and I hope everything turns out okay.

    I think that, in the best case scenario and as a response to your post, one of the two brands might be repackaging the other. Or that they are simply getting their palettes from the same manufacturer. If so, then I guess Focallure will make a cheaper option, if you can stand to wait 3 weeks for your new palette. (HG delivered to me in less than week, by comparison.) I’m also still curious about HG’s other products and am looking to try them out eventually.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your insights. I’ve also thought that they may be from the same manufacturer, but I think it would’ve been better if HG had chosen their own shade names. It’s just a bit sketchy that they even had to switch two pans just so they would seem different from the other palette.
      Also, as we all know, there are more makeup products that are made in China than in PH – even the ones from better-known brands.
      By the way, there are quite a lot of reviews from foreign YouTubers, like Anwen. You might wanna check it out. 😊
      I’d love to know what you think about the palettes. Hope you come back here to share it with me. ♥


      1. I agree about the shade names. HG’s palette is called “Under the Sea”, the other one “Off the Shore”, and I don’t think the shade names fit the theme at all. (Also, I am just now realizing there are two shades called “SALMON”. And “BUBBLE GEM” is likely supposed to be “BUBBLE GUM”. lol) With the palettes I received though, none of the pans had been switched, so it might’ve been a batch error; they were identical, except for a typo on Focallure’s part – the shade “MIDNIGHT” was missing its T, another batch error. I confirmed this by checking recent Shopee comments. Luckily, other buyers posted photos.

        Overall, I’m just glad that it seems to be a safe brand and the reviews have generally been favorable. The typo had me sweating a bit, since I remembered those articles about rat poop! I looked up a few vlog reviews like Anwen’s, too, and as I mentioned earlier, I myself am happy with my purchases. I planned to use the “Under the Sea” / “Bright Lux” palette primarily for cosplay, but fell in love with it and have been using it for everyday looks. I can’t wait to try the “Off the Shore” / “Neutrals” palette, and I also have shimmery eyeshadow, shimmery eyeliner, and concealer from Focallure which I’m dying to try out.

        Thank you so much for setting my mind at ease, and posting about this, Rika! ♥ I don’t normally post about makeup, but if I do decide to recount this experience on my blog, I’ll definitely link to this entry. (My WP is actually just a backup for my LiveJournal account, in case the platform ever completely dies. I’ll be following your blog via BlogLovin’ though!)

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  3. You can peel off the HG packaging and actually find out if they repacked Focallure. Focallure is a copy cat makeup brand from China copying high end make up brands from the US. I’m really disappointed by HG if this is true, gusto ko pa naman bilhin to nung una. Now I have my doubts. I remember a lippie from HG my sister brought me, it’s literally the worse liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried -not the color, the formulation comes off really patchy, dry and very messy.

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