Who else here loves a good sale? 🙋‍♀️

Thanks to great deals from Lazada and Colourette, I managed to score three of the latest products from Colourette for a much lower price! I’ve been a fan since 2016 and (I know I’ve said it too many times before, but just in case you don’t know) the first Colourstick that really got me was Bethany. I’ve shared about small collection in my older post, which you can read here.

Now they’ve expanded their line from lip products to face products. They’ve also released their eyeshadow palette and though I thought the palette is pretty, I still haven’t gotten my hands on it. Luckily, Ms. Nina, founder and CEO, announced that the Peach Purrfect Palette is making a comeback!  So if you’re one of those who missed it the last time, you can have the chance soon!

Now let’s dive in to the products.

They came in a bunch of my favorite thing – BUBBLE WRAP! 
Tah-dah! Hello, laydeez!

Colourette FlexiFoundation (Desert Sand)


They only came out with two shades: Cosmic Latte and Desert Sand. The former being the lighter shade, and the latter being the darker one. Though Desert Sand seems to be a good match for me, I still hoped I picked Cosmic Latte, because I like powders that could brighten up the center of my face.


Flexifoundation has a really nice gentle scent to it, unlike some two-way cake foundations that smell like rubber. The puff is similar to that of L’oreal Infallible Pressed Powder, only Colourette’s is round.  The mirror doesn’t warp or deform our reflection, which is a plus. 👍


I think it’s a tad more powdery than the (Korean) one that I previously used, but it’s better than the other local brand that I’ve tried. It mattifies the skin and sets the foundation, but doesn’t do much when it comes to keeping my oil at bay.


I also noticed that it kind of emphasizes my pores when used alone, and that it doesn’t really have much coverage. I haven’t tried using it wet, I guess it will perform differently. If I do, I’ll have a separate post for that.

Final thoughts:


It’s okay, but it’s not something that can be a “Holy Grail”. Plus, the price tag isn’t really wallet-friendly.

Colourette FaceGloss (Purple Haze)


This is one of the things I was really excited about – their own highlighter! I know that there are already some local brands that came out with their own highlighters, but I’ve  always been mindful of those products since I’ve seen those unbranded ones floating on the internet.

Aside from the fact that those products may not have been manufactured by the brands themselves, the quality isn’t really that impressive. Some “highlighters” end up looking like streaks of eyeshadows on the face, and it’s not supposed to look like that.


Facegloss, on the other hand, gives off a beautiful glow especially when it hits the light. Even though I chose the shade Purple Haze, it doesn’t look too purply on the face! I like the fact that it’s an “a-little-goes-a-long-way” product; just one dip with your brush or two is enough to give you the beautiful  glow on your cheek.



It also claims to somehow equal highend brands like Becca, but in my opinion, it’s both a Yes and a No. I’m fortunate to have had the chance to own a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter (uber thanks to my beshy Christineand a Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed
Becca x Chrissy Glow Face Palette


Texture-wise, I’d say that Facegloss is quite close to Glow Face; glow-wise, I’d say Facegloss and Shimmering Skin are similar. If I were to rate them this way:

smooth → smoother → smoothest

then I’d say:

Colourette Facegloss → Becca x Chrissy Teigen → Becca Shimmer Skin Perfector

But for the price of P799, I think it’s reasonable. 👌 If you’re a budgetarian, too, watch out for promos like I do!

The only downside is that it easily breaks (as seen in some videos and reviews), because it is said to have less binders. Hence giving the product a better payoff and protection even for sensitive skin. To keep mine safe, I’m keeping the protective film and bubble wrap in the compact. 😅


Final thoughts:


Colourette Colourglaze (Feather)

Photo grabbed from their website

Everyone who has tried it says the same thing: “it’s gloss but it’s not as sticky as the normal gloss”. And I was like:


So I thought of getting one, instead of the SupraMatte, for a change. I’ve tried their Coloursticks, Liq Lacquers, and SupraMattes anyway.

When I finally tried Colourglaze on for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised! It was, indeed, not as sticky as the normal gloss! It felt creamy, it had that beautiful lustrous finish, without making me feel like I had caramelized sugar on the lips.

The shade Feather is also super pretty I fell in love at first swipe! (That was their tagline years back.) It smells amazing, which is one of the features Colourette is known for.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you any new photo of it because my mudra must’ve thought it was rubbish and might have thrown it away by mistake. After I filmed my video, I put it back in its box.

Oh, well…

It also lasted pretty long, despite the fact that it doesn’t set like matte does. Though it’s not as resilient as Colourpop Ultra Satin, it has still captured my heart. And I was seriously broken-hearted when I couldn’t find it. (No kidding. I almost cried.)

I’m definitely getting a new one and might throw in another shade.

Final thoughts:


Though we must admit that Colourette products are absolutely not cheap, I think they are reasonably priced. I’d say it’s mid-range – not too low and not too high either. The products are all great so spending some dough won’t hurt you. 😉

My only issue, which is not really an issue issue, if that makes sense, is the packaging of the compacts. I hoped that aside from the labels on the bottom of the compact, they should’ve used something that could make each of them really stand out. So even if they’re placed side by side, you won’t get confused which is which.

Facegloss has definitely met my expectations and Colourglaze even went beyond. As for the FlexiFoundation, I’d say it’s just OK – for now. I’m still going to test it out and see how it performs with wet application.

Here is the look I created with these products:

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup


Image may contain: 1 person
missin my Colourglaze 😪

Do you own any Colourette Cosmetics products? Comment below which items you have!

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