PHOTO DIARY #1: Raiza Contawi’s Beauty Blowout 2018

Date: February 18, 2018
Location: ASPACE Philippines, 5/F 110 Legazpi Street, Makati City

Hey, dear readers aka friends!

I’ve been posting a lot of reviews and unboxing, but I haven’t updated you much about the events I’ve been to. Sadly, I still have not gotten myself into editing all my backlogs and putting them all up on my YouTube channel, but I do hope you’ll watch them once they’re up.

Last February, I was one of the 100 participants in Raiza’s Beauty Blowout. There was a registration fee of only P250 and I locked in 2 slots for me and my +1. The event was held at ASPACE Philippines, which was located on Legazpi Street in Makati. The Meet & Greet was set to start at 2:30. We were actually running late, but I was relieved to see that the attendees were just arriving at that time, too.

We stood in queue at the lobby, then went up to the 5th floor of the building. Then we lined up again for the registration. We waited for maybe more or less half an hour before the event started.

There were lots of fun activities and raffles, and each of us was given some loot from her sponsors.

The photos posted below are all raw, taken with my 2-year-old Acer Liquid X2.


Lining up for the registration.

Selfie while in queue 😜
c/o Cathy Doll
Rai’s friend and her mom arranging the loots from Cathy Doll, Club Clio, Make Up For Ever, Glamourbox, etc.
Starting now! It’s 3:30.
Raiza’s here! Too bad I didn’t have photos of her as she entered, but I do have the clip.
One lucky attendee was chosen for the makeup demo, where she was given a simple and fresh Korean makeup look.
The winner got a prize from Glamourbox. 

By the way, we were each assigned a number at the registration, and that was how they chose the winners. They picked numbers instead of names.

My +1 may have won this, but who was the REAL winner? Haha!
There were more games; unfortunately (and apparently), I wasn’t able to take photos of them. This was the part where Raiza unboxed the package from YouTube.
It was her Silver Play Button from YouTube. She was crying. I was crying. Everybody was crying. Haha! I guess when someone you love is happy, you’re happy for them, too.
And of course…. a selfie with Raiza herself!
And another…
And another one… Are you tired yet? Hehe!
A rare mirror [OOTD] selfie while on the way to the washroom
And a cute selfie with Raiza’s cool mom!
spotted another YouTuber, Ms. Christine Carolino. Subscribe kayo sa kanya! Click on this image.
And another one! She was soooo nice! ❤
The fun-filled event ended at 6:30, but anyone could stay around for some drinks.

It was such a super enjoyable meet and greet! I was also moved to see that despite her success, Raiza has remained humble and grateful for everything. All that stuff was from her super generous sponsors, who obviously did not make a mistake trusting her with their brands.

She was such an inspiration. I hope I could also improve in terms of vlogging (and blogging), editing, makeup, and most importantly, being confident.

If you wanna see some of the products that I received at the Beauty Blowout, watch my RIXFIRSTS video here👇

Check out my “I Tried Following A Raiza Contawi Makeup Tutorial” video here👇

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