PHOTO DIARY #2: Colourette X Boss Babes Brunch

Date: May 19, 2018, Sat
Location: Early Bird Breakfast Club, Eastwood Mall, QC

The amazing people behind my favorite local makeup brand created a Facebook community called “Boss Babes”. Among many makeup groups on Facebook, Colourette X Boss Babes has quickly become everyone’s favorite because of its friendly atmosphere. It is where you’ll see members uplifting other members through compliments, advice, recommendations, and words of empowerment. It is where they can share their selfies freely without any fear of getting harshly criticized.

Ms. Nina and Ms. Sab, the Big Boss Babes of the brand, came up with the idea of dedicating a new collection to the Boss Babes called Velvet Mattes. To make it even more exciting, they held a very special meet and greet with 10 of the Colourette Clique members. Just in case you have no idea what Colourette Clique is, it’s a group of social media influencers  who represent the brand. Ms. Nina asked us who we’d love to meet in person. I was so happy that most of the people I chose were included in the final list.

When Ms. Nina finally dropped the bomb, I really made it a point that I had to be there no matter what. In order for us to secure a slot, we had to be one of the first 50 to purchase all three shades (freebies included), which were going to be available on their website at 9 PM of the 15th.

All the Boss Babes were glued to the computers and smartphones, constantly refreshing their browsers to check if they were already up. However, it was not even 9 PM yet when their website kept crashing! So a few minutes after 9, Ms. Nina immediately created a thread in the group where we could secure a slot. I even commented on the wrong post haha! Luckily, Dang mentioned me in the right thread.

So May 19 finally came! Woot Woot!

Most photos are raw; the others were edited in Snapseed. All photos were taken with my Acer Liquid X2.

This was the ticket sent via e-mail after confirming my payment. 
My makeup when I got there before changing my lippie into Dakota
Guil and I got there at 9:20 in the morning. Early birds ba ‘kamo?

Because we were coming from Laguna, we made sure we left early to get there on time. Apparently, we got to the venue super early because there was no traffic jam! Yay!

That’s Ms. Nina, Colourette’s CEO, posting a live update on IG (I guess!)

Jessica was the host (she was amazing, as always!) When the event started, the 10 clique members introduced themselves (although, of course, we know them na 😉).

Here’s Kenny. He was so shy he couldn’t talk much. I thought it was adorable haha! Seryoso! Kasi I always thought he was intimidating in photos and videos. Seeing him in a different light was awesome.
This is Err. I looove her! She’s strong-willed, smart, and articulate.
This is Eve, you might know her as Lippy Eve on IG, FB, and YT. We’ve connected on IG first and eventually became friends. She has come quite a long way and I’m super happy for her!
This is Paige (love her name!). She reminds me of Nicole Anderson. She was so sweet taking selfies and making connectons with everybody.
Here Jessica was asking Ms. Nina a few questions about the new collection, the inspiration behind it, and the stoey behind the names and shades.
Everyone was glued!
There was a photobooth, too! These are my “table buddies”. 😘 (from L-R: Glo An, me, Sab, and Kate)
First talk was with Kenny, where he gave tips on how to do a day to night makeup look.

Next talk was with Kylie and Paige, where they gave tips on how to take cute selfies. (Got no photos, but I’ll be posting my vlog soon. I will, promise.)

Next was Eve, where she talked about some of the Colourette products and some tips on how to use them. She also gave some mommy tips to keep sass.
Err’s was about knowing the right undertone. She also gave makeup tips for morena beauties.
Helen’s topic was about being confident in our body. (Sorry I really am not 😭)

Charlie, aka Vitamin Choli, and Arbi talked about how they started with makeup and what makeup does for us. That it’s not really something to be afraid of doing, especially if it’s something we enjoy. Regardless of what people say against using makeup, let’s DGAF and brush them off. It’s our face, our money, and our self-satisfaction.

Arbi asked for a Boss Babe to share their makeup story, and I gathered all my courage to volunteer. 😅

After all the talks from the Clique, Ms. Nina gave each of us a cute pink mug, on which we had the Clique sign and write messages.


We took our chance to mingle and have selfies with them, too. Unfortunately, I was already going home when I realized I wasn’t able to take photos with Ms. Sab and Magen. #sadlife 😭

with the Boss Babe of all Boss Babes, Ms. Nina!
with Jessica! Loooove her! It was my 4th time meeting her (before at H&M, Purederm SPArty, and at Glamcon)
Met Helen first time at the AdobersOnFleek workshop. The second time we met just solidified how I felt about her the first time we did. I adoooore her!
I literally said “I love you” to her hahahaha! I meant it. 
with Lippy Eve! So sweet! Hope to bond with you longer next time! Luvya!
Kenny! Congrats on your 60,600+ subbies! Super well-deserved!
Charlie, aka the Patrick Starrr of the Philippines. Such an honor meeting him.
Arbi! And she looks like Armi! Love her personality!
That moment I saw Kylie enter the venue, I was like 😱  “She’s soooo pretty!”
She reminds me of Nicole Anderson. Wait, have I mentioned that?
This beautiful lady is Magen. Too bad it was already too late when I realized we didn’t have a photo together.
Empowering quotes on frame on every table. That’s my Boss Babe Kit. I wrapped my mug with tissue for extra protection.
These are what’s included in the kit. The three shades from their new collection, a Colourette lip pouch, cute stickers perfect for my bujo, a Colourette case, and a card signed by Ms. Nina herself. Not gonna ruin that mug so it’s staying on my desk.

Of course, there’s food, too!

The first dish that they served was the Chicken and Bacon Club Sandwich. It’s a 3-layer club sandwich with chicken, bacon, fresh tomatoes, and crisp lettuce. It was also served with crispy fries with tomato dip. Upon searching what this particular dish is called, I found out that it costs P310.
Then they served their French Toast Fondue. I super loved this! I also loved all the dips – chocolate syrup, maple syrup, and cinnamon sugar. This one costs P175.
Finally, we were served with this suuuper delicious Molten Lava Cake. My fave among the 3! It’s priced at P175.

But of course, one of the best things was meeting these wonderful women, sharing the same table, and forming a beautiful bond!

(from L-R: Sab, me of course, Glo An, and Kate) Glo An’s from Bicol pa, and it was her birthday!
Another Boss Babe joined us! She’s Klea. Love her name!

I super thank Kate for these photos hahaha! These are hers, I didn’t have any photos of us on our phones during the event. Except for one before we all left the venue:

Klea, Sab, and me before parting ways…

It was a super awesome time with Ms Nina and Ms. Sab, the Colourette Clique, and the Boss Babes! Lalo na my table buddies.

Thank you so much! See you in the next one? 😍

Check out Colourette’s new collection:

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9 thoughts on “PHOTO DIARY #2: Colourette X Boss Babes Brunch

  1. Ayy grabe! Mas maganda yung post mo. Mas may laman at mas madali basahin. Hahaha. Halatang noob pa ako sa blogging. Lol. I am really happy I met you. Iba talaga pag ramdam mo na you have a connection with someone. Hoping to see you again soon! 😗😗😗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naku sis, true ka jan! Ansaya pati na friendship isn’t just limited sa people around us. That somewhere in this country, merong mga tao we can really connect with. Looking forward to more! 😘


  2. Love your blog, sis!
    Grabe, super early nyo dumating ni Guil sa venue 😱. I’m so happy to finally meet you in person. Ang sarap ng hugs, at kwentuhan natin. Super bitin, sana next time uli. Love you! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Oo sis! Naisip kasi namin baka ma-late na naman kaya umalis kami nang maaga sa balur. Tapos walang traffic. 😂 Kaya ayern super aga haha! Atlit hindi late.
      Oo nga, eh. Thanks for the beautiful friendship. 🙂 Love ya more!! 😍😘♥


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