Turns Out Some Wishes Do Come True

Helllloooo, my super friends! It’s been 25 days since my last post (Whoah. I didn’t realize it was already that long. Sorry for being gone for a while!). I took a little break from writing due to some crazy shiz, but I’ve got looooads in store for you! I’ll be posting soap review that I did with Gerpren May, my childhood best friend. More reviews coming your way and some throwback stories that I failed to post on time. 😅

But today’s post is an uber special one, I can’t even believe myself! Not just because it’s my first after 25 days, but also because of something I had wished for and was finally granted.

Back in the day, when Friendster was still the coolest thing on social media, I started creating my very first blog. That was where I expressed random stuff, particularly thoughts that I could never voice out. Some of them were my frustrations, but others were motivation for myself.

Then Friendster officially “signed out”, so goodbye first blog.

But because writing was something I enjoyed doing (not that I’m an expert or something, because I am not), I continued to write but this time on WordPress. It was super random! Continue reading “Turns Out Some Wishes Do Come True”


Whenever I’m at the hair care section in a supermarket, one of the things that always catches my attention is this sheet of huge capsules from Ellips. These capsules, though, are not supposed to be taken orally, but are directly applied onto the hair.

I have known this brand since I was in high school (I’m pretty sure I was in high school then) and they offer several products that are designed to make hair healthy and beautiful. I have tried their Cuticle Serum, which wasn’t mine actually, but I thought it made my hair feel healthy.

So when I was at the hair care section last week, I decided to finally give it a try. So I picked one sheet and threw it in my basket. There were three variants available – the purple one for color treated hair, the yellow one for dry hair, and the pink one for damaged hair. I chose the last one because I needed something that could help my shampoo and conditioner fix my hair issues, such as hair fall, dryness, and frizziness.

This is Ellips Hair Vitamin with Pro-Keratin Complex Hair Repair. There are six capsules tightly sealed in a blister pack.  Continue reading “#RIXREVIEWS: ELLIPS Hair Vitamin”