Whenever I’m at the hair care section in a supermarket, one of the things that always catches my attention is this sheet of huge capsules from Ellips. These capsules, though, are not supposed to be taken orally, but are directly applied onto the hair.

I have known this brand since I was in high school (I’m pretty sure I was in high school then) and they offer several products that are designed to make hair healthy and beautiful. I have tried their Cuticle Serum, which wasn’t mine actually, but I thought it made my hair feel healthy.

So when I was at the hair care section last week, I decided to finally give it a try. So I picked one sheet and threw it in my basket. There were three variants available – the purple one for color treated hair, the yellow one for dry hair, and the pink one for damaged hair. I chose the last one because I needed something that could help my shampoo and conditioner fix my hair issues, such as hair fall, dryness, and frizziness.

This is Ellips Hair Vitamin with Pro-Keratin Complex Hair Repair. There are six capsules tightly sealed in a blister pack. IMG_20180528_134005-01.jpeg


Ellips Hair Vitamin – Hair Repair is enriched with Pro-Keratin Complex and Jojoba Oil to provide (chemically) damaged hair with intensive care, nourishment and protection. Hair feels healthier, smooth, shiny and easy to manage.

Here’s how to use Ellips Hair Vitamin

  1. Cut the capsule and pour the vitamin to your palm.
    You may also open it even without a pair of scissors. Simply hold the tip and carefully twist the capsule. Make sure you’re pressing tight on the ‘neck’ part to avoid spilling any product.
  2. Use on shampooed and half-dried hair. Apply evenly on hair. Avoid the scalp.
    I use my Epsa Organic Argan Oil Refreshing Shampoo and Epsa Organic Argan Oil Moisture Conditioner every day. I apply it after towel-drying my hair, and because the instructions say so, I do not apply any on my scalp.
  3. Leave it dry. DO NOT RINSE. Style hair as usual.
This is what the capsule looks like. If I’m not mistaken it’s made of rubber latex and it feels like a small balloon.
The product is quite viscous so you’ll need to wash your hands after evenly applying it on your hair.
The packaging is super fascinating!

My hair instantly feels nice upon application. Though the product is thick, it does not make my hair feel greasy nor sticky throughout the day. I love how it really does make my hair more manageable and easier to detangle. I usually go out with my hair in a bun and let it down as soon as I get to my destination. With the Ellips Hair Vitamin, my hair feels bouncy and my curls look more defined. My hair’s shiny, smooth, and less dull.

It also has a sweet floral scent to it that lasts for hours. So that’s a plus, especially when you’re out on a busy street on a hot sunny day.

(Just a little disclaimer though, my hair isn’t any close to hair shampoo commercial models, okay? So if I say my hair feels and looks better than it usually does, that does not mean it already looks perfect like the heavenly shampoo commercial hair flips. It may not look beautiful to a certain standard, but comparing to its normal state, there definitely were improvements.)

Is it really necessary?

As the saying goes, “Your hair is your crowning glory”. So if we’re high on makeup, skin care, and nail care, then so we must be on hair, too. Let’s not always resort to salon hair treatments, as chemicals can terribly damage our mane.

But remember, our hair condition does not only depend on what we put on it, but also what we take in. What we eat may affect the health of our hair. So if you’re like me, suffering from bad hair day errrday, don’t just depend on hair products. We must make our bodies healthy through exercise and balanced diet.

Final thoughts:


It’s priced more than P30, so each capsule costs about P6. It’s not that bad for a hair vitamin. But if you’re being frugal like I am, then use it every other day so you don’t need to buy every 6 days.

Ellips Hair Vitamin is available in all supermarkets and drugstores. It’s available in blister packs and in bottles.

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