Turns Out Some Wishes Do Come True

Helllloooo, my super friends! It’s been 25 days since my last post (Whoah. I didn’t realize it was already that long. Sorry for being gone for a while!). I took a little break from writing due to some crazy shiz, but I’ve got looooads in store for you! I’ll be posting soap review that I did with Gerpren May, my childhood best friend. More reviews coming your way and some throwback stories that I failed to post on time. 😅

But today’s post is an uber special one, I can’t even believe myself! Not just because it’s my first after 25 days, but also because of something I had wished for and was finally granted.

Back in the day, when Friendster was still the coolest thing on social media, I started creating my very first blog. That was where I expressed random stuff, particularly thoughts that I could never voice out. Some of them were my frustrations, but others were motivation for myself.

Then Friendster officially “signed out”, so goodbye first blog.

But because writing was something I enjoyed doing (not that I’m an expert or something, because I am not), I continued to write but this time on WordPress. It was super random! Continue reading “Turns Out Some Wishes Do Come True”