Turns Out Some Wishes Do Come True

Helllloooo, my super friends! It’s been 25 days since my last post (Whoah. I didn’t realize it was already that long. Sorry for being gone for a while!). I took a little break from writing due to some crazy shiz, but I’ve got looooads in store for you! I’ll be posting soap review that I did with Gerpren May, my childhood best friend. More reviews coming your way and some throwback stories that I failed to post on time. 😅

But today’s post is an uber special one, I can’t even believe myself! Not just because it’s my first after 25 days, but also because of something I had wished for and was finally granted.

Back in the day, when Friendster was still the coolest thing on social media, I started creating my very first blog. That was where I expressed random stuff, particularly thoughts that I could never voice out. Some of them were my frustrations, but others were motivation for myself.

Then Friendster officially “signed out”, so goodbye first blog.

But because writing was something I enjoyed doing (not that I’m an expert or something, because I am not), I continued to write but this time on WordPress. It was super random!


I made this in September 2010 and decided to close it in 2016 when I started this new page – RikaNobela. I wanted my blog to be more focused on beauty and I wanted it to be more organized so I really spent a lot of time tinkering this page. I’m glad it’s now quite close to how I really want it to look.

I started this RikaNobela in June 2016, and my first post was created on the 6th. Though this page was initially aimed to focus on makeup and anything beauty-related, I also wanted it to become somewhat a reflection of myself. So there have been posts about events, places, experiences, and some random shiz floating in my head.

But if you’ve been a regular reader of my little blog, (Thank you very, very much!) you’ll know that most of the stuff I post are product reviews. As a consumer myself, I rely on people’s feedback before I purchase anything. So I wanted to be one of those who help others make up their minds.

Back in November 2016, when I was in search of a good primer, people were raving about Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer. Because of that, I decided to get one for myself even though I thought it was a little too pricey for this budgetarian momma. Unfortunately, after a week of testing it out, I was utterly disappointed to the point that I almost cried because I felt like it was such a waste of money. I couldn’t use it so I Googled for the “best yet affordable” primer. I came across this blog and learned about Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer. That was also my first time knowing about Althea. Read my first ever Althea order here.

I was so impressed with the service Althea provided. The products weren’t too pricey, the website was easy to navigate, they had a very organized system, the items were delivered to my doorstep (no more BoC and post office chenes!) and they came within the given period. The products were so properly wrapped not a single box was squished.

Since then I became a suki and Althea had become my go-to Korean beauty shop.

I later found out how generous they were to their bloggers, and because I was a small YouTuber, I told myself:

“Mapasama lang ako sa list ng Althea, sapat na!”

Being included in Althea’s blogger’s list would be enough for me. That alone would make me super happy, because for me it would mean I was doing something good.

Before they launched their Althea Petal Velvet Powder, my lucky charm Beshy Christine took me to a Facebook post where I could sign up for their blogger’s list. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any e-mail and I really never wondered why. I had accepted the mere fact that I would never be chosen, but I was sad at the same time. Then Beshy Christine encouraged me to join the Althea Petal Velvet Contest, and luckily enough, we were two of the ten winners of $50 Althea shopping credits!


I was even featured on their Facebook page! Yay!

One of the best e-mails I’ve ever received in my life came in November 22, 2017. It was from Ms. Tammy Lim, Head of Creative Communications in Althea. It was a review invite for the Althea’s Rapunzel’s Secret Box! I couldn’t believe my eyes I literally read the e-mail over and over again just to confirm it was what I thought it was.

I made it a point that my Althea videos had to be extra special. I wanted it to be different from what I usually did. I always felt happy every time I got positive feedbacks from friends, subscribers, and most importantly, from Ms. Tammy herself.

Then came more opportunities to work with Althea, and I believed it was the biggest highlight in my v/blogging career.

Apparently, it wasn’t. There’s something even bigger.

althea angel

I am so glad and super excited to share with you that, yes, I am one of ALTHEA’S ANGELS! 😍😭😭😭

I will forever be grateful to everyone in Althea for letting me become a part of the community, to my friends who have shown support through this journey, to my Beshy Christine who has generously and selflessly shared so many valuable things – tangible and not (I love you, Beshy!), to Guil who has kept me going and never held me back, and to my children in whose eyes I was someone to look up to.

Thank you!

Anyway, I’ll be active here again and as usual, you can expect new post every Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday. If you’re reading up to this point, please leave a comment below and share any of your wonderful moments that you never thought you’d have.


By the way, Althea is celebrating their 3rd birthday in just a couple of days. You might wanna check out their page right now or their IG for a sneak peek of what they have in store for us, K-beauty fans!

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