Steam Eye Mask for Tired Eyes?

Do your eyes feel sore? Tired? Itchy? Do they seem sensitive to light and often get a headache or sore neck, shoulders, or back? According to, these are some signs of eyestrain.

I often experience headache due to tired eyes, so I always have to carry with me my small pot of Tiger Balm.

According to, “eye strain occurs when your eyes get tired from intense use, such as driving a car for extended periods, reading, or working at the computer.” My work requires me to use the computer the whole day, and well, v/blogging does, too. In fact, long and tiring trips to the city also give me a terrible headache, and my family is fully aware of that. That’s why they’d sometimes tease me and say, “kaya ayokong isinasama sa biyahe ‘yan, eh.”

One of the most common things I experience is when my eyes feel droopy and sleepy and if I don’t sleep or give it a rest, throbbing headache happens. So when I found this product at Miniso (and saw that it wasn’t too pricey), I felt like I needed to buy it. I swear it’s not just because it’s a We Bare Bears variant. 😅😜


This is Miniso Steam Eye Mask that aims to relieve eyestrain and improve blood circulation, without having to use a warm towel or electric eye mask.


One box contains five individually packed eye masks inside.


I really like that it has all the information that we need to know.

including the manufacture and expiration dates

Because I picked Panda, the eye mask has Panda’s eyes printed on it which makes it super cute. The material is, indeed, soft as it claims. It has a slit for the nose and straps that are hooked around the ears. You’ll see that it has a piece of material embedded inside that makes it heat up to 40° C. The description says that the soothing warmth can last for 15 minutes, but it actually lasted a little longer.





It felt weird in the beginning but became super relaxing later on. I liked it better when I gently pressed the mask against my eyes, because I could feel the heat better.


Also, it was quite interesting that while the mask was on, I saw flashes of light and I assumed it was because it was “improving the blood circulation”. When I took it off, there was sweat all around my eyes. My eyes felt super relaxed and refreshed. It also seemed to have made my sight clearer. I had my mom try it, too, and she said the same thing.

no irritations

I really like its technology and I highly recommend it to everyone, most especially those who use gadgets excessively. This eye mask is also a very good substitute to the electric ones or to warm and wet towels. It can also be carried in the bag when travelling. In addition, if you’re sensitive to scents, this one is for you since it is odorless.

Just a few precautions, though:

  1. If you use eyedrops, wait for a moment before you use the mask.
  2. If you have any eye diseases, please do not use it.
  3. If you experience redness or discomfort, discontinue use and see a doctor.
  4. If the mask is too hot for you, discontinue use.
  5. Remove contact lenses before wearing this product.
  6. If the product is damage and you come in contact with the contents, rinse with water and consult with a doctor.
  7. Do not knead or shake it.
  8. Do not reuse.

Check the image below for more info:


Final thoughts:


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