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Remember when I received a box of goodies from Opulence Skin Philippines? You can read my post here.

They generously gave me three variants of their whitening soap – the Ultra White Protect Glycolic Peel Whitening Soap, the Ultra White Protect Skin Clarifying Soap, and the Ultra White Protect Charcoal Detox Whitening Soap. I had my childhood best friend, May, whom I call Gerpren, try the Ultra White Protect Skin Clarifying Soap.

May and I were never lady-like or kikay. We were both too lazy to keep up with skin care routines, that’s why we consider ourselves “late bloomers” in the skin care category. We never trusted any whitening products since none of the ones we tried really showed any difference, that’s why we stuck to what we were already used to – regular bath soaps. (Hello, Safeguard!)

Image result for safeguard soap gif

Even when I already began posting about makeup and writing reviews, I still couldn’t get myself into purchasing any whitening products. Until I attended MJ Garcia Perez‘s 3rd Blogversarry in 2017 and he included whitening products in our take home loot. That was when I realized that most products that are NOT found in the supermarket were more effective than those that are.

Because Gerps May and I rarely used such products, I thought we would be the best candidates to try their effectivity. DO note, though, that our main issue is our uneven skintone and some dark areas particularly the elbows and knees.

Also, please forgive me if this post does not contain enough photos. Unfortunately, my phone went all crazy and I lost a lot of pictures when I reset it.

Finally, remember that skin types and conditions vary. So, please keep in mind that the effect may or may not be the same as ours.

Now let’s get to the products.

The first one that I used was the Ultra White Protect Charcoal Detox Whitening Soap, which was quite timely since I had been using several charcoal products – mask, toner, and body scrub. Though the soap felt solid, it lathered up nicely as I rubbed it on the skin with water. It was a little coarse, and I think it was because of the particles of the charcoal – its main ingredient. Despite the slightly grainy texture, the soap felt soft and creamy. Because it’s charcoal, the color of the suds was a subtle black, but no dark streaks were left on the skin.

It did not have any strong scent nor did it give any stinging sensation. My skin felt really smooth and clean after bath, as if it had eliminated all the dirt and the negativities in the world. Char!

Final thoughts:


Photo grabbed from Google

Next, I used their Ultra White Protect Glycolic Peel Whitening Soap, which sis Mitz considers as one of her favorite products. Just like the Charcoal Detox, this Glycolic Peel soap felt solid, yet could produce a rich foam as I washed my body. I love soaps that create a foamy lather because it gives me that feeling of being thoroughly cleansed. The scent was also gentle, but I guess making it smell a little more refreshing would do. The formula was not too strong, but when the foam was left on the skin for a couple of minutes, it started to feel itchy and irritated. So make sure you rinse immediately afterwards.

After each bath, you should towel dry your body and gently rub your skin with your hand. You’ll notice that there are particles coming off. Those are your dead skin cells and some dirt being eliminated. I first experienced this with my BN Whitening Soap and this micro-peeling helped lighten my elbows and knees.

Final thoughts:


Finally, I’ll be sharing with you what Gerpren May thought about the Ultra White Protect Skin Clarifying Soap. It was really impressive that she was able to take before and after pictures to really show the results. (Thanks, Gerps! For doing this!)

All the comments below were exactly her own words.



Before using the product:


After 14 days:


After 28 days:



  • Mild (as in wala siyang amoy)
  • Mabula
  • No stinging sensation (walang hapdi compared sa ibang soap)
  • Effective (napansin ko effective siya sa’kin)
  • Can last for a month kahit twice a day gamitin
  • Nakakalambot ng skin


  • Madaling matunaw (as in naiwan ko siya sa banyo kinabukasan pagtingin ko tubig na)
  • Hindi mabilis makita yung effect, usually after 2-3 weeks bago makita yung effect

Gerps May also added that she noticed that it did not darken her skin despite being exposed to the sun everyday, not like other whitening soaps. She was really happy with the product, especially the fact that it’s affordable for its size. Just like the ones that I used, the Skin Clarifying soap easily melts, so you’ll want to make sure it is kept in a container that does not collect water. It can also last longer if you cut it up into smaller blocks. The scent is really subtle that if you love fragrant soaps, this is not for you.

Final thoughts:


All the soaps showed that they were effective. I also noticed my skin became clearer and lighter, particularly on my problem areas. Continuous use will definitely give you better results over time.

That’s it for today’s review. If you like reviews like this, please let me know.

Have you tried using any of the soaps featured today?

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