L’oreal x Project Vanity | Lash Paradise Review Party

Last Saturday, July 14th, I was given the opportunity to join other makeup lovers to a review party hosted by L’Oreal Philippines and Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. The product that we were going to review was one of the latest and the hottest among the new L’Oreal products. It is raved by beauty enthusiasts and makeup vloggers both local and international — the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara!

with the founder of Project Vanity herself, Ms. Liz Lanuzo

I first saw it from Tati and she had Jeffree Star try it. He gave it a JEFFREE STAR APPROVED rating. It was then launched in the Philippines and hit L’Oreal counters and online shops like Lazada. The product retails for P499, which is definitely not cheap, but absolutely a lot less expensive than highend mascaras.

I was really planning on getting one from Lazada when it went on sale, but I hesitated because I still have a bunch of mascaras in my kit. I still have the deluxe samples of Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara (which I love using, by the way), Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara (which I don’t use outdoors since it smudges after a few hours), and full size of my edgy blue and purple H&M mascaras from Mara. Mascaras have shorter shelf life (3-6 months) so it would be a waste to buy a new one when I still haven’t finished the others.

But thanks to this event, I got to review and take home a brand new Lash Paradise mascara! The event took place at the L’Oreal Philippines office at Robinson’s Equitable Tower. The event started at 1 PM, but Guil and I arrived at around 2. I saw familiar faces like Janet (whom I met at a lunch date with Jessica and Friends), Kharen and Gela (my fellow Colourette Boss Babes), Carmina (I’m really sorry I didn’t recognize you, please forgive my lola memory), and Bianca (a beauty and lifestyle blogger).

with Boss Babes Kharen and Gela
with Bianca

I went straight to the registration area where I was given my mascara and a card where I’d write my review. There were vanity areas where we could take Instagrammable selfies, flatlay areas for IG-worthy posts, and of course, areas with mirrors where the participants could try the products out.

This was the photo I took at the flatlay area:


They’ve also provided L’Oreal Micellar Water and cotton pads, in case a participant was already wearing a different mascara. As for me, I went to the event with my lashes bare. I only removed my Careline Graph Ink Liner so that the effect would be more apparent. I used the blue L’Oreal Micellar Water and it easily removed the eyeliner. I feel like we’re going to get along well, that’s why I’m thinking of getting my own next time.

After trying out the mascara, I went around and had a little chit-chat with a few friends who were also present at the event. They also provided some food, in case anyone got hungry. There were pizzas, red velvet crinkles, and Coke.

I wrote my feedback on the card that they gave me at the registration, then they let me have a L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipstick in the shade of my choice. I was torn between reds and nudes, but I ended up getting No. 263 Pure Garnet. Pure Garnet is a pretty deep red lippie, but initially I thought it was somewhat like a fuchsia red because of the label at the bottom of the product.




Now, here’s what I think about the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise.

The packaging looks really classy and I like its rose gold metallic finish. The writings can easily be rubbed off, though, so I’m pretty sure mine will soon look worn out if I don’t keep it safely.


I super love the applicator! The bristles are curved as if to fit the entire lash line. The bristles are shorter in the middle and longer on either side. The longer bristles can reach the extremities of the lashes, making the application a lot easier.

The wand also bends back so it doesn’t feel stiff as I apply my mascara.


The product doesn’t get clumpy, nor does it make my lashes look spidery-like even with two layers of it. It’s super lightweight, even lighter than my Estée Lauder one. Some mascaras make my eyes feel droopy and I’m glad that this one from L’Oreal doesn’t. I stay away from such mascaras because I always end up with a terrible headache when I use them.

This mascara also curls my lashes effortlessly, without having to grab a lash curler. Yay! Here are some stills from my IGTV video.




As for the longevity, I can confidently say that it does a very good job. 👌 This is not the best way to test any makeup product, but I have to admit that I fell asleep with the mascara on – complete with my Maybelline Super Stay Foundation and BH Cosmetics Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Esmeralda. I thought I’d wake up with panda eyes, but surprisingly, I didn’t! Even my foundation, brows, and lipstick were still pretty much on point despite the amount of oil accumulated over night.

This is what my mascara and my whole makeup looked like the next morning. This was at around half past 7.

Still lookin’ good as new!
Some of the foundation on the right side of the forehead got rubbed off. My lipstick was still looking bomb, just a little smudged around my mouth.

The black color that you can see along the lower lash line was the eyeshadow that I applied the day before, not the mascara.

After blotting out all the oil, my makeup still looked fine! No primer underneath the foundation!

Final thoughts:



I think L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Macara is an impressive product and is definitely worth your money. I can say that it lives up to the hype. However, if you’re looking for something that could work as well as this product without the same price tag, I think Maybelline HyperCurl would be a good choice. It only costs around P199, so it’s about two times cheaper.

Watch my short vlog on my IGTV by clicking the image below:


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