I may not have made it to the Final 5, but Cathy Doll did this… OMG!

A month ago, I joined Cathy Doll’s Asian Beauty Blogger Contest 2018. All I had to do was to post a video of myself using some of Cathy Doll products in eight minutes or less. I did not have any Cathy Doll products that time, so I had to purchase a couple of items online and a couple more at 7-11.

I went to their Facebook shop, and purchased their Nude Me Eyeshadow Palette in Pink Champagne which cost P580 and Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte in Pink Moss which cost P290. Fortunately, they had a Buy 1 Take 1 promo on the Geisha Hanazakari lippies and 20% off of the palette. So, instead of paying P1,079, I only had to pay P963.00. At least I saved more than a hundred bucks. 😅  (The downside, though, was their shipping fee of P209.00, which is quite high imho.)

So to order through their Facebook shop, simply go to their page and click the Shop tab.


2018-08-13 (1)

2018-08-13 (2)
Oh my gooosh! What is the meaning of this?! Did they go on sale?! That’s 50% off!

Every item has a description where the link to the Order form can be found. Open the link on your browser, fill it out, and submit. You will then receive a call, I guess within 24 hours, confirming your order. Your invoice will also be sent via SMS and e-mail, as well as the payment details.

2018-08-13 (4)

My parcel arrived in a little more than a week, which wasn’t anything out of ordinary for me.


Here are the swatches, because sharing is caring. ^^

Good thing they also made some of their products easily accessible. Travel-sized products such as their Water Splash Essence and Whitening Sunscreen L-Glutathione Magic Cream are available at 7-11 stores! Yay!


I spent a lot of time brainstorming with my other selves. Charot!

But it’s true. I did a lot of conceptualizing and planning, and finally ended up with “5 Looks 1 Palette”. I wanted to showcase the versatility of the palette, as well as the lippie’s. My aim was to show everyone that the products could be used not just for one look, but for multiple looks.

Also, my aim was to create something that would either make people believe it was worth winning or make people say ‘too bad it didn’t win, it was good, though’. (Could you let me know in the comment section below whether the video I made would really never have stood a chance? No hard feelings! I appreciate honest but tactful opinions. haha!)

However, because of the time limit of 8 minutes, I had to squish everything in. Not wanting to leave out any useful information, I added texts on my video and a voice over. I guess I overdid it lol. What’s more, I only used my good old buddy Acer Liquid X2, so the quality wasn’t as good.

I wasn’t really expecting to win, but that didn’t mean I didn’t hope for it. Of course I wanted to be one of the finalists. Who wouldn’t?

At the back of my mind, though, I was thinking, what would I do there in case I won? How would I talk to them? What would I say? Wouldn’t I look stupid during the shoot? I didn’t think I was ready for it, I still don’t. Perhaps the universe knew that, too.

But I still felt like a winner!

Surprise! Surprise! A parcel came, and in my mind I was like, ‘but I didn’t order anything!’ At that time I didn’t receive any e-mail from Cathy Doll yet (the e-mail was sent a couple of weeks later). I was almost in tears because I did not expect to hear from them after they announced the Final 5. I felt that my work was still appreciated regardless of the results.



These are the items that I received and upon seeing the other participants’ posts, they got the same ones, too.

  • Fiber White X Gel
  • Speed White CC Cream
  • Geisha Hanazakari in Red Rose
  • Lip Blur in Electric Pink

I’ve used two of them already (seen in the video below).  I’ll be posting separate reviews for the Fiber White X Gel and the Lip Blur.

I know these do not compare to what the others get, but I still am truly grateful and humbled. Thanks again, Cathy Doll!

Now, please give me your honest thoughts on my video so that I may improve. Again, I’m open to criticisms, just make sure you deliver it with tact. Haha!

Thanks for reading! Now, please watch these:

Oh and by the way, I have a giveaway on Instagram. Might was well join? hehe!


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8 thoughts on “I may not have made it to the Final 5, but Cathy Doll did this… OMG!

  1. “I wasn’t really expecting to win, but that didn’t mean I didn’t hope for it. Of course I wanted to be one of the finalists. Who wouldn’t?” ❤️❤️❤️ — At least you’ve tried! I love your concept BTW!😊😊😊 Glad that Cathy Dolls appreciated your effort!💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kaloka diba, now lang ako nagkaoras mag basa basa. Pasensya na friend! Alam mo naman pag walang jinternet na matino. hahahaha.

    Ang generous naman ni Cathy Doll!

    Pero for me, ikaw ang aking winner! Kasi you tried your best and you exerted an effort para magawa yung video and different makeup looks. Saka ang flawless kaya ng gawa mo!

    Who knows, baka next year ikaw na ang kunin ng Cathy Doll! 😗😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Keri lang sis. No pressure haha!

      True! Akala ko yun na yun, pero they still showed appreciation sa mga nag-join. Take note, all those who weren’t chosen got the same items! Bait nila. ♥

      Naku, friend talaga kita hahaha! Salamat! Pero true, nag-effort ako and may pag-brainstorm haha!

      Alam mo, sa totoo lang, hati talaga, eh. Siyempre gusto kong mag-win-win, tapos meron ding part na ayaw ko dahil parang shokot ako sa challenges ganern. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehehe! Sabi mo nga sakin, mas okay na mag try kesa magregret diba?

    At least may napala ka pa rin sa pagsali. Saka ikaw pa ba? Love mo ang ginagawa mo. Love mo ang makeup and vlogging, so I am sure, may prize man o wala, you always give your best! 😉😁

    Liked by 1 person

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