USAPANG KILI-KILI with SKIN KLARITY’s Total Care Underarm Kit

Sweaty armpits? Nakakadiyaheng B.O. (body odor)? Dark secrets?

If all your answers were YESes, read on.

Last August 4th, I had the privilege to join beautiful bloggers and beauty enthusiasts at the soft launch of a new local skin care brand called SKIN KLARITY. I was invited by Ai Zel, one of my pretty friends; and despite the location of the venue, I gladly and immediately said yes!

The company owners Ms. Cheryl and Sir Mark shared their interesting journey with Skin Klarity. They said it all started with Ms. Cheryl’s own issues, particularly sweating. They couldn’t find the perfect product, so they thought, “Why not make our own?”

So, they did a lot of research on the whats and the hows and the what fors, then later formulated their own products with the help of their chemists. The products were tried and tested by themselves, which I think was commendable. They did not stop until they were completely satisfied with the results. The owners did not want to release the products without being absolutely confident; and that is what I admired about them. Also, I applaud them for making the products affordable without compromising the quality.

During the launch, we were introduced to some of their products, such as the Rejuvenating Set (for those with acne issues) and the Glutathione Set (for those who want brighter complexion). They also have the Snow Cleansing Foam and the Intensive Milky Whitening Lotion.

But what really caught my attention was their Total Care Underarm Kit.

A set of natural powerful Whitening Deodorant that contains 99% Pure Alpha Arbutin extracted from Bearberry Plant with Goats Milk, Licorice Extract, and Vitamin E.

Body odor can ruin our confidence terribly, so can sweaty pits. When I was in elementary and my body started changing, my parents only let me use tawas. They believed deos would be bad for my young pits and might cause to darken. But in my opinion, putting tawas aggravated the sweat, so my uniform and even the strap of my backpack often got drenched with perspiration.

So if that is your case, too, this set is perfect for you.

The Total Care Underarm Kit consists of the Ultra Gentle Whitening Deodorant and the Ultra Underarm Whitening Cream. This set is said to work better with their Ultra Glutathione Whitening Soap.

Ultra Gentle Whitening Deodorant


A mild scented, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ultra gentle whitening deodorant spray that effectively controls sweat and body odor.

With 7 highly natural actives that help to whiten and lighten the underarm. 

The 7 powerful actives are Glutathione, Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, Tea Tree Extract, Licorice Extract, Benzalkonium Chloride, and Aluminum Zirconium.

Each bottle contains 100ml of the product, which is already a good amount of product considering that you won’t need to apply too much.

It is super hygienic since it is housed in a spray bottle. It can be shared with others, unlike the usual stick type or roller type ones.

You may spray directly onto your armpits, like I usually do when I’m in a hurry. But for thorough cleansing, you may want to spray it onto a cotton pad first before gently applying it all over your armpit. I only use two to three sprays, so this will surely go a long way.

As for the scent, it is really mildly scented as stated in the description. So that’s a huge plus!

Does it really keep the pits dry? YES!

Does it really control body odor? YES!

Do I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY!

Final thoughts:


Ultra Underarm Whitening Cream


Especially formulated with whitening and anti-aging actives. This cream provides whiter and smoother underarm with even skin tone. Kojic acid effects a more even skin tone by targetting dark spots and hyperpigmentations. 

Where as citric acids aids in the shedding of the topmost layer of the skin while providing antioxidation of free radicals and toxins. Niacinamide stimulates the cells in the dermis to produce more collagen and its ceramide content improves skin moisture and fights odor-causing bacteria.

This cream must be used religiously to effectively improve the color of the armpits. It is housed in a pearly white plastic pot with a separate lid that protects the main product from possible contamination. Make sure your hands are clean as you pick up the product. The fluffy white cream spreads easily on the skin and it does not have any scent at all.

This cream must be applied every night before going to bed.  It can also prevent your pits from stinking the next day, but it can’t promise to control your sweat.

Because I have only started using this product, I still haven’t seen any dramatic changes with the color of my pits. I also haven’t used the soap yet, but I will as soon as I finish the one I’m currently using.

So my real KILI-KILI JOURNEY will begin once I’ve started using my Intensive Whitening Soap, and I will surely update you if I see any progress or after I finish the cream and the soap.

Final thoughts:


Overall the Total Care Underarm Kit and the Intensive Whitening Soap is truly promising. So far, I am really happy with these products and I will definitely repurchase when I’ve finished mine.

Here are the products that Skin Klarity let me take home after the event. I’ll post a separate review on the soap and the lotion, so I hope you watch out for it.


with the other Boss Babes – Nikki and Sab
Skin Klarity’s other soaps
Skin Klarity family

Thanks so much, Ms. Cheryl and Sir Mark!


For inquiries, send them a message on:

Facebook: Skin Klarity
Instagram: @skinklarity

For your reference, here is the price list:

Intensive Whitening Soap – P140
Rejuvenating Soap – P130
Ultra Glutathione Soap – P120

Intensive Milky Whitening Soap – P350

Snow Foaming Wash – P299

Rejuvenating Set – P450
Ultra Glutathione Set – P365
Total Care Underarm Kit – P350

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11 thoughts on “USAPANG KILI-KILI with SKIN KLARITY’s Total Care Underarm Kit

  1. Ooohh, ako kasundo ko naman ang tawas.❤️ Will wait for your update on other products you mentioned here. Love that the Skin Klarity owners want to be confidently sure about their products before they release it to the market.👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oo nga, sis. Ayaw din kasi nila na mapahiya. OMG I forgot to mention na before they launched, they had their products FDA Approved na. Sa next post di ko na kakalimutan. Haha!


  2. Ang galing, Riks!!! Catchy na ang title, well thought of pa ang post! ❤

    My husband bought 2 sets para kay sis in law and bro in law. My mom naman bought 1 set para kay lil sis. Sana magustuhan nila hehehehe!

    So far sakin din effective dahil all day no sweat ang leki leki.

    Hinihintay ko na lang ang pagputi hahahaha! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, sis! Meron din ako “USAPANG PAA” HAHA!

      For sure, they’ll like it, too! ♥

      Trueee sis! I even have my 2 binatang boylets use it na rin. Sobrang ok na ok sa kanila! Love the deo set! And pareho tayo pagpapaputi na lang next. Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oo nga mga for men talaga, ‘noh? Pero sing-gentle din. Buti na lang mga boylets ko kiber lang. Hahaha!

      Naku ‘di pa puwede kay bebe mo un, eh. Pantanders din hehehe! Foot peeling mask. Pero if ever, try Milcu powder.


      1. Hahahah! Oo he’s actually using Milcu. Nagwowork naman pero syempre minsan ayw nya gamitin.

        Mukhang hindi naman magiging choosy ang mga lalaki pag natry na nila ang deo. Kasi iwas baskil na iwas b.o. pa. Hehehehehe!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Trot! Tsaka pag mga bata pa tapos all day nasa school ang amoy pag-uwi hahaha! Kaya ayun need ng mga boylets ko rin yung Milcu.

        Haha chrruuuuu!!! Bet ko ung “iwas baskil!” 😂


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