My First EVER Laser Treatment at SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE – PART 1 (The Launch)

On August 18th, I had the privilege of attending and celebrating the launch of the newest aesthetic clinic in the Philippines –  SUBSTANCE LASER AND SKIN CARE. (Special thanks to my dear friend Chelsea Sayo! )

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it on time and arrived when the ribbon-cutting was already finished. Beauty v/bloggers and influencers were present at the event, as well as the owner’s close friends. Good music was playing and delicious food was served.

We were given the chance to look around and I was really impressed by the sophistication of the whole place.

Waiting area


Consultation Area
Facial Area
Laser Treatment Area
With their minimalist black and white theme, everything is so clean, fresh, and classy.

Jill, the owner, mentioned that she wanted everyone to feel welcome at Substance. When most of the clinics in the Philippines seem too girly and everything’s pink, she wants Substance to be neutral that even men will feel comfortable and be proud of going.

Jill said that Substance aims to give quality, yet affordable treatments. Hence the tagline ‘where beauty is not a luxury’.

At Substance, our ultimate goal is to make you look good which resounds to feeling good inside! 

They offer laser treatments that cost P3,800, Botox for P280 per unit, and facials that range from P180 to P3,336. You can also have consultations with a PSD Dermatologist and an Aesthetic Doctor that cost P1,000 and P500 respectively. That means you’ll get proper treatments according to your skin condition and what your skin really needs.



Jill was so sweet and accommodating that she gracefully answered a few questions in a very brief interview. Just look at how beautiful she is! It may not seem like it, but she DID have acne issues herself! That was the main reason why she opened Substance. She knows and understands what it’s like to have skin troubles.

Before I left, they gave me a box of goodies and it included a voucher for a free laser treatment which I’ll be sharing in the second part of this post.

And if you’re curious what was inside the box…

A quick #suotkofortheday shot:

A white Hanes shirt that I DIY-ed, a black skort, cute earrings from N.Cat Philippines, my Acer Leap watch, Tom’s shoes that aren’t shown haha!

You have no idea how happy and relieved I was that I chose this outfit, when I initially did not know about the black and white theme!

Substance Laser and Skin Care is located on the 3rd floor of Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas. You may book an appointment through their contact details below:

By the way, they’re giving 20% DISCOUNT on ALL treatments until September 18, 2018, so I suggest that you book now!

Also, if you use my code: SUBSTANCERIKA18, you’ll get a free consultation with Substance’s licensed dermatologist! Save your P1,000!

Posting the second part of this post tonight, too, so stay notified! Hope you subscribe if you haven’t yet!

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