The Art of Being Part of Art | Adventures in Art in Island with Wish Card and 1K Solutions!

Art seems to have a huge part of my life. My Tatay may not have been an artist by profession, but at least, he was an artist at heart. He was the go-to for everyone who needed signages for their shops, decals for their jeepneys, or college projects that could be worth an uno. He was a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ as he could literally just do so many things with his hands. I sometimes imagine what it would be like had he known Guil.

Guil‘s a freelance artist and is 1/3 of The Mighty Bhutens – a group of Baguio-based artists who specialize in tile mosaic art. He paints, prints shirts, builds, creates, and so many others.

I may not be an artist myself… I may not know a lot of stuff about art, but it is something close to my heart.

So imagine my delight when Titus and I were inside Art in Island last Saturday, the 22nd! It was super fun and it made everyone – including me – release the “inner child”.

Art In Island is a 3D interactive art museum and one of the biggest of its kind here in the Philippines and in the world! We invite everyone to “BE PART OF ART” by being creative with your poses and taking pictures as much as you want! – Art in Island, FB

All thanks to 1K Solutions Inc. and WishCard!

I was one of the lucky v/bloggers who got invited by Ms. Aubrey Macapagal to the Wish Card Bloggers’ Meet.


The event was supposedly on the 15th, but was moved a week later due to Typhoon Mangkhut. It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning. I was excited for myself and for my son (who, by the way, had to come with me because of an earlier commitment – that turned out to be cancelled). Unfortunately, despite having left early, Titus and I still arrived late for the event. The traffic was unusually heavy here in Laguna, even until we got to Cubao.

Because I was not so familiar with the place and the fact that we were already running late, Titus and I decided to take the taxi. Manong driver had not heard of Art in Island, so I had to explain it to him pa. I also told him the address and showed him the photos on my Google Maps app. (Just so you know, it’s located at 175 15th Avenue in Brgy. Socorro.)

When we finally reached our destination, I was instantly amazed by how it looked outside.  (Even Manong driver expressed his admiration upon seeing the place. 😍) I wanted to take a photo of the facade, but because I didn’t have much time, I wasn’t able to. 😢 There was a cute chibi Spiderman on top of a gazebo at the parking lot. There were Minion standees at the entrance and The Simpsons on the side of the building towards the main entrance. There were also cool paintings on the walls, so those are a good indication of what to expect inside.


Taken as we were leaving the place

I went straight to Kuya Guard and asked where the event was and he pointed me to Cafe Minou. At the registration, I was welcomed by the friendly staff of 1K Solutions and was asked to fill out a form. But because the CEO of 1K Solutions Inc, Mr. Noel Peralta Jr., was already speaking, I was then asked to go in and just complete the form later. Before entering the premises, we had to put on the provided shoe socks so that we wouldn’t have to remove our shoes.

I saw my blogger friends Chelsea, Sab, and Maka; and my newly-made friends Rachelle and April. Titus and I were seated at the back, and the girls had no idea yet that we had arrived, so I took a snap of their backs and sent it to our GC! 🤣


Mr. Noel Peralta talked about what to expect from the partnership with WishCard. He also mentioned how it could be beneficial for both the v/bloggers and the company. After entertaining questions from the attendees, Mr. Peralta then asked us to sign a MoA to make the partnership official.


Also, free phone cases were given out to everyone! Thanks so much, Hypecases!


I can now proudly say that RIKANOBELA is a partner of Wish! Yay!


That means, when you download the app, you will be able to see some of my posts and snag points by clicking on it! My blog logo has been listed in the Bloggers & Vloggers tab, which you can click to be redirected to my page.


My girls Rachelle’s and Sab’s posts have already appeared on my Wish App News Feed, so I was able to get 20 points each! I’ll let you know more about these points and rewards on my next post.

For now, let me just show you around one of the coolest places in our country everybody must visit – ART IN ISLAND.

Being Part of Art

After signing our MOA’s and finishing our delicious toast (mine was Apple Cinnamon and I think Titus’ was Double Cheese, the one in the photo below is Banana Flambe), one of the staff in Art in Island gave us a brief orientation on the DO’s and DON’Ts while inside the museum.

(By the way, if you want to know more about Cafe Minou, head over to Chelsea’s blog.)


We went into the museum by going up the stairs from Cafe Minou, which I think was actually the way out. The stairs were beautifully painted with swimming turtles. 🐢


Everywhere we looked, there was something fun and it slightly confused us — we couldn’t decide where to start! 😂

Since my mom and Likha (one of our boylets) have already been there, we were already familiar with some of the artworks. Titus and I decided to start at the Bus Stop.


Thanks to April for taking these photos!

I could’ve bonded with the girls, but that time I went full Mudra Mode because Titus was already so hyped and was super ready for a photoshoot! 😅😜

Art in Island isn’t called a “3D interactive museum” for nothing. As said in their tagline “Be part of art”, anyone can really become a part of the artworks. You can be on the cover of Time magazine or National Geographic…

You can look like a teenie tiny person sitting on a red chair…

You can be a tomb raider in Egypt…

You can be super adventurous crossing a dangerous bridge…

You can be extra cheeky… Teehee!

You can steal money and be in jail for it haha!

You can also be in a Van Gogh inspired painting. I think it was a combination of Starry Night and The Church at Auvers.



You will also see that there are “Photo Point Stickers” on the floor that act as the guide in getting the perfect angle.

Takeshi’s Castle Wildlife Edition 😜
I don’t remember getting paid for using my face? hahaha! JK
Friends help each other — especially when taking each other’s photos!
Cutie Sab! Check out her post to see what we both looked like while I was recording this. 
Walang hingahan!

There is also a light show at 5 PM that makes the paintings look like they were moving. This new attraction is super magical!


An afternoon in this fun museum isn’t enough, so I suggest that you come as early as possible. Also, make sure to bring a power bank or an extra battery or an extra phone or better yet, an extra camera, because one photo on each artwork is NOT enough! 😉 Just remember that tripods are not advisable as it could be inconvenient for the others, but monopods would be great! Better come with your family or friends! It’s more fun when shared. 😉

My monopod can actually be tranformed into a small tripod so it wasn’t really a big obstruction. Also, I placed it where the “Photo Point Stickers” were. 😇

Art In Island is open to public TUESDAYS-SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS from 09:30AM to 09:30PM. Entrance fee is 500 for adults and 400 for students 😉 We also have discounts for senior citizen cardholders and PWDs. Art In Island will also be having events and promotions every month 😉

If you’re also from Laguna, and you would like to visit Art in Island, here’s how you can get there:

  • Take the Cubao bus (or anything that will take you to Magallanes or Ayala MRT Station).
  • Take the MRT and get off at Cubao Araneta Station.
  • You can get to the location by jeepney or taxi, but you can also go on foot. I suggest using Google Maps for navigation if you’re not familiar with the place. I wasn’t, so Titus and I took the taxi instead. (Also because we were running late. 😅)

After the event, the girls, Titus, and I walked to Cubao Ex, bonded a little over a platter of nachos and a bucket of fries at Chef’s Garage.

Maka, Sab, April, Rachelle, Chelsea and me! Love these girls!

Though it could have been more enjoyable if I went with them, my Mudra heart was also really happy to see Titus enjoying himself.

I was so grateful for that day for several reasons:

  • the good weather;
  • a perfect time and place to have fun and be playful;
  • an opportunity to work with people who have the same passion and interest as mine; and
  • being one of the bloggers for Wish Card!

Thanks so much, 1K Solutions and Wish! Much Love and More Power!


You may contact Art in Island through:

Facebook: Art in Island
Instagram: @artinisland

Check out my girls’ socials and blogs:

Chelsea Sayo

Sab Andres

Malou Francisco

April Tayas

Rachelle Delizo

More photos:

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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18 thoughts on “The Art of Being Part of Art | Adventures in Art in Island with Wish Card and 1K Solutions!

  1. Nakakainiiiiis!!!! Gaganda ng lahat ng vids and pics! kyot kyot niyo ni Titus grabe tawa ko habang nagbabasa ako eh hahahaha! Thank you sa feature, ate Riks!!! Di ko kinaya yung GIF ko jan hahahaha

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    1. Hahahaha!!! Thank you! Super daming photos ang hirap piliin which ones yung iiwan, kaya itinodo ko na rin hahaha!

      Nanghihinayang ako na andami kong na-miss out sa mga funny moments niyo haha! Pero that was just the first and we certainly have more to go!

      Fave ko yang GIF mo na yan hahahaha!!!

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  2. Love the photos and Gifs! Pati ang content, as always witty and malaman! Mas marami pa tayong adventures to look forward to. Sana kumpleto ang #beautifulwishers. Hehehe. Love you!


  3. Wow buti ka pa umabot for the orientation. From the South din ako and OA ang traffic that time. Magka-batch sana tayo sa Wish. Anyway, hope to see you on the next blogging gig. I enjoyed reading your blog 😙

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