What’s Up? Wish App?! | Wish 107.5 is Now on Mobile!

Hey, Wishers! Your favorite radio station can now be with you wherever you go! Wish 107.5 is finally available on mobile! You can enjoy your favorite music anytime of the day.


I am more of a rock/alternative kind of person, but I still have my mellow moments, too. When I’m in that mood, I always tune in to Wish 107.5. The song selections really touch the heart, especially when they play my old school favorites from the 80’s and the 90’s.

And, c’mon, who hasn’t watched the YouTube videos of the super trending performances of some of the greatest singers on the Wish Bus? Continue reading “What’s Up? Wish App?! | Wish 107.5 is Now on Mobile!”

CAFEGRAPHY: It’s quality over quantity for Laguna’s photography-themed café

The coffee industry has taken off and social media has been bombarded with photos of coffee cups on which their names were written and were often misspelled. There may be more than tens of thousands of coffee shops in the Philippines, and still growing. It wasn’t much of a thing from where I live, but now more and more cafés and diners are starting to sprout and are quickly becoming a hit.


Although these cafés offer almost the same items on the menu, it’s the taste, the cooking, and the presentation that will make one stand out from the others. But in my opinion, it’s initially the concept that attracts the people.

On Maginhawa Street, which is a haven for foodies, my favorite would be the Harry Potter themed cafe. In White Plains, it would be the café library owned by my favorite celebrity/blogger/band vocalist.

Here in Laguna, there’s a café that’s perfect for those who are into coffee and photography. Currently located near University of Perpetual Help System in Biñan, Laguna, Cafegraphy has been a favorite rendesvouz of college students. Prior to that, they used to be near Pavilion, but now they’re in a bigger place and can accommodate about fifty people or more. Continue reading “CAFEGRAPHY: It’s quality over quantity for Laguna’s photography-themed café”


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on October 6th, Guil and I went to Satchmi for CHEATS‘ Intimate Afternoon Session at Satchmi in Megamall. Jim (on vocals, keys, and guitar) didn’t want to call it an “acoustic” session, not because he was against it, but because he thought the word was too overused — which Guil and I totally agree with.

It started at 3, and I being me, arrived a bit late, which sucked of course. (I’m working on it, I swear.) They had already started when we arrived, and I missed the very song I wanted to hear and watch them play — SUMMER! Continue reading “AN INTIMATE AFTERNOON WITH CHEATS AT SATCHMI”


What comes to mind when you think of the word “gold”Ako… Something expensive… Valuable… Bongga! It also reminds me of the gold bars that are mined in cartoons and when a miner finds one, he yells “GOOOOLD!”

gold miner

I’ve used gold eye patches, gold sheet masks, gold primer oil, and something that’s also from Nature Skin Secrets — Gold Collagen Mask! I’ve posted a review of that, so if you fancy a read, please click here.

I’ve been seeing this golden serum all over Instagram and it has become one of Nature Skin Secrets‘ best selling products. Even known bloggers and YouTubers Lyn and Karen have given it a positive feedback; they actually love it! Now that I’ve tried it, I now know why. Continue reading “#RIXREVIEWS: NATURE SKIN SECRETS Golden Glow Serum”

It’s THAT Time of the Year Again! |RAWR Awards 2018 is all-set at Le Rêve on November 14!

Last September, LionHearTV opened the nominations for 25 categories. The finalists have now been revealed and you can now vote for your favorite personalities! I’ve already started casting my votes to show support to my favorites, but of course whoever wins deserve the award. 😉

I’m so glad to share with you that I, along with my blogger friends Sab and Chelsea, am one of the blogger-partners who will be keeping you posted regarding this highly regarded event. It is such an honor to be a part of this and I’d like to thank all the people behind LionHearTV.

LionHearTV.net brings back #RAWRAwards2018 on November 14, Wednesday, 6 PM at Le Rêve Pool Party Venue and Events Place. The annual award-giving body is backed up by the Filipino blogging community, particularly the entertainment blogs spearheaded by the aforementioned site.

RAWR Awards 2018 Poster.jpg
Can you spot mine, though?

Continue reading “It’s THAT Time of the Year Again! |RAWR Awards 2018 is all-set at Le Rêve on November 14!”

Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate

Do you still remember the time when you last laughed, without minding what other people would say about you? Can you still recall when you last played, without thinking about what you’d get if you won?

If there’s one thing from the past that we should NEVER let go of, that should be our childhood

Most of the time we are imprisoned by our responsibilities — our job, our family, the bills, and even our debts…

Sometimes arguments with the other members of the family are ignited because we tend to forget that we, too, were once a child.

When did you last feel genuinely happy? To be honest, I don’t remember either.

So why don’t we just take a pause. Rewind. And go back to being kidZ. Even just for a day.

Last Saturday the 29th, I was one of the lucky Adobers to have been given the opportunity to attend the Adober Studios Playdate event at KidZania Manila. Each of us was allowed to come with our +1! Initially, I thought of taking Titus since he was the only one among our boys who had not been there. Then I thought, he still had a chance naman since he’s only thirteen. Continue reading “Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate”