Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate

Do you still remember the time when you last laughed, without minding what other people would say about you? Can you still recall when you last played, without thinking about what you’d get if you won?

If there’s one thing from the past that we should NEVER let go of, that should be our childhood

Most of the time we are imprisoned by our responsibilities — our job, our family, the bills, and even our debts…

Sometimes arguments with the other members of the family are ignited because we tend to forget that we, too, were once a child.

When did you last feel genuinely happy? To be honest, I don’t remember either.

So why don’t we just take a pause. Rewind. And go back to being kidZ. Even just for a day.

Last Saturday the 29th, I was one of the lucky Adobers to have been given the opportunity to attend the Adober Studios Playdate event at KidZania Manila. Each of us was allowed to come with our +1! Initially, I thought of taking Titus since he was the only one among our boys who had not been there. Then I thought, he still had a chance naman since he’s only thirteen. Continue reading “Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate”