Back to KidZ at KidZania Manila!| Adober Studios Playdate

Do you still remember the time when you last laughed, without minding what other people would say about you? Can you still recall when you last played, without thinking about what you’d get if you won?

If there’s one thing from the past that we should NEVER let go of, that should be our childhood

Most of the time we are imprisoned by our responsibilities — our job, our family, the bills, and even our debts…

Sometimes arguments with the other members of the family are ignited because we tend to forget that we, too, were once a child.

When did you last feel genuinely happy? To be honest, I don’t remember either.

So why don’t we just take a pause. Rewind. And go back to being kidZ. Even just for a day.

Last Saturday the 29th, I was one of the lucky Adobers to have been given the opportunity to attend the Adober Studios Playdate event at KidZania Manila. Each of us was allowed to come with our +1! Initially, I thought of taking Titus since he was the only one among our boys who had not been there. Then I thought, he still had a chance naman since he’s only thirteen.

So I decided to just go with Guil, since adults are allowed to play at KidZania only once in a blue moon! Unfortunately, Guil was still in Baguio at that time, so we went back to our original plan. Titus went with me. (hashtag: happykid 😉)

The first time I was there was during Tim, Euan, and Yshin’s school trip a couple of years ago, and the first thing that came to mind was “Sana ako rin!”.

I was amazed at how the whole place looked like a real city — only, smaller. The items, utensils, and equipment used are not like the ones that you see in some other indoor play areas that are just plain toys. In KidZania, everything’s like in the puberty stage of toys. Haha! (If that makes sense!)

Titus and I went straight to the Airport Counters for the registration, where they fastened the special KidZania wristbands around our right wrists.


Our first stop was the Food Hall right across the ABS-CBN theater for our lunch. We each had 1-pc Chicken McDo and rice, a Cheeseburger, and McFreeze.


After that, we went inside the ABS-CBN Theater for the special program. As we entered the establishment, we were handed our Media PaZZ ID’s, a KidZania folder, a KidZania ecobag with a notepad, an eraser, and a pencil inside.


Inside the theater, there were rows of seats and a huge screen just like in the real theater, of course, only smaller! This was where we were introduced to the special events that will soon take place in KidZania this month. We had a glimpse of what activities we can all play during their Halloween special for adults and the whole family.


After the presentation of the program, four players were called on stage to try Treasure Island. The first pair tried the one for the family activity, where one adult and one child between ages four and seventeen can play. In this quest, one (Rappl) held the bag while her companion dug for treats with a shovel. They surely did get loads of treasures’!


The other pair played the treasure hunt for the adults, where the pair had to be inside a resistance belt, and just like the other game, one had to grab treats while their partner held the bag. Only this time, the one holding the bag must not move and must only stay on their spot.


This upcoming event may be for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean romance is dead. 😉 If you are in search for your Happily Ever After, you might want to participate in Fantasy Date  at the ABS-CBN Theater. Three ladies had the chance to experience what it was like being the searchees. They were called on stage and answered a few questions with A, B, or C. Their answers should match with Prince Heinz’s to win.

Finally, the winner was picked and it seemed like she was the one a lot of people in the theater (including Titus and me) were rooting for. It was searchee #1! She had an insane sense of humor and even dared to try doing a chest bump with her prince charming. 🤣


At the actual event, though, the searcher and the winner will get Kool prizes and will go on a Fantasy Date  at the ABS-CBN Studio Experience.

After the program, we were divided into four groups. I was in the same group as Renee Juliano (who, by the way, is the owner of PICTOGLAM PHOTOBOOTH), Ynah Marisse Leal, Stephen Tupas, and ClarenzTV. We were led by Kuya Donjo and he was the one who Zupervised us as we went to our destinations for our tasks.

Our first stop was LBC. Since the whole theme of this year’s Back to KidZ is books and comics, this task was inspired by Lara Jean’s letters in ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before. As LBC couriers, we had to deliver or pick up letters or parcels to or from the establishments that were assigned to us.



On the 19th, you can send out REAL letters to your own Peter K, so I suggest that you start stalking being friends with your crush and find out his/her address.

Because there were a total of 10 people in our group (5 vloggers and their companions), we had to be divided into 6 and 4. As soon as the first batch returned, we started our shift as LBC couriers! Our task (that’s Titus’ and mine) was to pick up a parcel from Star Music Studio and Centro Escolar University. It was pretty easy to navigate — all thanks to the map! When we returned, we got our salaries of 8 Kidzos each. Yay!


Titus and I had not cashed in our checks yet, so we went to BPI first so we could get our first 50 KidZos.


Our next stop was at KidZkaban, inspired by the wizarding prison in the amazing magical world of Harry Potter. (Proud Potterhead here!⚡) We took photos inside the prison in KZPD, KidZania Police Department.

After that we went to Sky Direct to install cables haha! Inspired by the Dauntless in ‘Divergent’, we wall-climbed and faced our fears. We literally learned the art of letting go. 😅 It wasn’t my first time wall-climbing, but I got nervous before going down. The descent in my first experience was a little easier than this because there was someone controlling the rope. Here we just had to give our full trust to the auto belay device.

There really is nothing to worry about since everybody will be fully-equipped. Also, there will be a brief orientation on how to properly climb and go down. If in case you’re having a hard time going down, the Zupervisor will be there to the rescue!


Seeing Titus complete his task made me feel so proud. Even though it was his first time, he did not show any hesitations or fears and even went down sooner than I did. I can see him trying it again when we return soon.


Next stop was RK Clubhouse which was themed to Archie Comics (my faaavorite comic book everrr). Titus and I both loved the vintage touch – particularly the pictures of the Beetle and the Kombi. We only had a few photos there, which was really unfortunate, but at least we both recharged our batteries! 😉🔋

Then we went down to our last task — being one of the Tributes. It was inspired by ‘Hunger Games’. We went to the Milo Stadium where we were grouped into two teams. Titus was in Team 1 and I was in Team 2. Our task was to beat the other players in a game of Dodgeball! I had not played a real Dodgeball game prior to that, so even though I had an idea what it was like, I knew nothing about the rules. The only Dodgeball I played was the 90’s game where two members of one team throw the ball at each other, while trying to hit everyone inside the game area.


So basically, the team who eliminates the opponents faster wins. Unfortunately, our team lost, but I can’t tell if the other team won fairly. 😜 Kuya referee, aka the Zupervisor, wasn’t intently watching the game, eh. 😅😂 But it was such a fun, fun, fun time, it felt like the game ended too soon.


Finally, we went back to the ABS-CBN Theater for the final words from the Director. Also, we were able to have a meet and greet with the RightZkeepers Urbano and Chika! Urbano reminded me so much of Tim. If I only looked at Urbano’s body, I could imagine it was Tim dancing on stage.


Group photo with the Adobers and friends

We ended the day by joining in the Farewell parade and danced along with the street dancers. I had a pom-pom in one hand; and in Titus’ case, a bag of cotton candy.


It was a Zuper amaZing time being a Kidult, in the place where it’s best to be one!

You Can Experience This, Too!

On October 19th, Friday, KidZania is holding a fun adventure for grown-ups to enjoy. Best to come in  your favorite storybook or comic book characters and enjoy specially themed attractions!

Back to KidZ: Once Upon a Halloween is open to all Kidults aged 18 and above. Tickets are priced at P800 for regular pax, P600 for students (don’t forget to bring your student ID), and P700 for BGC residents and employees (just present your employee ID or any proof of residency upon purchasing your tickets). They also have an early bird rate of P750 valid until October 18th through or at walk-in counters.

What we experienced last Saturday was just a tiny peek of what the event will be like. It was already super fun, what more at the actual event! It starts at 6 PM and ends at 11 PM. Let me also add, by the way, that KidZania is going to give away FREE Adobe Lightroom Presets, so that your photos with your gang will get the Halloween feels that are absolutely Instagram-worthy!


Special Treats Await the Whole Family!

If you want to experience the fun and excitement with the whole family, worry not, because from October 27th to November 4th, KidZania is holding Once Upon a HalloWEEK!

If you come with your family, or at least one that’s 17 years old and below, on October 30, November 1, and 2, you or your family might win Kool priZes! Tickets are priced at P900-P1,100 per kid and P770-P900 per adult. Note that the lower prices are for weekdays and the higher prices are for weekends and holidays.

It’s also best to come in your favorite storybook or comic book characters to get extra KidZos and to be able to join the #OnceUponAHalloweek Parade! They’ll also be giving a special prize to the ones who’ll come in their best costumes!

But wait, there’s more!

You can avail of their special 3-Day Pazz for 1 adult and 1 kid for only P1,999! Imagine being in KidZania for 3 days?!

(Whew! Sorry if I overused my exclamation point on this part of my blog. It really is just too exciting that periods aren’t enough haha!)


So yeah! I hope to see you there in Once Upon A Halloweek! TaraletZ!

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