What comes to mind when you think of the word “gold”Ako… Something expensive… Valuable… Bongga! It also reminds me of the gold bars that are mined in cartoons and when a miner finds one, he yells “GOOOOLD!”

gold miner

I’ve used gold eye patches, gold sheet masks, gold primer oil, and something that’s also from Nature Skin Secrets — Gold Collagen Mask! I’ve posted a review of that, so if you fancy a read, please click here.

I’ve been seeing this golden serum all over Instagram and it has become one of Nature Skin Secrets‘ best selling products. Even known bloggers and YouTubers Lyn and Karen have given it a positive feedback; they actually love it! Now that I’ve tried it, I now know why.

Just in case you don’t know…

Nature Skin Secrets is a local skin care brand owned by the vampire (haha! Kasi she’s still looking so youthful up to this day) Ms. Maui Taylor. Let me just share that she was one of my favorite TGIS members back in the day. She’s still active in showbiz and has been touring and performing with her equally gorgeous celebrity friends.

ms maui.jpg
Photo from Nature Skin Secrets’ IG


Despite being busy with her showbiz work, she’s still hugely involved in her skin care business. She answers to queries, regularly posts on Instagram, and promotes the products she personally uses. That, I think is actually the most effective way to convince people — when the owners themselves believe in and use their products.

I had the privilege of asking Ms. Maui a few questions about the serum.

First we talked about the ingredients. Golden Glow Serum is made of plant-based ingredients. The active ingredients are:

Photo taken from Nature Skin Secrets’ IG

Here’s a quick rundown on the ingredients:

I’m honestly impressed upon seeing the ingredients and the benefits that they have on the skin. These ingredients give me the impression that they originated from a foreign country, and I assume that this is why the label says “Made in France”.

When asked what inspired her to create this product, Ms. Maui said,

“I wanted to create a local version of the Korean products that gives them that Korean glow. Anyone who sees this keeps saying ang lakas maka-Korean.


As for the packaging, Ms. Maui said she chose this because,

“I just thought the syringe packaging is cute.”

And I must say that I totally agree with her. 😍 I do think it’s cute. Didn’t we all imagine being doctors or nurses and giving shots to our stuff toys? 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️💉🐻

My Thoughts:

When I received the parcel, the syringe container is filled with serum. I was afraid the plunger (the one you press to push the product out) would fall out. It didn’t, though. It’s tight enough and it’s also leak-proof. It also has a protective cap to keep the product from spilling.

Since Golden Glow Serum is water-based, it is easily absorbed by the skin. It may be a little tacky upon application, but it feels really lightweight as if I don’t have anything on. My skin does feel moisturized and smooth, making it easier to apply my makeup. Most of the time, I just pat my face with my Althea Petal Velvet Powder, and a little bit of Nature Skin Secrets Lip & Cheek Tint in the shade Flirty, then I’m good to go!

Here I just put powder on top of the serum.

I’ve been using it every day since the day I got it and I have never experienced any troubles with my skin. There was no irritation, nor were any breakouts. In fact, my skin always feels healthy when I use it. The gold specks are super fine so it does not get chunky or clumpy; they also don’t make my face glittery.

It has a light powdery scent that I like as it gives that fresh after bath fragrance.

Is it worth it?

For its price of P220, 10ml of this golden goodness is totally worth it. It has premium ingredients. It’s FDA APPROVED so it means the agency has determined that the benefits of the product outweigh the known risks for the intended use; in simpler words, this means it is certified safe for use. It’s locally available. It lives up to its claims.


Because it spreads evenly on the skin even with a small drop, it can go a long, long way. Ms. Maui said it can last a month, but I’ve had this for over a month now and I’m still halfway through the barrel. Let me just emphasize that I use this every day. So with that, I can say that you’ll get your money’s worth.

Here’s a HALF-and-HALF photo:

As real as it gets haha! Just freshly washed face, nothing but the serum.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that even though both halves look clean (except for some redness and healing pimples), the one where I put the serum on looks brighter and less dull.

Final thoughts:


Thanks so much, Ms. Maui!

Check out Nature Skin Secrets on: Instagram: @natureskinsecrets


Video soon!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. The featured product was sent to me for a review. Everything written here is solely based on my personal experience.

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