It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on October 6th, Guil and I went to Satchmi for CHEATS‘ Intimate Afternoon Session at Satchmi in Megamall. Jim (on vocals, keys, and guitar) didn’t want to call it an “acoustic” session, not because he was against it, but because he thought the word was too overused — which Guil and I totally agree with.

It started at 3, and I being me, arrived a bit late, which sucked of course. (I’m working on it, I swear.) They had already started when we arrived, and I missed the very song I wanted to hear and watch them play — SUMMER!

They were amazing, as always. With their walang tapon music, their impressive performance, and Candy’s funny antics (also Saab’s cute commentaries on Jim’s intros), it was, indeed, an afternoon well-spent. Watching them makes everything so worthwhile that you won’t mind spending a bit of time, energy, and cash.

It was only my second time watching them perform live. First time was at Sa Guijo a couple of years ago, during the relaunch of their self-titled debut album.

Later met Saab, Jim, and Candy again during #SpellSaab14, Saab’s blog anniversary meet and greet.

Both times, I was too shy and hesitant to say anything, but still took courage to approach them for photos. (Duh? Sayang ang chance if I didn’t!)

Finally at Satchmi, I felt more comfortable (but still awkward) talking with them and I even filmed fun moments that I’ll forever keep in my heart.

Thank you sooooo much, CHEATS! Thanks so much, Saab, Jim, Candy, Enzo, and Manny for signing all 3 – the first album which Jim and Saab had already signed during the relaunch, my Spell Saab Bullet Journal (aka bujo), and their latest album Before the Babies which was being sold at Satchmi that day for only P350. Too bad I came late, the first 20 to show them the new album got free coffee.

So, here’s a glimpse of what went down that beautiful afternoon at Satchmi Megamall.


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They also sell shirts, which I hopefully could get soon. Check out their Shop! And their music, too, if you haven’t yet. They’re ABSOLUTELY worth it.


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