What’s Up? Wish App?! | Wish 107.5 is Now on Mobile!

Hey, Wishers! Your favorite radio station can now be with you wherever you go! Wish 107.5 is finally available on mobile! You can enjoy your favorite music anytime of the day.


I am more of a rock/alternative kind of person, but I still have my mellow moments, too. When I’m in that mood, I always tune in to Wish 107.5. The song selections really touch the heart, especially when they play my old school favorites from the 80’s and the 90’s.

And, c’mon, who hasn’t watched the YouTube videos of the super trending performances of some of the greatest singers on the Wish Bus?

Here are my favorite ones. First is ‘Mundo’ by IV of Spades with a whopping 87 Million views!

Next is Morisette Amon’s cover of ‘Never Enough’ from The Greatest Showman, with 3.6 Million views, as of writing this.

And of course, Dua Lipa’s live performance of ‘Blow Your Mind’ with almost 6.2 Million views!

I’m so glad to know that Wish 107.5 is now on mobile; it’s a lot easier to access one of my favorite radio stations without needing to find a good reception. I do have a pre-installed FM Radio app in my Acer Liquid X2, but this app requires earphones to serve as the radio antenna. With the Wish App, I won’t need earphones nor do I need to try to find a better reception (though Wish 107.5 almost always has a good one). I’ll just simply open the app, go to the Live Streaming tab, and that’s it.

Apple? Or Android?

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, the Wish App can be downloaded on Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore for FREE.





Simply open AppStore or PlayStore, type Wish 107.5 in the search box, then click download.

Once the Wish App has been installed in your mobile phone, you can now sign up and create your Wish account. Just make sure that all the information you input is true because that’s what they’ll use when sending your own Wish Card.


Once you’ve finalized your registration, you will then receive an e-mail regarding the Status of your account. The e-mail contains a code that you will use to Activate your account. You may also scan the QR Code with your smart phone by opening the e-mail in your computer (or in a separate phone).

Okay, so I have installed the app, what’s in it for me?

You might be thinking, “Okayyy… So what now?”

Downloading the app doesn’t just bring you the music being played on the radio realtime, but also updates on the latest performances on the Wish Bus posted on their YouTube channel Wish107.5 which now has about 3.7 Million subscribers!

The Wish App currently has 5 tabs: News FeedRewards, Live Streaming, Promos, and More Options where you can access your account.

So proud to see my blog on their News Feed😭🙏

On the News Feed, you’ll be updated with the latest videos on their YouTube channel, as well as promos from and blogs about their partner merchants. You may also share the posts on your Facebook and/or Twitter, by clicking the orange + button on the right side of the screen. Doing so will earn you extra 10 points!

You will be notified when a new content has been posted. Now here’s why you’d want to be notified. Each post has a promo code that you can collect to get rewards. These codes have a limit so make sure you open the app as soon as the app notifies you! I’ll tell you in a bit how to input the promo codes.


The second tab, the one with the gift icon, is the Rewards tab where you’ll see the points you’ve accumulated. You will also see the super cool merch from Wish that you can get for FREE – just simply collect points!


To listen to music, tap the Live Streaming tab in the middle with the microphone icon. It tells you which segment it is, who the DJs are, and what time the segment is on. The music continues to play in the background so you can switch to different apps – just make sure you don’t close it. 😉


As of the moment, the Promos tab is yet to be updated, but keep your eyes peeled so you won’t be the last to know about promos and discounts.


Now the last tab is where you can access your account as well as the points you’ ve accumulated, Wish’s partner merchants, Wish’s Bloggers and Vloggers, as well as the Settings of the app.


Click your image on the top right part of the screen to open your profile.


Now here’s how you can enter the promo code. Remember the promo codes on each post on the News Feed? Copy that code then paste it on the Promo Code tab.

This is the code on my Art in Island blog, have you used it? 😘


To see their partner merchants, click on the Partners tab. These merchants serve as the pick up points for your personal Wish Card. They will also offer promos and discounts especially for Wish Card holders!


The Bloggers and Vloggers will provide you reviews and features about Wish’s partner merchants. Reading their posts on the Wish App will also earn you points so make sure you’re updated! 😘 (Might as well subscribe to everyone! 😅❤)

Woot! Can you spot our logo? Hihi!

If these are not enough reasons for you to get the app, I don’t know what will!

As for me, I’ve become dependent on my smartphone due to my full-time job, as well as what I do as a content creator, so having this app gives me another reason to appreciate this electronic device.

For Apple users, go and open your App Store now and click here: Wish 107.5🍎
For Android users, click here: Wish 107.5🤖

Wish 107.5 App is powered by 1K Solutions.

Stay updated on what’s new and what’s hot on Wish 107.5!

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